Injection Brings On Wave Of Energy
by white stallion
Citation:   white stallion. "Injection Brings On Wave Of Energy: An Experience with Cocaine (exp49138)". Nov 18, 2017.

.125 g IV Cocaine (powder / crystals)


I'm not sure whether any report has been submitted about cocaine injections, but I have decided to share my first experience. First, background. I am a male in my early twenties currently on break from college. I have dabbled with many drugs, but have always kept my use under relative control. I have done acid, mushrooms, pot, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, dilauded, oxycontin, morphine, and too many other opioids to name. My favorite drug is by far oxycontin, though I enjoy others from time to time.

I decided to get some blow because I was on break and hadn't done it for awhile. A friend hooked me up with about a gram for $40. This was the cheapest I'd ever gotten it for, so I was very pleased (coke is relatively expensive in the midwestern city where I live). I snorted about half of it before deciding to experiment with injection.

I woke up in the morning feeling fine despite my previous night's snort fest. I purchased some syringes from the local drugstore, went back to my house and cooked up between 1/8 and 1/4 of a gram. I won't go into the details of my cook up procedure, but I will say that I am very cautious and always conscious of cleanliness. I always swab my arm, spoon, and cooking surface with rubbing alcohol before going through the run of things.

After two unsuccessful attempts at hitting a vein I struck crimson gold and shot up. I decided, as a matter of safety, not to do the whole shot, since I have heard that it is very easy to O.D. on coke when injecting. Good thing for me too. After a few seconds I felt a rise in my energy level but nothing spectacular-I even thought that I might have botched the procedure. Then it hit me. An indescribable rush, not physical like dilaudid, but more of a wave of energy. I immediately felt like I wanted to puke. I became scared and slightly disoriented. I thought that I might be overdosing or that I might have a heart attack. I sat down and rocked back and forth, praying that I wouldn't croak. My mom, stepdad and sister were in the house and I didn't want to have to run out of my room begging to be taken to the hospital. Luckily the feeling of sickness subsided after about thirty seconds and I felt good.

The high was typical cocaine, though smoother than with insufflation. One thing that bothered me the night before was that my nose hurt and my throat was so numb I could barely swallow. As a general rule I find injection to be much more friendly just because you avoid the sinus and nose issues associated with insufflation. This was no exception.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49138
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 18, 2017Views: 1,031
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