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It was Well Worth It
Citation:   Small time druggie. "It was Well Worth It: An Experience with Fentanyl (exp50167)". Mar 28, 2007.

100 ug inhaled Pharms - Fentanyl (liquid)
Date: '06 1 31

Substance: Fentanyl Citrate 100mcg / 2 mL (50mcg/mL)

I have obtained a tiny ampule of fentanyl made by Abbott Labs. I paid ten dollars for it - a very good price. Sadly I did not get a sterile syringe so I must use the drug in a different way. But first let me describe myself and my background.

I am sixteen years old and I have no opiate tolerance at all. I have used cannabis, LSD,GHB, DXM, Oxycodone, Demerol, nutmeg, Valium, Ether, Nitrous Oxide, Adderall, and hydrocodone. I take Prozac(10mg) but I have stopped taking it for five days before this date. The reason is because long ago I took 30mg of oxycodone and had a great time but once I was on the Prozac(a month or so later) and I took the same dose and felt no effects. This seems to be uncommon but I felt like it would be wise to stop taking the Prozac if I wanted to feel effects. If anyone else has had this happen to them with SSRI's and opiates it would be interesting to see more of it here.

I am in a good frame of mind(not that it matters much with opiates) having just got all A's on my report card :)

I have no experience with injection and so when I did not obtain a syringe I was not overly disappointed. I read online that it would be a waste to do anything else but inject fentanyl but I will have to give up my chance to IV this rare drug. It has been at least three months between now and the last time I took any opiates.

The ampule is small and made of glass and has a bright yellow color ring around the neck. The label has the classic Roman numeral 2 within a large C shape as a logo. It also has a warning about addiction and a warning to keep out of sunlight plus a manufacturer date (Jul 1 '95).

I have a small nasal spray bottle and so I decided to put the contents of the ampule into it and then spray it bit by bit into my nose. This I think is good harm reduction practice and much safer then injecting (obviously). To make sure I don't loose any on the inside of the sprayer I added more water to it later to get the last of the drug that was on the inside walls.

I transfered the liquid into the sprayer with a large syringe(not the sort you can inject with) and I took the first 'hit' at 1:10PM.

About an hour ago I ate a light lunch so I have some food in me.

The nasal sprayer says that each spray gives about 1/8th of a mL of liquid.

0:00 - Took one spray hit

+1 - I am nervous and I feel a tiny tiny bit of something happening - hard to say if it is real or not...

+5 - minor tingling all over my body as if I took a tiny hit of weed and am just starting to feel it.

1:05PM - took another hit into my left nasal passage. I am very careful to make sure nothing drips out! No burning or taste at all - feels to my nose just like water. I put the bottle away for now...

+3 - I see my pupils have contracted a little - nothing dramatic yet

1:20PM - minor and pleasant body buzz - took 2 more hits

+6 - Took a piss and pinched the back of my hand. It hurts but there seems to be less of a sharp pain and more like 'Oh, my hand hurts...'

1:30PM - took 4 more hits...

+7 - Feeling 'buzzy' but in no way warm like with oxycodone

1:40PM - I figure I am not going to have a bad reaction so I took 6 rapid hits

+3 - It is really apparent now. No warmth so far but a strong yet subtle feeling of waves in my body and a feeling of being relaxed

+2 - took 6 more hits... I tilt my head back to keep the liquid in my nose

1:50PM - Feeling very good - take about 8 or so more hits. The liquid is starting to run out(or get lower then the little tube that gets it into the spray nozzle is) so the mist is not as strong. I will add more water so I can get all the drug into my body but I will have to take more hits. Not a problem as they do not hurt or taste at all...

+3 - Nothing happening so far to my typing ability I think. I am at my computer but soon I think I will lie down...

1:55PM - took 6 more hits then I added a bit more tap water into the sprayer before I become too high to do it. The hits will be weaker but I will be able to get more of the drug into my body. I'm feeling very good now. A bit like oxycodone but without the warmth. It's somewhat euphoric and very pleasant. I can see how an IV would be very addictive mentally even before you were physically addicted.

2:00PM - took 8 more hits - they are much stronger(in spray power) now. My pupils are a bit smaller then before but not much. Not like pinpricks or anything.

+7 - Took some more hits(4 or so) I am starting to feel a bit warm and flushed. Putting my head down in my arms is oh so very good feeling

2:10PM - I am now taking one hit in each nostril and then waiting for it to dry out and be absorbed and then taking 2 more. So about 2 every 60 seconds from now on...

+4 - I am listening to the song 'Oxy Cotton' by Lil Wyte. Normally I hate rap but in this case it is a good song because its all about opiates and the song brings back memories of a good friend who moved away...

Its fucking ridiculous how well I can type even now

2:25PM - added a bit more water but I don't think it will help much - I have got about all I am going to get into my nose and now I just have to wait for it to all get into my brain... playing soma by Smashing Pumpkins

2:37PM - feeling like I need to lie in bed so I went to lie down...

3:45PM - I lay down in bed listening to music and as I stopped moving around I felt warmer and warmer and more and more euphoric. I started to have strange whimsical thoughts that I don't even remember now. I was in a sort of semi-lucid state where I could here things around me but I was too sedated to react to them. I felt like I was sun bathing and I was all wrapped up in my bedsheets and a big fluffy comforter. After an hour or so I guess I got up to get some water and as soon as I moved the overwhelming warmth was pushed into the background and I could function somewhat normally. I had to talk to my mom for a bit but I had no difficulties there. I then got back into bed and felt the same warmth and euphoria but it was not as strong as the drug was already wearing off. Now I still feel relaxed and carefree but not warm or wavy.

I think this was well worth it but I will not be doing it(or any opiates) for a few months at least to keep any addiction or habituation issues at bay. I think that the fentanyl would have been stronger had I stayed off Prozac longer and of course had I injected, it would be much stronger. I can't recommend strong opiates but this is a good drug if you are looking for such things.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50167
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 28, 2007Views: 123,390
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