Interesting Combination with Unique Features
2C-C, 2C-I, & Kratom
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Interesting Combination with Unique Features: An Experience with 2C-C, 2C-I, & Kratom (exp49722)". Jan 23, 2006.

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T+ 0:00
9.0 g oral Kratom (tea)
  T+ 1:05 26 mg oral 2C-C (liquid)
  T+ 1:05 15 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
  T+ 1:24 100 mg oral Tryptophan (liquid)
  T+ 2:53   smoked Cannabis (dried)
  T+ 6:00   oral Kratom (tea)
12:05am - Ingested 26mg of 2C-C and 15mg of 2C-I in liquid suspension. I received the 2C-C this morning in the mail, and I've been curious about it for some time. Although this is my first time working with the chemical, I've decided to combine it with a moderate dose of 2C-I because I hear great things about that combination, and I know that both drugs are known for their pleasurable sensations. Hopefully the come-up won't be too bad... by most accounts, 2C-C is even easier than 2C-I. So we'll see.

I may read my new book, the eleventh in the Wheel of Time series, and I may work on some programming as well. Regardless of what I do, I'll be listening to music, for sure! I almost didn't do this tonight, but things sort of fell in place, and, well, here I am! I drank some kratom (9 grams) at 11:00, and I'm still feeling very nice from that, which may affect the come-up but I doubt it will have an impact on the full experience, because that won't occur for another approximately two hours. I didn't take any piracetam today, because next time I take this combination, I want to compare the strength and mental effects with and without it. It certainly seemed to have a massive impact on the mental effects of 2C-E, that's for sure!

12:24 - Perhaps an alert. Feels very smooth, a bit opiate-like, although I'm under the influence of a quasi-opiate. Just took 100mg 5-HTP because I forgot before. I'll also take it at the end of the night. I'm really looking forward to this! I'm hoping to get some good thinking-related activities done tonight. It would be great if I felt up to programming, because I've been neglecting my project (an online multiplayer text-based game along the lines of Dragonrealms or Gemstone or the like) for some time now, due to work and a side project I'm doing. Actually, that side project would be good to work on as well and is much easier.

12:32 - My little kitties are being so sweet! I definitely am experiencing some weak alerts, but they're remarkably smooth. Entirely pleasant, with no stomach weirdness or strange sensations, at least not yet. I just planted the phalaris grass seeds that I mistakenly received yesterday after ordering the dried grass. I'm taking it as a sign that the universe wants me to grow my DMT. So it appears I'll be having a DMT experience in a few months! I actually have 5-MeO-DMT, but something has been stopping me. I think that regular DMT is what I need. It's the psychedelic that the brain produces naturally, and particularly in the moments before death. I feel that it may be the most important experience I have, in terms of psychedelics. I am a big believer in the spirit molecule, and I haven't even tried it yet! Definitely stronger alerts now, and Leslie has woken up and wants to chill for a bit. No problem, says I, so off I go.

12:46 - She fell asleep quickly. Damn, my body feels good! Waves of pleasure are traveling up and down, mostly in my legs, oddly. Definitely feels a bit opiate-like at this point. I'm getting very minor morphing visuals, the kind where if you stare at something for a moment, it'll begin to waver, but that's it. I'm turning on some Pink Floyd now.

12:56 - Reading is actually slightly difficult at this point, as the words are slightly fuzzy. I'm feeling very communicative. Still no unpleasantness at all; no nausea, no sweating, no nothing!

1:05 - I'm finding it difficult to distinguish between similar shades of the same color without a moment of closer inspection. Hasn't really developed much more, but the current effects are quite nice! I think I'd be able to socialize quite easily, which is a definite plus. I feel... smooth, somehow. Fluid.

1:12 - Now that I think about it, time is moving pretty slowly. So be it! I feel jovial and loose. This is a good time for time to be moving slow.

1:21 - Similarly to others' descriptions, I feel intoxicated yet sober at the same time. Hard to define this specific feeling. I wonder what effect smoking will have? Hmm, silly question. Mary Jane mixes well with everything!

1:26 - Some definite closed-eye patterning! This patterning is different from other phenethylamines I've tried, and indeed, different from any drug I've tried. They're like quickly flowing liquid kaleidoscopic images, with no color, and not attaining the level of detail that would make them fractals.

1:53 - On a whim, I decided to smoke an inordinate amount of my green friend, say 4 or 5 vapo-blasts. Now that really did something in my brain, for sure. Musical enhancement is approximately what it is on 2C-I alone, I think. I feel like I'm on clouds...

