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The Reward
by Mutley
Citation:   Mutley. "The Reward: An Experience with Tramadol (exp49864)". Jun 30, 2007.

  repeated oral Pharms - Tramadol (pill / tablet)
    repeated oral Codeine (liquid)


Quick background/history. I have smoked a lot of pot/hash in my day, tripped on Acid maybe 25 times, tried real mescaline, done coke. Tried a real quaalude. Done lots of misc things in small amounts (Percodan, Tylox, Valium, Dalmane, Tenuate, Ritalin ect.) But that was all years ago. Now I just drink wine. Even though is sounds like I am a druggy, I never used anything to excess (except for pot, when I was young). Was always quite careful, and never been hooked on any pills (as if I would have access to that much to enable me to ever get hooked). Stole pills from medicine cabinets as permitted. Feel bad about that - but its the truth. Anyway.

After fracturing a rib (while recovering from a nasty respiratory infection), I had to go to Urgent Care, because my cough was causing so much pain to my rib - it really was unbearable. Dr. offered me Codeine/Acetaminophen for cough/pain, which I rejected. I think Acetaminophen is a terrible drug with little or no merit, so I asked for Codeine/Ibuprofen. The idiot doctor seemed puzzled, and said there was no such thing (yes there is), and offered me 'Ultram', instead. I accepted, since asking for even a small quantity of a real narcotic is taboo - tantamount to supporting child pornography. Which is ridiculous, because I have no record of narcotics abuse, and have never been prescribed them. What could be the harm if I was prescribed 10 Hydrocodones for pain, or, GOD forbid, 10 Hydromorphones (shhh!, dirty word). Why are doctors so paranoid about prescribing small quantities of real narcotics when it would seem otherwise warranted? Because they behave not as doctors, but more like fashion models. That is why, and I have lost all respect for doctors. Anyway, I am getting off on a mighty large tangent here.

She prescribed me 15 Tramadol 50mg, NO-REFILLS. She also prescribed a small bottle of Cheratussin (Codeine syrup) for my cough. That night, took ~ half a tramadol (~25 mg) and a small swig of syrup. Drank down with 1/2 glass wine. Something there in 30 minutes, but certainly no pain relief. Then I took one whole Tramadol, and another swig of syrup, and went to bed (total = ~75mg Tramadol, and maybe 3 doses syrup = ~3tsp). Wow. Now my pain didn't go away, but I was still in heaven. I was in this synthetic dreamy world, yet calm and happy. I felt like I had snorted a line of coke, and at the same time, calm like I took a couple of Ritalin. Also, I was floating with this great body high. That night, I did not sleep great. But next morning I was surprisingly rested.

Waited until Saturday, and took 2 Tramadol, and a little codeine. This time I felt just sort of numb (dumbfounded), yet my chest pain was not diminished really. And sex was totally unenjoyable. I could not orgasm despite expert treatment, and even being sucked on for an hour was not really pleasurable. I blame the Tramadol. Next morning I barely got off, but it was not that great (for lack of better words). All the fine sensation was not there at all.

Waited 3 days, and took 3 Tramadol all at once. No wine, no codeine, nothing but the Tramadol. Absolute heaven. Absolute bliss. Thefeeling I can get off a couple of lines of coke, or a percodan and a glass of beer - the feeling of reward. Like I am getting away with something I shouldn't be. I had a shit eating grin on my face, and just felt great. Is this an opioid? - hell yea! But there is something more. I felt so great the next day (even though the effects had largely worn off) because I was looking forward to my next dose. I cleaned the whole house, and cooked a special dinner for my wife and me.

This is how it has been for my and my Tramadol. I always wait several days, and take 2.5 to 3 pills (never any more). It is not too hard to keep myself away from the pill bottle, because the memory of what a good time I know I will have every three days is enough to sustain me, and put me in a great mood. Tramadol, for me, is like the afterglow after great sex, but more of an upper. I get this shit eating grin on my face, and feel quite happy, and can close my eyes, and dream while being awake (much like oxycodone moderate doses). I never get nauseous.

I have since found a Dr. to supply me with a moderate dosage of Tramadol on a monthly basis (for my pain), and hope my little affair with Tramadol goes on for years to come.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49864
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 30, 2007Views: 32,071
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