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Citation:   Paimon. "Mythbusters: An Experience with Cannabis (exp49968)". Apr 29, 2008.

1.0 g oral Cannabis (plant material)
Conventional wisdom in the cannabis-eating community has it that raw marijuana must be cooked with a substantial quantity of fats to 'activate' the cannabinoids. The following report is an empirical refutation of that claim. 'Bud butter,' brownies, pot chocolate, and other imbued foodstuffs are merely a way of camouflaging marijuana's intense earthy flavor, which can undoubtedly offend a sensitive palate.

After reading countless forums, in which self-proclaimed urban chemists insisted that THC requires heating to facilitate its absorption into the human body, the need for someone to refute this claim once and for all was clear: here, we have one human guinea pig, about to enter the Twilight Zone.

Background: The test subject is not a regular cannabis user, and in all honesty considers use of same a silly waste of time. He is, however, experienced enough to know exactly what it feels like when smoked and eaten. Test subject is also a physics major and schooled in the scientific method.

T+00min: One gram of mid-grade cannabis bud is ingested raw, on an empty stomach: chewed, swallowed, and chased with Smartwater.

T+30min: Slight physiological effects are noted: increased heart rate, a slight flush to the skin, slightly increased body temperature, and mild lethargy.

T+60min: Subject is subjectively and objectively intoxicated. There is a general lethargy, increased heartrate, and noticeable uncoordination. Eyes are glassy and the viscera has a reddish hue.

T+90min: Subject is completely rocked. Mild auditory hallucinations are experienced. Blood pressure is 135/90. Appetite is stimulated: subject prepares a bowl of chili, Fritos, and a glass of water. Body temperature is 99.2 degrees Farenheight. Subject proceeds to watch entire first season of 'SeaLab 2021' and laugh himself into a hernia. Lethargy is extreme. Attention to environmental minutiae is experienced (ie, the pattern of raindrops falling on the window, the clock tick-tocking, the smell of incense).

T+120min: Subject is obliterated. Pronounced ataxia experienced. Subject is nearly overcome with drowsiness. Subject is experiencing effects much more intense and long-lasting than those of smoked marijuana.

T+180min: Subject is overcome by drowsiness and falls asleep.

There you have it.

Conclusion: eating raw marijuana produces strong effects. The amount required to produce effects may differ between individuals.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49968
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 29, 2008Views: 27,171
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