This is very much like 2C-I on its own but with a green/blue emphasis (at least in the visual department). I'm getting a strong sensation of vertigo, feeling like I'm falling in various directions.

2:01 - Reading is fun! The letters each seem to be popped out of a page, as if they were gold. 'Something Very Pure' by Mystical Sun is an absolutely amazing song.

This has gotten quite a bit more intense than I expected

Interesting indeed! It seems that my eyes are focused in a strange way, so that when I read, I can see this extra dimension behind it. Like reading in 3D (4D?)!

It feels 'dirty' somehow, like there's this faintly disturbing 'sharpness' to it.

2:10 - I really jumped into the peak pretty suddenly.. it was like nothing to wow!

I feel extremely objective

2:13 - Time dilation pretty significant

It's as if this drug is sharp on the inside. It's definitely the 2C-C. Physically, it feels good, but (at some level) it's sharp and abrasive.

2:36 - Man, these experience reports on Erowid of 2C-C are amazingly right-on.

3:04 - I'm on to the 2C-E reports now. The 'Living the Matrix' report describes exactly the thought loop I got into last time on 2C-E. Exactly. Although I didn't quite get to experience the latter parts of the report. I think that I really should explore the 2C-E space more. It has some sort of cosmic significance. The kind of drug that makes you feel like you've woken up from a crazy dream that was your life. I aborted that experience too early. Scary that it was still a complete +4 with more magnitude and significance than any other feeling I've had. Exploring that state would be very much like waking up from the matrix

4:08 - I am in a very receptive state. Reading about 2C-E experiences (still), I find that I can bring some of that back. I should be careful, because 2C-E is dangerous. Valuable, but dangerous.


Well, I fell asleep after drinking some more kratom to calm myself down. Throughout the experience, my heart was beating quite fast, and I'd not have been to sleep at all without it. Although I had to pee several times in pretty rapid succession, I successfully fell asleep after about 40 minutes (at 5:45, or T+5:40). My girlfriend let me sleep until 12:30, and I awoke feeling a bit loose and jovial from the night before but feeling great as well. Since I remained pretty coherent throughout the night, I think my notes give a good storyline for the experience, which was devoid of any serious insights or amazing happenings. So instead of rehashing the experience, I'll just discuss the aspects of the trip that I discovered.

First of all, one of the most striking aspects of this combination was its EXTREME ease on the body. I've never taken 2C-C alone, but when I take 2C-I alone, it's pretty easy on the body and feels great once the peak is reached, but during the first hour and a half or so, there's some definite stomach weirdness and body discomfort, though it's not too distracting like with some chemicals (2C-T-2 comes to mind). With this combination, I at no point experienced ANY stomach or body discomfort WHATSOEVER, which was truly appreciated.

Because of this, I feel that 2C-C or its combination with 2C-I would make a great introductory experience for someone who has not experienced a psychedelic, as generally the reason that I've freaked out in the past has been because of body discomfort leading to mental and emotional discomfort. The physical sensations, even during the come-up, were very pleasurable and resembled a cross between amphetamine and opiate body waves. In fact, around T+0:40 to T+1:00, I was laying down and my eyes were rolling back in my head with pleasure. Of every psychedelic chemical I've tried, including LSD, this combination had the most pleasant body high, although this doesn't include pseudo-psychedelics like MDMA.

The peak took around 2 hours to fully arrive, which is very similar to other 2C-phenethylamines. Up until that point, I felt like all the effects were from the 2C-C. Interestingly, after I smoked some cannabis, the 2C-I showed itself and peaked along with the 2C-C all within a few minutes, and the experience completely shifted gears. Up until that point, I didn't feel like I was on a psychedelic, but after that, I was definitely tripping moderately hard. I'll get into the specific effects I noticed in a moment.

Interestingly, as the peak came and the high fully developed, I started to see the pleasure as a sort of double-edged sword. Specifically, the waves were very physically pleasurable, but in the mind, they were sharp and abrasive. I interpreted this as being unhealthy for the brain, and it caused me a small amount of stress and brief moments of minor anxiety. However, it wasn't actually pain, but just a sensation of mental sharpness. I found this to be an interesting dichotomy and symbolic of drugs in general, especially psychedelics.

There were several of the 'standard' psychedelic phenomena present. For one, time dilation was moderate, more so than I generally experience with 2C-I alone but not by a lot. During the peak, a 5-minute period of time would seem like 15 or 20 minutes. Also, I was in a very positive and humorous mood, more than with most experiences I've had. There was slight music enhancement that made the music sound quite breathtaking, but much less so than with 2C-E or 2C-T-2, and a bit less than with 2C-I alone. It didn't seem to draw me into it very much, and I found that entire songs sometimes passed without me really noticing them much. But when I paid attention, the music was decidedly cooler than usual.

