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Dangerous Different Way
Fentanyl, Clonazepam & Oxycodone
Citation:   Benzodiazepine-King. "Dangerous Different Way: An Experience with Fentanyl, Clonazepam & Oxycodone (exp49252)". Aug 24, 2016.

  transdermal Pharms - Fentanyl (patch)
    buccal Pharms - Fentanyl (patch)
  2 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam (pill / tablet)
  20 mg oral Oxycodone (pill / tablet)
  650 mg oral Acetaminophen (pill / tablet)
Dippin' Duragesic

My mother is prescribed to 25mcg/hr of generic Duragesic (Fentanyl) patches for chronic fibromyalgia. I have taken LOTS of pharmaceuticals, and I still do; my favorite being depressents. I do not like uppers, psychedelics, cannabis, and intoxicants. Nitrous Oxide is cool though. I don't really like alcohol, because it is to intoxicating rather than sedating like Valium or Xanax. Opiates also give a nice powerful calm and euphoric effect, different than benzodiazepines or other anti-anxiety agents, since I have panic disorder. Cannabis increases my panic for some reason, and I stay away from uppers, and street drugs, except for opiates, opioids, tranquilizers, sedative/hypnotics, and drugs that have calming CNS depressant effects.

I have taken everything from codeine to hydromorphone for example, and lots of it. You name it, I know it, and most likely, I've taken it, especially with my benzodiazepines, Clonazepam, (Klonopin) Temazepam, (Restoril) and Estazolam (ProSom), for my severe anxiety and stress disorders. I usually get my pain medication from my friends or family, and I have never overdosed. You have to know your tolerance or screwed you will be.

I was using these patches, not by transdermal, but sublingual. I was able to get a patch from my mom, since I have severe back pain, from herniated disks in my lower back. She finally gave me one. I decided since Fentanyl is extremely potent, I would put the patch on first for several hours, so I wouldn't absorb to much. I took two 1mg Clonazepam tablets before doing so. Then I put on the Fentanyl patch on my back. I then bought two Endocet (325mg Acetaminophen, 10mg Oxycodone) tablets.

I started feeling quite relaxed and euphoric, after 15 minutes after putting on the Fentanyl patch. I then took the two Endocet tablets. I started feeling double the effects. After a few hours, I decided to take off the patch, and put it between the bottom of my lip and teeth. like chewing tobacco. I felt this bitter taste, but tolerable, coming of the piece of plastic settling in my mouth. I started feeling really woozy, but a good woozy. My pupils were smaller than a BB after about 10 minutes.

The Clonazepam, Fentanyl and Endocet were all working together, but the Fentanyl was extremely strong. The bitter taste was still absorbing through the gums under my lip. I would sometimes take it in and out, so I wouldn't absorb a dangerous amount, but 25mcg is the lowest dose, so I felt comfortable, or should I say, 'Confortably Numb'! It really worked well.

This is my second time, only I took some Oxycodone from the Endocet tablets (20mg), and some Klonopin tablets, only 2mg. I can easily handle about 20mg of Klonopin, and probably about 300+ mg of Valium. I was looking for Dilaudid and Methadone, but didn't come across any, and I was low on money. I was feeling lethargic and euphoric at the same time. I was very talkative, and in a wonderful world or Fentanyl. The bitterness of the patch in my mouth didn't bother me, because I was PRETTY high, and didn't care. The bitter the better! I sat on my bed, listening to lots of music, and I was taking pictures of myself, because I couldn't believe how small my pupils were! I was pretty wacked out of my skull, so I didn't care what I was doing, as long it was enjoyable and safe. I felt warm, I felt fuzzy, I felt light, and I felt tranquilized all at once, and this was one of the best opioid highs I have had. Even though your'e not supposed to put the patched is your mouth, I figured I would get more high if I put it under my lip, since it absorbs a lot more than regular skin does. I would take it out carefully, sip on some soda to wash down the bittery goodness, and smoke a few cigarettes for extra pleasure.

I have to say, this is a very, but, dangerous different way of using Fentanyl patches. The high was much more potent, and much more rapid, and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, a couple weeks from this experience, my medical insurance terminates, because, I would try to get these for my back (sort of)...

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49252
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 24, 2016Views: 7,517
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