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In the Picture
Citation:   Leprechaun. "In the Picture: An Experience with DOB (exp49392)". Erowid.org. Feb 9, 2006. erowid.org/exp/49392

T+ 0:00
2.5 mg oral DOB (liquid)
  T+ 25:00 2.5 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)
I have had quite a range of experiences with the longer lasting psychedelic amphetamines. DOC, DOI and DOB in the past. Each of them has a unique character and some merit. To me DOB has the 'strongest' most intense effect. It has a very visual, though physically disconnecting property. It also has the most intense CNS effect of the three. I am not sure it is the preferred of the three, however its effects have proved to be the most enjoyable to a certain degree. If there was one statement I could use to identify the DOB experience, it would be 'energizing archetype'.

I have tried the chemical a number of times, and have recently discovered a statement by Alexander Shulgin, where he stated that DOB may change into another substance in the lungs. It seems to me that there may in fact be two drug effects. I find there is a distinct shift at the 4/5 hour point as to the effect on the person having the experience.


It was new years eve 2005, the mind set was a bit anxious and apprehensive. My partner and I were staying at a bed and breakfast and the couple who owned the place were a bit eager to talk to us, walking into the room immediately after knocking, which was quite disconcerting. I was slightly bothered by a mild sunburn. I had a lot of thoughts going around in my head and I was hoping to resolve some of the inner conflicts. The day was warm and beautiful, the energy between my partner and I was wonderful. So both my partner and I clinked glasses with 2.5mg and 2.25mg of DOB and I then my partner drank the substance in orange juice respectively.

The experience began rather quietly, both of us waited eagerly for the effect to take hold. At 1hr the experience kicked off, a glow in the solar plexus and an approaching euphoria were apparent. Giddiness, joy and delight. New years eve came, we laughed it away with various witty remarks. Having a laugh at the expense of others, there was a very sinister nature to the experience, even though it was euphoric, there was distinct anti-social, almost neurotic nature to the mind set. There was a strong desire to avoid interaction with anyone else.

The glow built and built. Until we were on the bed, making love. The warm glowing candle light glimmered. Archetypal images of flowers, union and embrace with eyes closed. Sexual intensity was over flowing... We stopped for some time and I looked at her and the euphoria culminated into a pictureseque state, where I was in the picture. I was the one with the girl of my dreams, in a state that was beyond dreaming. It was a lucious, lucid heaven. The walls were turkish delight, the bed was as soft as rose petals. At that point, it seemed that we were meeting again for the first time, an intense rapture at the very sight of my partner. My mind devised so many games to play. We walked into the bathroom and played out different roles as we met each other for the first time over and over again. Each time making love with different mind sets. It was amazing... It was easy to slip into the tantric space and flow with the sensual/sexual energy. This continued for about 4 hours. At which point the experience shifted dramatically. The euphoria dissipated over the next hour. Then it dropped into its polar opposite.

Strong dysphoria became apparent. Closed eye imagery was that of mutilations, blood and other very unpleasant things. It took a lot of letting go and some times when I thought a valium was be suitable. However both my partner and I decided that we should work through the problems in order to really appreciate getting through it all. At each point where the pain and suffering was unbearable, it dissipated, melting away in a strange synestheic way. With the anxiety and sharp visuals, softening and melting away. At each point of resolution, I would come closer to solving the problems I had in my mind prior to the experience. After another 4/5 hours the sun was coming up and the experience was waning. The anti-social element was decreasing and there were moments when it was possible to snooze. Though as soon as sleep was reached a jolt to the nervous system would wake us up.

The sun came up in another hour or so and a sense of relief came over me. Though we had planned to go down to a beach near the bed and breakfast then move to a hot springs bath, I was worried I would have to interact with people without being at base-line. Which I prefer to avoid when I can.

We ended up going to the beach, avoiding people in general. I enjoyed a swim in the ocean. After strong psychedelic experiences, nothing can make me feel more cleansed than a swim in the ocean, or a pool or bath if the ocean is not possible.

After the swim we rested for some time before driving down to the hot springs. At this point the experience had dropped enough that there was only a faint +2/+1. Driving was no problem at this point. The hot springs was amazing. We sat in the public pools for a while. Interaction with people was almost back to normal. Though there was still an uncertainty about what to say as to not offend others. We had a massage at the 18 hour point, which was amazing. I felt so relaxed and tired.

We returned home and watched a movie. I had a coffee and some wine. Which I feel in retrospect was a bad idea. The coffee brought on anxiety and the wine instead of relaxing me, amplified the anxiety. In the end at the 25hr mark I found it hard to sleep, so 2.5mg of Valium was used to help. I noticed a mild relaxation and depression. Sleep came quite easy.

The experience ended on a touch of unpleasant note. And that lingering mind set has lasted for a few days afterwards. The lingering effects are minor and are shifting into a more pleasant space as the week progressed.


+0hr - Ingestion, apprehension. A good day for altered spaces. DOB

+1.5hr - Well into it. It is still building, keen euphoria, excellent. Oozing something sexy. Thats why I love DOB and 2C-B. Nothing other than 2C-T-7 comes close to the sexy nature of these two.

Body load. Had dinner and wine earlier in the night. Not good. Avoid large meals in future.

+3hr - I COULD NEVER DO THIS OFTEN! It just feels sooooooo goooooood.

+6hr - Very well in to it... Deep psychedelic reveries. Very deep. Something beyond the language of words.

+8hr - Still into it. There is a desire to focus energy. In writing I wish to dictate my feelings. Why? For whom, for me? What am I torn by? My friends and my love? My desire for more and what I already have.

Who will fill these holes? They are endless. With no hope for those who dwell there.

Well, that was it. Another DOB maelstrom. The experience is always special at this level. I have an experience like this about 3/4 times a year. Perhaps even less now that as I grow older, there is no point to over do it, plus the time it takes to recover takes longer and longer. Perhaps once or twice even. I understand now, why at this dosage level DOB is one of the 'Old great ones'.

DOB seems to always have three distinct segments. The euphoria, the dysphoria and an alternating drop off period where I am aware of some activity, but nothing too engaging.

For those who do wish to have DOB, please make sure you have atleast 14hrs where you do not need to drive. Even then, make sure that anything nothing too important or strenous planned the next day. Take the second day to relax and integrate. Some of the integration may be difficult as it was for me. But I would never take that experience back.

I found that even at 1.8mg when I tried DOB the experience was profound and intense for around 10hrs.

Safe travels.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49392
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 9, 2006Views: 30,255
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DOB (19) : Sex Discussion (14), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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