Happy New Year
Citation:   rocky. "Happy New Year: An Experience with DOC (exp49409)". Erowid.org. Mar 2, 2006. erowid.org/exp/49409

3.5 mg oral DOC (powder / crystals)
  1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
Just to start with some basic info on myself
I'm a caucasian male, late twenties; height: 1,90 m (6,2 feet) weight: 96 kg (211lb); exercising

Pretty familiar with psychedelics, I've tried 2ci, 2ce, 2ct2, 2cb, 4hodipt, 4acodipt, 4hodet, 4acomipt, lsd, salvia, 5meoamt, 5meodmt, and mushrooms of course. So far I have had very nice time with tryptamines while 2ce is my favourite phenetylamine, the other phens haven't been very useful for me.

I've read a lot of things on doc on various forums and was thinking that this could be a very nice substance to enter the new year with :) I don't have scale precise enough to measure 3 mg. I had 100 mg of doc (this was accurate) and after that I divided it to 28 parts which roughly gave me small amounts between 3 and 4 mg which was very good for my first time and introduction. Anyway doc is not as potent as dob and I wasn't going to ingest 20 or more mg like the people that consumed dom in the 60' and went berserk. So I was sure the substance was safe in this amount.

A friend of mine was coming to my flat to try this new substance. We were alone for all the duration (the duration of my trip was shorter, I have a very fast metabolism and it kicked in rather earlier for me but also it subsided almost 2 hours before my friend came 'down', this is also very usual when we take lsd). Please have in mind that I was consuming almost 60 mg of 4hodet 3 days prior to this and 2 blotters of lsd and 15mg of 2ce 6 days prior to doc so it could be that there was cross tolerance (the same amount was also taken by my friend during that period of time) - a real holiday week :)

We took our doses around noon, and we could both tell that after 15 minutes we were feeling something. After we read that it needs about 3 hours to kick in this was very surprising for us that we are already feeling pressure in the head and a speedy feeling in the body.

I ate 2 hours before ingesting and my friend didn't eat anything so about 45 minutes after ingesting he decided to have something to eat. After eating he vomited 2 times, it seems it is very good to eat a few hours before the ingestion or at least 4-5 hours into the trip (but you won't be hungry then :) I wasn't feeling any nausea at all. In later stage smoking some cannabis helped him to get over the sickness. At this time (around 1 pm) the effects were reminding me to a higher level 2ci comeup, I haven't had a chance to try 2cc which is analogue of the amphetamine doc so I can't compare it to that.

The colors were getting brighter and the morphing has started at about 1.5 hour point. I had a feeling it was a little deeper version of 2ci and related substances, it wasn't showing the depth (at that moment) I was looking for which I really miss on some phens. In about half an hour the body load has increased, on moments I was anxious and after only few minutes I was almost sedated, like on some benzos. After that I felt a cold rush in my chest muscles (not in my chest, but like there was a breeze and I didn't have my shirt on, but only on my chest :) this lasted about 10 minutes and I was feeling that it was starting to kick in seriously.

All that time we were coming up - for almost 2,5 hours at this point - very slowly but it wasn't stopping, it was really going to give us a nice smack on the face, I couldn't believe that this was actually done by amphetamine compound (and that really takes 3 hours to come up). I was convinced that only lsd could me you this state of mind, or at least very similar to this. I was watching the tv and let myself go to see what will happen next. The visuals started really strong, it is really an eye-candy. Everything looks so bright, and it seemed as blue and yellow traces were dancing in my visual field, very nice. I had a big grin on my face when I realized what is happening ;) all the colors had a neon glow in them, especially purple, green, blue and yellow. The next thing I know I was sedated again, sort of drunk :) then in the next few moments I just felt a big rush of energy, I went to the toilet, looked myself in the mirror and I felt very strong psychedelic impact on my mind, the feeling was the same I had on two strong blotters of dutch acid but cleaner, I was in nirvana :) the feeling was too good to be true. I went back to the room and looked at my friend, he was still in the harsh comeup stage (mostly due to his eating after ingesting) and was still in doubt if this was a good thing to do, but I just looked at him a and he was assured he will be very good in the next 30 minutes.

It was around 3pm at the time but I felt a need to wish my friend a happy new year a very best and the happiest wish I had in all my life (we still had about 9 hours to go till actual time later on the actual new year moment was a very bleak occurence of the previous experience). Then it kicked in for him as well and we just couldn't believe it was so similar to acid but also so clean and bright, there was no confusion which sometimes comes with acid and everything was so nice, bright and was morphing a lot. Also the dissociation that comes with lsd (I usually avoid any communication with 'outside' people) was not so expressed.

The whole come up lasted about 5 hours, pretty long time. At the time I peaked I went to have a shower, now this was a wonderful experience, I think I never had a better shower. I have green tiles, with some small black and different green patterns. It was like I was showering somewhere under a waterfall in brazil, very fucking nice. I also spoke with my girlfriend (who of course wasn't there :) and some other 'people'. It was very calming and heart opening. After that I had a plateau for about 2-3 hours - it was both euphoric and psychedelic. After that my friend also went to have a shower and it was a mind opener for him as well. We just couldn't believe this shit and I finally understood the report I was reading few weeks ago. Music was nice but not as with 2ce or lsd - it was excellent on the peak but it wasn't the main topic of this experience.

I was talking to my parents on the phone at 6 hours mark after ingesting the substance I could really talk coherent. It seemed to me that I was very normal when I wanted to be so I wouldn't make a fool out of myself in front of my parents and this was also confirmed by my friend after the phone call was over. I think I could easily go out after 5 hours into the trip (but not in a club or something like that) and have a cup of coffee somewhere outside but still feel very strong effects in my head.

Around 8 hours into the experience I felt that effects were dropping. My girlfriend and some friends came by around 9pm, and I was feeling very communicative, while my friend was still in the 'dreamland' :)

At around 11 hours into the experience I was relatively back to normal - some confusion took place but nothing serious like with larger acid doses. Anyway everybody confirmed we were looking very normal and except for our pupils they wouldn't notice we took something - but this was more than 11 hours after we ingested doc. My friend was still feeling effects till around 1 am after midnight (in the new year :). I was mentally at the baseline but still feeling the stimulative effects, not strong but enough not to feel sleepy or tired. I was still not very hungry but sweets felt very nice.

I think I will try this compound again. I need to get some rest after (ab)using all these chemicals. The same amount should be somewhat stronger and more interesting when all of my marbles are sorted out :)

This is very clean and strong compound, and this reminded me of lsd more than anything I used so far. It was very strong in this amount and I don't know how far it would take me in doses 10mg or more.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49409
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 2, 2006Views: 16,473
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