As for the subjective effects that differed from other psychedelics, there were several that I found extremely interesting. The most noticeable effect is one that I haven't ever seen before, and that's the fact that I was seeing in a strange way, as if my eyes were unfocused in this certain way that made me see an extra dimension in everything I looked at, like everything extended 'behind' (but not actually physically behind) itself somehow. This was particularly noted with words while I was reading, which is what I spent most of the trip doing. When I looked at words, suddenly different lines in a paragraph would each appear to be layered behind one another, like if you were looking at several fences that were parallel to each other from atop an incline, and each fence was a little farther away than the previous. Also, some words would both appear to be going left to right, and at the same time would be going straight back to meet up with another line.

The whole thing gave me the impression that the ordinary, 2-dimensional structure of words in actuality has a whole lot more structure. Next time I use this combination, I'm very curious to explore this phenomenon more and see if I can derive some meaning from this strange structure. Despite the fact that sometimes the words I was reading would appear to be in the incorrect order and all jumbled together because of this, I was able to read just fine unless I started thinking about it too much. Although, I was reading quite slowly. However, I was also absorbing the information very effectively. I wish this effect was fully describable and/or replicable, because it was the most interesting effect that I noted, but alas, such is the nature of psychedelics.

Another effect I experienced was actually very similar to 2C-I. Especially during the peak, I had the distinct sensation that 'down' was constantly changing. Like, one minute I felt like I was hanging upside down, even with my hair feeling like it was hanging down (up), and the next, I'd feel like I was falling to the right, and the next I'd feel like I was looking down at my computer screen, as if my back was pointing straight up into the air and I was hanging there. This was slightly disorienting at times. Also, I got the sensation once or twice that I had a mirror image of my body attached to my real body at the head, where the image was pointing straight up like it was standing on its head. I have gotten this sensation several times on 2C-I alone, and it always reminds me slightly of salvia.

The visuals were rather unremarkable compared to many psychedelics, including 2C-I alone. The 2C-C seemed to take over the visual department, with the 2C-I merely providing a slight 'flavor'. The CEVs consisted of soft, quickly flowing liquid-like patterns devoid of any substantial color which were fairly detailed but lacked the detail of fractals. They appeared to move independently of the music, which makes sense considering the detachment I felt to the music that was playing. The OEVs consisted of some light morphing and patterning, and a blue/green hue over surfaces, which differs significantly from the red/orange hue of 2C-I by itself. There weren't really any actual hallucinations at all aside from the extra-dimensionality of objects and words, and there was very little in any synaesthesia or the sensation of blended senses. Also, the visuals developed very late, gaining strength as time went on up until about t+5 or so, but not really beginning until t+2:15 or so, after the strongest part of the peak.

The most striking thing about the state of mind was the relative sobriety and normality I felt in my conscious mind. I became very objective in my thinking, and non-judgmental. For some reason, I felt very compelled when writing and even thinking thoughts to drop the subject of sentences off, especially if it was 'me' or 'I'. For example, my urge was to write 'am experiencing a clear mind' rather than 'I am experiencing a clear mind', for example. I became very introspective and really wanted to think about things a lot, which I did.

Also, I became very receptive to deeper psychedelic states even though this particular state was not very deep, and I started reading 2C-E reports and remembering more of my last 2C-E experience than I can usually remember (in terms of the indescribably psychedelic effects of trip structure and such). I was able to think about the structure of reality that I experienced during that trip, in a geometric sense, and that was very fascinating and makes me want to explore that state of mind more, although I'm quite afraid to due to its extremely intensity and attempts at killing my ego.

However, taking 2C-E is like waking up from the matrix for the first time, and I think being able to explore that state would lead to some shocking and life-altering realizations. I mean, I feel like I could make anything happen in that state with my extreme understanding of the structure of reality and the tendency to merge with the god-energy.

Overall, I think this combination puts one into a great state of mind for some serious thinking, and I think it would be a GREAT psychotherapeutic tool due to its ability to make a person objective and distances from themselves without providing a frightening experience. Next time I try it (for there will be a next time), I will try it with piracetam to see if that makes a difference in effects and/or intensity, I'll investigate the closed-eye exploration possibilities more, and mostly I'll explore the third dimension that I was able to see in written words, because I feel there may be something to discover there.

Until then, safe journeys, whatever kind those may be.


Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49722
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 23, 2006Views: 69,546
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