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A Cure for Kratom Hangover
Catuaba (after Kratom)
by user
Citation:   user. "A Cure for Kratom Hangover: An Experience with Catuaba (after Kratom) (exp49133)". Erowid.org. Oct 19, 2015. erowid.org/exp/49133

2 g oral Kratom (extract)
  3 g oral Catuaba (tea)

I'm experienced with Cannabis, kratom, blue lotus, Salvia d. and other herbal highs. I dont take medications. Those late weeks, I've been taking kratom once a week, and lotus once a week too.

Recently, I've drunk the tea made of 10 grams of blue lotus (Nymphaea carulea) + 2 glass of wine. I was sedated but didnt have much fun. So I 've swallowed 1 gram of kratom extract (labelled 'super' and rather strong - my normal dosage is 2 grams ). 30 minutes later, I felt stoned but not enough. So I smoked a mix of hashish and Argemone mexicana latex. After that, I was very sedated, hot and comfortable. I was pretty fucked up, but wasn't really having fun. Worse I had cravings for tobacco. I finally went to sleep much later than usual.

The next day, I was very hung over, in a very comfortable opiate way. So, I took 2 grams of kratom in the end of the afternoon and had a very comfortable evening. After a nice night, I woke up feeling weak and stupid. My morning tea didn't wake me up. I was very tired and I started to feel aches in my back. The whole thing was a bit like a flu without fever. I didn't have headache nor gastric troubles, but my brain was really weak and foggy.

After a sluggish morning, I decided to take some catuaba tea, which couldn't make the things worse. I really like catuaba. I usually take tea made from 2 - 4 g. It gives me energy in a milder way than caffeine, and a positive mood shift. The only bad effect is that it makes me sometimes irritable. Well it's just an herbal tea, and positive as well as negative effects are very mild, it's not Ephedra.

I prepared it the usual way : boiled for 15 minutes in 3 cups of water. Ten minutes after having drunk the tea, my brain started to work again ! Not only the catuaba gave me back some strength, so I could move and act, but it really cleaned up my brain! I still felt a bit tired, but it has nothing in common with how I was feeling in the morning. It turned the piece of shit I was feeling like into a functional human being. This effect lasted around 7 hours. After that, tiredness came back a little but not the fog in my mind. I had a nice evening with a little amount of pot followed by a nice night of sleep.

I didn't expect the catuaba to be so effective. It was much more like if it had repaired my brain by bringing it some essential food (minerals? trace elements ?) than an upper forcing me to move (like caffeine or amphetamines).

Catuaba really is a nice medicinal bark. I like it even more now !

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49133
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2015Views: 5,020
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