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Experiencing The Afterlife Lake
2C-T-7 & MDMA
by Reborn
Citation:   Reborn. "Experiencing The Afterlife Lake: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & MDMA (exp49803)". Dec 20, 2017.

6 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  30 mg oral 2C-T-7 (blotter / tab)



I've been to many outdoor trance/rave parties before, and had ecstacy and acid before, but nothing prepared me for this.

I hade been taking some ecstacy pills during the night, and dancing for many hours. My girlfriend who was with me, had much less than I did. I do not know what was in the pills, but they were milder than I was used to, but did have some effects. It did leave me wanting more though.

At about 4AM, I bought 2 pieces of paper the size of postage stamps. The guy said they were 2ct7 and made in Spain. Each was 20mg strength. I took 1 1/2 under my tongue, kept it there for about 30min and then swallowed it. The taste was very very chemical like, and strong. I then had some water and ate a banana to get rid of the taste. My girlfriend, who was with me, takes 1/2 of one of the stamps.

I am writing down the times, but it is not completely accurate, but more a rough timeline.

5AM: I start seeing the trees in the distance moving, then the bushes in front of me start dancing. I think that was probably acid that I bought, and think I may as well enjoy it. Everything is dancing and moving around. I had never taken 2ct7 before, but the guy said it was like MDMA and acid mixed together.

5:30AM I am walking through the orchards (party is on a farm), watching the ground change colors and the roots of trees come alive and move. My girlfriend (had 10mg) is not very affected by it, and is carrying a big container of water with us, and keeps on cooling me off with it by pouring water over my head. I drink some more water, but it does not help take the effects away.

6:AM I close my eyes, and immediately see visuals like I've never seen before, not even with large doses of acid. The visuals are intense, non-linear. I am transported to a grey lake, everything is white and grey, but a lifeless kind of grey/white, like burnt charcoal. I can touch the visuals, and float around the scene.
I can touch the visuals, and float around the scene.
I am woken by my girlfriend pouring cold water over my head. I open my eyes. She tells me to keep my eyes open.

I try keeping my eyes open, but am extremely tired and just want to sit down and rest. I feel some anger that the feeling wont go away, and want to lash out at the orchards. I come out of it for a second and realize that I should not over exert myself and get my hearbeat up too high. I calm down and drink some water, which makes me vomit it out. I drink some more water then vomit it out deliberately, thinking that maybe it will help to clear my system of the chemical.

I then feel a pain in my stomach, and think that maybe my liver or something is packing up. We consider going to the emergency tent, but decide to wait a bit and see (I think one should ALWAYS go if they are in doubt). I apologize for doing this to her, and realize (think at the time) that I've messed up my liver for good, and that I'll die. We hug, and then it gets really intense. I suddenly feel something pull me upwards and away from her. I close my eyes and completely leave my body and see myself standing there for an instant, and then am floating above the white lake. Something grabs me by my shoulders and I pull it off with my hands. The place is definitely the afterlife, or some place inbetween. I think to myself I am not ready for this, and want to live to an old age. It seemed like a few minutes, but then all of a sudden I am splashed with cold water and I come back to life. I feel like I am back from the dead, but completely worn out. It was the saddest feeling I have ever experienced, something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

We then decide that I should not close my eyes at all, and to walk around until it wears off. I am having intense visuals, hardly being able to focus on anything. I see birds flying in the sky that are not there, and feel that I'll die if I close my eyes. It feels as though the spirit world is just behind my eyelids, and if I sit down and rest, closing my eyes, I would surely leave for good.
It feels as though the spirit world is just behind my eyelids, and if I sit down and rest, closing my eyes, I would surely leave for good.
I think that this is way stronger than acid, and it is almost like a scissors that cuts your bond with ones body - setting ones spirit free. If it goes to far, you die!

We walk for awhile (she tells me later that it was about 2-3 hours), and I come back to normal a few times, and realize what is happening. I tell her to remain calm, and that I'll be okay.

Eventually it wears off enough that I go back to the car, and change my completely wet clothes into something dry. I sit on the grass for awhile, and feel a lot better. Everyone is giving off colors and auras. I feel happy and sad, mostly sad at the experience, but happy that I am alive.

A guy near us comes to us and makes some jokes. I feel alot better, and have a cool drink. Later I am mostly normal, but with quite a few small visuals. I feel pure energy from people and can feel my own energy being reborn and strengthening, even though I am very exhausted.

Reflecting on this:
I will never do this chemical again, and will take a long break from anything else. The lesson I learnt is that anybody can overdose, and when you do, you can die. These things are NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED, I COULD DIE!

We are all important, and are humans and life is very important and beautiful. There is so much in this life that is great, do not throw it away. Go out every day and taste life. Help people and yourselves. Life is a precious gift, and it can be taken from us very easily. There are many good people in this world. Think of the firemen who lost their lives in the trade centre disaster. They risked everything to save others. There are many people like this on our planet. The more we realize this, the better this world will be. Stop thinking of police officers as being bad - they are there to help you, and there are reasons why some things are illegal. Show them more respect - they are there to help us.

My mantra is to taste life, help people and just enjoy this wonderful gift I've been given, and this beautiful planet.

Be careful people, love yourselves and others! :)

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49803
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 20, 2017Views: 1,256
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MDMA (3), 2C-T-7 (54) : First Times (2), Bad Trips (6), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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