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Another World
by Christina
Citation:   Christina. "Another World: An Experience with LSD (exp4957)". Feb 1, 2001.

2.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


It was a late summer afternoon when it was decided. My bestfriend Roxanne & I were going to trip again. Going into this I feared nothing. I had tripped twice before only feeling hyper & extremely talkative. However, Roxanne had tripped three other times without me & swore of visuals & a mind blowing night of laughter that I just HAD to experience with her.

We picked it up at 6:00 in the evening. A guy we both knew said he could hook us up with some kick ass acid & set it up with another guy who was selling it. He gave us directions to his house & we drove on over to get it. As soon as we got it out to the car, we dropped it under our tounges immediately in his driveway before taking off. As we drove away, I felt unusually calm & unaware of the reality that I was all too soon going to find out.

From there, we mosied on over to a nearby store to pick up some pictures that my friend had developed. Roxanne called her boyfriend Matt from a payphone there, who begged her not to trip...only it was too late. She informed him that the deed had already been done & after a gas & cigarette pit stop we would swing over to his house.

Pulling into the BP: Approximately 7:00 p.m. - She pumped & I went to pay & get cig's & 2 quarts of OJ. I walked in feeling anxious & unusually hot, but still aware. 'It must be kicking in.' I thought to myself. Walking around the store I felt as if I were in fast foward mode. My feet seemed to carry me with a mind of their own & the other customers came & went simutaneously in a speedy sequence. I came outside to Rox who was frantically washing her windshield w/ a squeegie. When asked what she was doing, she laughed - 'Just this one last spot..' From that point on, time was lost. I remember drinking the entire qt. of OJ as she continued washing. We must have been out there for awhile because the cashier came outside to see if we were ok.

Matt's Apt: sometime around 7:30?? - I stepped out of the car smoking, happy & giggly. As I walked towards his front door I felt my feet sinking into the pavement like quicksand. I looked back at the row of cars parked behind us & spotted a 98' graduation tassle hanging from a rearview like it was in front of my face. Right then, I realized this wasn't going to be like the other trips. This was crazy.

Matt went to bed & upstairs in the bedroom sat only me & Roxanne. She stared at a red light blinking from the caller ID. I flipped through the newly developed pics & came across one of a waterfall. Looking at it, I realized it wasn't a waterfall at all. The water spray became a collage of spirits & ghosts with distorted faces rising upward. Marveled, I showed Rox & that's when things got bad. Before I knew it, standing beside me was a shadow of a man who stared at me. I was completely freaked & my trip had then became a domino effect. I saw a massive spider web that covered the ceiling. Pyramids w/ eyeballs protruded at me from around the room. Now, I'm scared. Somehow, the lights ended up turned off & the black lights on. We sat together staring at each other terrified, yet w/ a steady smile on our faces. - 'It's just a drug, you're ok.' we told each other. 'You're just tripping, this is why we took it.' as if comforting the other made ourselves feel better. This seemed to go on for long grueling hours. As she spoke, Roxanne morphed into an evil clown. She grew fangs & the corners of her mouth extended to her ears. Her eyes were huge and looked like they were under a magnifying glass. I was flipping the fuck out & memories of people talking of bad trips that lead to ER visits crept into my mind & I quickly swept them away. I WAS GOING TO BE OK. A piece of my memory recalls me looking into a mirror in a bathroom & the blue of my eye became a wave of ocean sloshing around. Roxanne's skin became wrinkled and she looked like a witch.

