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Three Combos
P. cubensis & 2C-I; P. cubensis & 2C-T-2; P. cubensis & Piracetam
by CJ's Sock
Citation:   CJ's Sock. "Three Combos: An Experience with P. cubensis & 2C-I; P. cubensis & 2C-T-2; P. cubensis & Piracetam (exp48912)". Mar 30, 2006.

400 mg oral Piracetam (daily)
  20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)


This report comes from a fellow who weighed around 195 pounds and estimated his usual (though rather infrequent) doses of these materials on their own as follows: 2C-I, 30 mg. oral for a nice yet not overly visual or overwhelming trip; 2C-T-2, 30 mg. oral for a similar experience though not nearly as positive or euphoric as 2C-I; Piracetam, 300-500 mg. daily for general neural enhancement; P. cubensis, 3 grams for a nice solid trip that doesn't incapacitate. Plenty of prior experiences with psilocybin containing mushrooms and LSD, as well as several research chemicals. This report combines three different combinations taken over the span of about six months. The only psychedelic which had been taken frequently during this year were mushrooms which led to taking some fairly heavy doses by the time these combinations were taken.

1) 2C-I (20mg. oral) taken in a gel cap approximately one hour prior to the ingestion of approximately 4 grams of dried P. cubensis. The timing was set up so that both substances would start to exhibit thier signature traits around the same time. The mushrooms seem more soggy, sensual, earthy and inebriating, while the 2-CI has an element of crispness, energy and a positive analytical edge. The best of both worlds was hoped for in the combination and the results were better than could be expected.

By the two hour point I was experiencing very flowing, bright and persistent visuals, very little gastro-intestinal distress, and wonderful rushes of physical sensation. Within another half hour of sitting before the stereo listening to a mix of DJ Logic and Four 80 East, I started slipping into somewhat of a trance state, slipping into a void of nothingness but warm buzzing infinite love and beauty. Upon slipping out of this state I was able to slip into this state seemingly at will until finally catching some external stimuli and slipping back out again. This dissasociative state felt like being rocked in the cradle of god's arms. I'd only experienced this sensation/state once before when sun baked and dehydrated on roughly a quarter ounce of P. cubensis in the woods and slipping into a trance for a couple hours an sunset crept up and passed.

The last time I let myself slip into the state of infinite love/bliss must have lasted some time as both of my legs had fallen completely asleep below me and it was excruicatingly hard to deal with the heavy electric shock feelings of circulation kicking back into his legs. This experience lasted well beyond a standard 6 hour mushroom trip and was extremely visual and sensual in a way that neither of these substances have been found to be in isolation. There's some wonderful and definite synergy to be found in this match.

2.) 20 mgs. 2C-T2 orally with 5 grams dried P. cubensis (blended in orange juice, a chunk of fresh ginger, and a mix of frozen blueberries and strawberries and drunk). Both consumed at the same time. This incident happened on a whim when I had returned home at the end of a long work week, somewhat exhausted from the prior week, and the weather was not conducive to time spent outdoors (not a good set and setting).

The mushrooms taken in this manner came on very quickly. Within 20 minutes I was having concerns that this was going to be rather powerful and I wasn't in tip top condition for a long night. Within two hours I realized I was having a difficult trip and it was just getting started. The 2C-T-2 had kicked in and the mushrooms were coming on full force. I started to panic somewhat because my body was getting incredibly hot at times, breaking out in sweats, and then shivering cold moments later. The panic led to an increased heart rate that complicated my concerns, and the physical sensation was far from pleasurable. I was feeling extremely bloated, nauseous, hot or cold, and worst of all a persistent sense of having a constricted throat along with a lot of mucus salivary and sinus drainage.

After seriously considering having my wife/sitter take me to the hospital for fear of a lethal combination/reaction, I realized the impact of a hospital ER check in for a designer drug combo could be devestating. I took a deep breath and decided to check my vital stats. A temperature reading was taken, as was pulse and both fell into a reasonable range. This relaxed me to some extent and I just worked on accepting that it would be a very long and unpleasurable night. The physical distress did not let up for many hours and there were several trips to the bathroom for unproductive retching sessions. The trip was very negative, leaving me wondering what the hell I was doing. It seemed so idiotic to be playing around with novel combinations of novel chemicals, as if the mushrooms weren't enough on their own.

I'd have to note that I'd never been overly fond of 2C-T2 on its own. Generally my experiences with it have had a very neutral and analytical feel as opposed to the generally postive/pleasurable/earthy/spiritual feel I get from many other hallucinogenic plants, tryptamines and phenethylamines I've grown to love over the years.

It's hard to say whether the very physically and psychologically difficult experience was due just to the bad set and setting along with the reckless administration of such a large dose of mushrooms along with a standard dose of a research chem, or if the combination is just inherently unhealthy/toxic. I would never combine the two again however because even when the physical distress finally let up, there was very little enjoyable from the experience and the lessons learned were not worth the toll taken.

3.) 3 grams dried P. cubensis with 600-1000 mg. piracetam, and 500 mg. vitamin C wtih flavanoids all taken orally at the same time. This was after regular daily use of 300-600 mg. piracetam over a period of a month. I'd read a few positive reports from people regarding their experiences on MDMA combined with piracetam and wondered if there would be any synergy when this standard nootropic was combined with a classic tryptamine.

The dried mushrooms were ground into a fine powder in coffee grinder and combined in a large coffee cup with a generous pinch of dried mint leaf and one crushed black lemon (a sun dried miniature lemon typically sold in middle eastern groceries), just on the edge of boiling water was poured on top of this to about the 1/2 cup level and another 1/2 cup boiling water poured in cup with a bag of Celestial Seasoning's Magic Mint tea. After steeping about 10 minutes the mushroom tea was poured through a very fine tea strainer into the cup of magic mint and the mushroom/lemon/mint mush sqeezed dry in the strainer. The mushrooms came on very quickly and a little stronger than I had expected, though well within the range of what I'd expect from 3 grams.

One big difference from mushroom-only experiences was observed, the visual hallucinations! Within the first hour brightly colored patterns were observed sporadically, particularly when walking from a well lit room into a dark one, or turning off the lights in a room. Within another 30-40 minutes there was a rich tapestry of visual hallucinations, OEVs similar to 10 mg. 2C-T-7 insufflation experiences many years prior. CEVs were spectacular at this point, I recalled very organic forms of dark plant/bug like forms and structures moving, growing and stretching out through my conceptual field. Over 17 years of having experiences with P. cubensis I'd never experienced such crisp, abundant and concrete visuals from mushrooms on their own, even at much higher doses.

Fortunately the overall physical effects (the mild flatulence, a somewhat queasy gut, the body buzz, and pleasure currents often experienced from more than a gram or two of mushrooms) and psychological effects remained similar to that of a standard mushroom trip. From what I could tell the only difference was that there were very pronounced, vivid and persistent visual hallucinations. I'd certainly take a gram or two of piracetam when taking mushrooms again.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 48912
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 30, 2006Views: 19,238
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66), 2C-I (172), 2C-T-2 (53) : Combinations (3), Various (28)

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