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End of a Vial
by guy
Citation:   guy. "End of a Vial: An Experience with LSD (exp49021)". Feb 20, 2008.

    LSD (liquid)


I wish I had a better idea of how much I actually took which is partially why I'm writing this report. I had not used acid in approximately six months, and the dried up end of a vial was given to me as a gift. The giver reported a very weak experience from the liquid squeezed from the dropper, and he assumed what remained was even less concentrated. No preparations were made in advance, and thankfully I was at home where my roommate also was.

At eight pm I bit the top off the dropper and chewed on it while I reconstituted the dropper with water and drank it all. I repeated this twice more to be sure nothing was left behind, and then went about some household chores. One half hour later I felt abruptly disoriented, with a perceived loss of balance. For fear of falling over and hurting myself I sat down on my couch as the room started to spin out. Within a half hour of the onset I had reached what I would later realize to be the peak. I was sweating so profusely that it was pouring off of my face and I could collect it in pools in the palms of my hands. I experienced intense visual, and auditory hallucinations. Mentally speaking the only uncomforting thing was that I didnt know how deep I was going to be going until I had began to come down. Because this was my first and only encounter of this magnitude I felt a good deal of anxiety in the sense of not knowing at the time if I was going to be alright afterwards. These feelings along with the intense perspiration subsided with the most intense part of the trip in about one hour. Even then I wouldnt call it a bad trip. (I can imagine feeling similar anxiety if I were to try skydiving for the first time. In that sense I see it as a potential personal fear of radically knew experiences. Although I might have felt scared at the time I would consider it one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had.)

Being veterans day I watched a war movie with my roommate which was mentally very intense in terms of how vivid and lifelike it was, but I experienced no feeling of terror. I found it difficult to sleep at about one a.m. as I was still experiencing visuals. I layed there in my bed for another hour or so tossing and turning before I fell asleep. Unfortunately I had to work bright and early the next morning, and with my alarm at five a.m. sharp I awoke to find I was still experiencing full visuals. My only point of reference is that I was still tripping harder than I had on any other trip. At work I experienced feelings of disorientation, and confusion along with difficulty concentrating. Visuals had subsided by nine a.m. and my body still felt lifted until aproximately noon. I was told the type of acid I had was called silver surfer, but I cant verify this. I appologize for any unuseful information included. If possible I would be interested in finding out approximately how much I had.

Thank you for this opportunity to relate my experiences, and have a nice day.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49021
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2008Views: 6,235
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LSD (2) : Overdose (29), General (1), Various (28)

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