'We gotta get outta here' we agreed. Rox told me we had to find a lake & sit by the water. When 1 of her trips turned ugly she sat in water & watched trees sway & gold fish splash on her feet. Things would be ok, she said. We went downstairs & when Matt's roomate's girlfriend found out we were leaving she asked us to stop at Taco Bell for some grub. We warned her we were trippin & she didn't seem to care as she sat down & made out an order on paper. During this time, I watched her writing & talking. I could see her lips moving but her voice had been tuned out. Her hair curled up into tight spirals & then unraveled back into straight locks continuously until the most horrifying blast of noise came crashing into my head. At first, I thought it was an airplane landing on top of the apartment. Then the noise became distorted and it's pitch stretched into a wave of a slow & blurred moan that can only be described as what possessed demon's voices sound like in horror movies. 'Do you hear that?' 'Do you guys FUCKIN HEAR THAT?' I interupted. The girl looked up & said - 'Uh...yeah, someone flushed the toilet upstairs.'

The dumb ass girl let us leave & two heavily drug induced girls with no sense of reality were unleashed into the world; trippin balls. Of course we never made it to Taco Bell. We were now locked into another dimension that no one else knew of besides us. And when faced with other people, they were imposters staring at us, INTO us, & we snubbed at them with disgust. Everything we did had become a 'mission.' At one point one of our missions was to buy some more cig's. I walked in the store & it all seemed to be enclosing on me. Tension was fierce & anxiety ran through me, pumping my blood faster. Waiting for the guy to ring me up, I looked around me repeatedly in a paranoid state. It seemed to take an eternity to get my change & I was enraged that this guy had the nerve to prolong the mission. I dont remember the exact words that came out of my mouth besides a slur of cuss words scattered around 'hurry up' & then - 'C'mon Roxanne let's get the fuck out of here.'

We never made it to the lake even though we stopped at Rox's house to get boxers & t shirts for our late night swim. My only memory of that was sitting on the toilet to watch the flowers spin & twirl on the shower curtain & her cat stopping in it's tracks, hissing - paralyzed with fear as if it sensed our crazed mind frame.

Driving in the middle of town: time unknown - the town was dead, it must have been quite late. Fog plagued outside surroundings & the street lights lit up in it's midst like bursting stars. The music was cranked, the sunroof was down & we floated from one side of the road to another with the flow of music, following it's beats. Happiness tugged at my nerves & I was finally starting to enjoy. I laughed uncontrollably. We ran into a guy Roxy knew in a parking lot when we stopped for cigarettes again. We followed him to his house & before I walked in I threw up orange juice into his bushes but didn't miss a step, not even stopping my stride. We smoked a blunt w/ him & left. I don't remember anything else until daylight broke. We ventured to a neighboring town trying to find the hill that overlooked the city. When we got to the top, we took off our clothes & slipped into the swimming motiff. Enter another block of lost memory & fast forward back into our town. We were driving when we spotted a girl we didn't like in front of us. Disgusted, we vowed we weren't going to follow her & took a detour - to where, I don't know. I just remember driving in a neighborhood and suddenly Roxanne leaned her head out the window to spit. I've never seen this girl spit before in my life & why she did at this particular moment I don't know. But it caused the car to land in a ditch on the right side of the road & then bounce to the ditch on the left and end in the middle of the road backwards. A woman tending her garden in the yard beside us never even looked up. Oil spilled a stream on the road & we decided that the oil pan was busted. We drove to the nearest gas station to call Matt to pick us up. It just so happened that it was also beside our former high school as of the year before & it must have been time for school. Buses and people we knew were driving to school & loomed before us as we sat beside a payphone in our boxers, dirty & still smoking.

When we got back to Matt's I laid down. I was exhausted & desperately craved for sleep & an end to this drawn out nightmare. But even when closing my eyes I saw ladybugs crawling on the inside of my eyelids. I don't remember when I finally passed out. It was well into the afternoon & acid had mixed with delirium & I recall thinking that the I had to get away from all of the 'normal people' that invaded the road as I drove home.

That was the worst and last trip I've ever had. Messing with the chemicals in your brain isn't exactly wise. For months afterward I saw tracers & lines in walls or specks on ceilings squiggled around & swayed.You never know how you're mind is going to react to it & it can be frightening. At least in my experience anyway.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 4957
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 1, 2001Views: 4,654
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LSD (2) : Various (28), Difficult Experiences (5)

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