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Workaholic's Drug of Choice
Citation:   Perfectionist College Student. "Workaholic's Drug of Choice: An Experience with Modafinil (exp49222)". Feb 8, 2016.

200 mg oral Modafinil
I used to be all about the caffeine. I'm a college student. I'm a perfectionist. I pull a lot of all-nighters. With caffeine, I would have to keep redosing every couple hours. I drank coffee to Mountain Dew to Red Bull, and tried took No Doz. I would get all shaky and anxious. If I stayed up all night, I would hate my life by 5 or 6 am.

On Modafinil (200-400 mg), I can stay up all night, be happy and productive all night, and still be bright and peppy come morning. Here's my log of the first time I took it:

'At 1:00, I took my first 200 mg of modafinil. I've been pretty focused since then... I kind of had to tear myself away to go to class. I started to freak out a little when I couldn't find a folder I needed. On my way to class, I found myself grinding my teeth. Definitely speedy right now. This is T+3.5 hours.

Oh wow, I am feeling so speedy. Want to write write write write write. I am liking this shit. My eyes want to jump all over the place if I let them loose from this notebook. I am becoming much more aware of all my senses. I feel my physicality, feel myself in my body. Colors are more distinct. My professor's voice vibrates in my ears more. I sort of feel sound bouncing off the walls in this small space.

6:00: T+5 hours, I still feel up. Thirsty. Totally not hungry. Wish I had gum. Super motivated. Need to go do stuff.

7:00: Maybe starting to come down? Feeling really good + focused. Happy! No, fuck that, I'm up! MUSIC IS AMAZING.

8:00: T+7 hours, feeling normal. No comedown to speak of.

I decided to snort half a pill (100 mg) around 9. Went in the bathroom, blew the lines, decided to take a shower. I started to come up a little in the shower. Had some fun shaving my legs. Did the other half of the pill after showering.

Got busy cleaning my room, a task which I've been avoiding for ages. Down again by 12:30.'

Since then, I've had many more experiences. Generalizations to note:

1. Snorting is never as effective as orally taking the pills.
2. I once stayed up about 60 hours on the drug, at which point I started hallucinating and decided I absolutely had to go to sleep. I could swear that a drawing I'd done was actually 3-dimensional, and the black-and-white marbled floor tiles looked to me like a sea of writhing colored worms. I still felt completely alert, I could have pushed myself to stay awake if I really wanted to, but at that point I really felt like staying awake that long was fucking with my brain. Just because you physically CAN stay awake that long doesn't mean you SHOULD.
Just because you physically CAN stay awake that long doesn't mean you SHOULD.

3. I sometimes tend to be depressive, with a complete lack of motivation and energy, which makes it very difficult to get anything done. Taking a modafinil completely pulls me out of a depressive rut and gets me going on tasks that previously seemed impossible.
4. Modafinil seems to enhance sexual performance in both males and females.
5. I find appetite is always suppressed.
6. Negative side-effects on the comedown are irritability, anxiety and headaches (perhaps due to dehydration, and not eating or sleeping while I'm on it...) I've found that it really comes down quite easily, considering how stimulated I've been.
7. I always find myself to be amazingly focused, motivated, and productive on this drug.
8. If I lie down after taking it, I can fall asleep. The more I move around and do stuff, the more it kicks in. It seems to work relative to how much I work.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49222
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 8, 2016Views: 3,814
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