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The Floor Is Eating Me
MDMA & Ketamine
by Devotionalist
Citation:   Devotionalist. "The Floor Is Eating Me: An Experience with MDMA & Ketamine (exp48984)". Oct 17, 2017.

T+ 0:00
.5 capsls oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 .5 capsls oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30   sublingual 2'-Oxo-PCE (powder / crystals)


This consists of my experience with K and MDMA. It was only my second time ever rolling and my first time ever with Ketamine.

A friend and I gathered a party of about seven other ravers besides ourselves in his tiny 13th floor apartment. So imagine a bunch of ravers in a teeny space. The only big part was the bedroom. When the people with the drugs get there they show us the capsules in a baggie, they are clear and you can see the off-white powder inside. They are Mollies, supposedly pure MDMA.

The time I rolled before this I was completely plowed off of only one pressed pill, so I tell my best friend to brake one for me and only give me half. I take it and chill out and talk for a while and wait for it to take effect. Others take whole pills and wait and talk as well. We all started coming up together..slowly but surely. I noticed myself getting jittery as I did last time I rolled, but it was not as hardcore. I was a little shakey and nervous. I wanted to run around but the house was too small so I paced around the room instead.

We were prepared with glow sticks, lazers and all the trance and drum and bass you could think of. We all had beaded necklaces and bracelets on. We gave each other light shows and backrubs, I remember feeling warm and connected to all of the people there, a sure feeling of unity. I wanted to hug and love anyone close to me, if I spied someone a few feet away I would sit next to them and hug them. After about an hour I was going full throttle on the Molly, took my second half and was in another world a half hour later. Drugs kick my a__ in general because I am so small, so I have to watch my dosage carefully. I get blown off of VERY little compared to most people.

I remember going into my friend's bedroom where people were doing lines of Molly and K. L was standing by his dresser doing lines and asked me if I wanted to try the K, which was all lined up nicely on a small mirror. I was wary because I don't know how much I can take, but I decided that a little would be ok. I refused to snort it tho, because that would make me feel like an addict. He put some on his finger and slid the K around the underside of my tongue and told me to hold it there as long as I could. It tasted like crushed up metal and iron pills. Eeew. But I wanted to feel it so I left it chill in my mouth until I could not taste it anymore. I was confused as to how the taste just...went away. I asked my friend 'Where did it go? it just.. dissolved into my gums'. He looked at me and said 'You'll know in a few minutes'.

I walked out to the livingroom where everyone was still playing with glowsticks and eating candy, by now they were all peaking and enjoying themselves. Mr. A came for a visit and walked in the house I crawled over to him and sat next to where he was standing. He was a multi-platinum light show giver. He gave me an amazing light show, with me rolling so hard I could only see the bright glow of the red glowsticks he swirrled around my field of vision. When he was done I looked up at him and wanted hugs, I held out my arms like a baby does when they want to be picked up. Hugs feel like heaven, I felt like I loved him and I had ony met him two other times.

Something hit me like a ton of bricks then...I layed down next to the computer and felt the floor sinking below me, it was eating me, I looked up at Mr. J and said 'The floor is eating me J' and he told me to get up and I said 'I can't'. It was the K kicking in. It took me out of my roll and dropped me directly into another world. I felt like I was falling..falling. I just laid in one place because the K had imobilized me. What amazed me was how clean cut the transition from one drug to another was, you could tell exactly which drug was taking over. After about what felt like fifteen minutes (I have no idea how long it was, time is inconceivable when I roll), I felt the K fall away and my roll kicked right in again as hard as ever. I lay there chewing on my nook and turning my head from side to side along with the music playing on the computer. I was COMPLETELY obliterated.

I must have laid there for a half hour. I listened to everyone talk and laugh and such. I enjoyed just listening as I am not much of a talker when I roll. I want to feel and love and chew on things, but not talk. In fact, when rolling not only do I not want to talk, I can't. I noticed that when I tried to speak during my peaks, words would form in my head that I wanted to say, though it did NOT register that they should come out my mouth. I can muster a whisper sometimes but that's it. Most of my friends have never heard of this and I can't explain it either. My friend C held my shoulders the first time I rolled, attempting to try to get me to talk 'Say something, say, 'hi'' he said. I stared directly into his eyes, not able to figure out how to speak. I stared in silence. It's just how I am when I roll, only when I hit a valley can I communicate acurately.

When I finally got up and hit a valley I felt like I could dance and talk again, so I did a little of both. L did a light show by spinning glowsticks, I LOVE watching people spin them on strings since I can't do that myself, we mostly talked into the wee hours of the morning. For the rest of the night I came down gradually and I could feel exactly when the roll stopped, like the exact minute. I was like 'Oh, I feel normal' all of a sudden and got extremely overtired immediately and passed out as everyone else was fixing to do the same.

The next morning I had absolutely no after effects, I was right as rain.

There you have it. My Molly roll.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48984
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2017Views: 1,181
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Ketamine (31), MDMA (3) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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