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Capture the Flag
Zolpidem (Ambien) & Alcohol
by Ambien
Citation:   Ambien. "Capture the Flag: An Experience with Zolpidem (Ambien) & Alcohol (exp49987)". Aug 22, 2010.

10 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    oral Absinthe (liquid)


It was the beginning of last semester at college when I came upon a drug introduced to me by my new roommate. I noticed that he had taken it before and he seemed to be having a good time so I asked him about it one night. One of my friends, I'll call him B, had heard about using ambien and was as ready to give it a try as me.

T+0: We each took one 10 mg white pill and washed it down with a couple of beers. B had some homework to finish up so he figured he would try to hurry and get it done before we left the room and walked around town like we had planned.

T+15 min: Well, forget getting the homework finished now. B probably couldn't concentrate long enough to tie his shoe now. It was hitting us both rather hard. He weighs quite a bit less than me, maybe 150 lbs, so I expected it to be stronger for him. We stand up and prepare to leave the room. Walking is sluggish and hard to do. Balance is definatly effected. I decide for some reason that it would be a good idea for both of us to take a swig out of my bottle of absinthe before leaving. I remember as I put the bottle to my mouth than there seemed to be an invisible layer of warmth on top of the liquid that hit my lips right before the absinthe did. I later brought it up and B told me he felt the exact same thing.

T+20: Before we leave B and I walked down to one of my roommate's room so they could observe us, more or less. I was feeling it strongly now. It was impossible to pay attention to one thing in my surroundings. Every little thing shifted my attention to the point where I felt like my eyes were in a constant state of motion. I noticed B staring at my friend's laptop screen. He was telling us that the icons on the desktop had more icons behind them when he looked at them at specific angles. Like the screen had a depth to it and the icons were extruded into it. He watched that for a while, boggled, and then we decided to leave and go outside.

T+25: Outside. Everything is so vivid... My campus has a lot of the orange sodium vapor lights so everything has this glow of orange. We walk past trees and comment back and forth on how the texture and color aren't much different, but incredible to look at. We walked through the grass and stumble upon a small flag. I think it was one of those flags that marks a gas or water line. Just a small plastic blue square stuck to a wire. For some reason we were fixated on it. We both had the same idea... we had to take it. We looked around cautiously and the B made the move. He put it up his pantleg and stuck the wire in his shoe so nobody would see that we had it (even though I'm sure nobody would care). I remember it being such a huge exciting accomplishment. We had it, and nobody was going to take it from us.

T+??: At this point I lost track of time. We ended up walking into the village and there was a party going on at a house down the road so we decide to walk there. We walk in the house and there is a group of about 10 people gathered around the dining room table playing card games and drinking. There was a tiny bit of paranoia in the back of my mind, but nothing I couldn't brush off. Our friend, I'll call him M, knew something was up with us. He told us we were both covered in sweat but neither of us noticed. I think it might have been raining a little. I don't remember. We hang out at the party for a while and decide not to drink any beer because we were still feeling fuzzy.

We only stayed for a little while and then decide to walk back up to campus. I feel like I have come down at least 80%. B still seams a bit trippy. I remember he commented on a sign on the walk back. It was a street sign with two posts that stuck it into the ground and he was saying that, sometimes when he looked at it, there was an extra post that would appear in a different plane. We got back to the dorm and each decided to go to bed.

The next day I felt fuzzy and tired, but no other adverse effects. He brought the flag that we had aquired to me later the next day and I had forgotten all about it. We laughed about how intense of a mission it was in getting the flag. He pinned it to his wall.

Ambien is a very strong drug. Drinking while being on it is, I'm sure, not the best idea (especially absinthe). The effects we're stronger and lasted longer for B, likely because he is lighter.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49987
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 22, 2010Views: 10,242
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Pharms - Zolpidem (143) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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