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Hypnotic Nights
Zolpidem (Ambien)
Citation:   Male_Factor. "Hypnotic Nights: An Experience with Zolpidem (Ambien) (exp49983)". Jan 31, 2008.

10 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
I experienced sleeping problems a few months back and I was given a free trial of Ambien. I took the pill before bed the first night and slept great. The second time I took the drug, I brushed my teeth and cleaned my face before going to bed and within that short time frame, going downstairs to my bedroom and trying to walk became a task within itself. My equilibrium became extremely disoriented. This was on 2.5mg (a 5mg tablet broken in half). For note, I am 19 years old, 5' 10' and 124lbs.

Last weekend, some friends and I went up to a cabin to party. We were up in the hills, surrounded by 3.5 feet of snow. I do not drink alcohol, so I was completely sober. Around 11:00pm, a friend of mine who has a prescription for 10mg Ambien tablets, offered me a 10mg pill. I had taken this before, remember, and thought it may be cool to use it as a recreational experience. Keep in mind, I have not had alcohol. The times below are roughly estimated.

I am with about 11 other people, 9 of us, including me, are tripping on Ambien. The times below are said to be accurate by those not using the drug who went with us. Let's begin.

11:00p - Empty stomach, take 10mg of Ambien with about 3 floud ounces of water.

11:04p - I take another drink of water to make sure the pill is all the way into my system.

11:19p - I begin to feel the drug. My balance is slightly affected and my friends tell me that my eyes are dilated.

11:27p - I am feeling the drug really heavily. Balance is disoriented, equilibrium is hard to control.

11:32p - We all gather in the front room of the cabin. We decide that it will be a good idea to take a walk outside. The weather outside is about 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

11:35p - I am inside what I remember to be the garage of the cabin. We start walking outside, and up the road.

11:45p - I start to fade in and out of consciousness. My equilibrium is destroyed at this point and walking is very difficult. Everything is blurry and I am seeing double. I am having a very hard time differentiating between what is real and what I think I am imagining.

11:58p - I am constantly looking down to avoid walking on what I thought was dangerous. The ground beneath me appears and feels like I'm walking at a 40 degree angle sloped downward towards my left. Two of my friends are holding me up.

12:04p - My friend looks at me right in the face and tells me that I am tripping out. He's on Ambien as well, and it's not affecting him nearly as hard as it is me, extremely hard. I remember this. I reply to him that I am fine, but really was far from being fine, and that I could walk by myself. He allows me to walk by myself, upon which I slam my body into a snowbank on the side of the road.

12:08p - I am back up and walking. I remember the snow kind of waking me up. As I'm walking, I'm looking down at the ground. The snow, although only 1' on the ground, feels like I am walking on 3 feet of snow. Everything feels like a dream. Everything is euphoric and surreal. I am really enjoying the trippy feelings.

12:45p - Between then and now, I am waving in and out of consciousness. I only remember bits and pieces of walking around. Witnesses say that I was paranoid of the ground and that I was hallucinating about seeing a blonde-haired girl in the distance. While on our adventure, a white SUV drove by. I vaguely remember this, but my friends said that I thought three cars drove by and one of them almost hit us. The one vehicle that did drive by did not come close to hitting us.

01:14a - We arrive back at the cabin. I remember little to nothing about the adventure. My memory is shot. My consciousness is starting to slightly come back, but only in short waves. Equilibrium is still shot, and I am wandering all over the place, stumbling and falling.

01:21a - I go back outside, this time to walk 40 yards in 3 feet (really) of snow to an igloo that was made the day before. I stumble through the snow and keep falling down. This was an absolutely euphoric Winter Wonderland in a grove of pine trees with the moonlight. My vision is blurry, but my consciousness has returned enough that I remember it. I eventually reach the igloo with one of my friends, who is also tripping on Ambien, and we begin to dig our way through the newly fallen snow into the opening of the igloo.

01:25a - Once inside the igloo, my friend strikes up a match and lights the package of matches on fire so we can see around the inside of the igloo. It's about 6' tall, 7' wide, and 10' long.

01:31a - I leave my friend and head back on the snow journey back to the house, where everyone is falling asleep and yet others are arguing. The Ambien has caused some of my friends to start arguing completely nonsensical points against each other. For example, two friends were arguing aggressively against each other, one stating that there was nobody who was going to drive and that everyone was in the house, and the other one arguing that he wasn't tired. This rambling on and eventual falling asleep of people continues for about a half hour.

2:04a - I decide to go to bed. I stumble into a walk-in closet and I don't remember anything until I wake up the next morning.

6:48a - Friend (who did not use Ambien the night before) wakes me up and I get up. I go back to sleep a half hour later and sleep until about 10.

10:20 - I am up and feeling only a little drowsy. We all go out for breakfast in the next town over. Everyone, those who were and weren't on Ambien, are feeling fine.

While I do not remember grave details, I know that I was inebriated beyond the state of my own consciousness. I would not recommend the recreational use of Ambien around anyone you do not absolutely trust. Anything could have happened to me and I would not have remembered it. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and I will use this drug again. It's hypnotic state of lucid dreaming while being awake is an experience worth having.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49983
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 31, 2008Views: 106,690
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Pharms - Zolpidem (143) : General (1), Large Group (10+) (19)

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