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A Slice of Reality
Salvia divinorum
by Kick Johnson
Citation:   Kick Johnson. "A Slice of Reality: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp50202)". Apr 17, 2007.

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
  1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


This was my first experience with Salvia. I am 18 years old and relatively inexperienced with drugs. I have smoked strong strains of cannibas over the last year, but maybe only 1-3 times a month. I heard about Salvia through a few friends that tried it and said it didn't work out for them, so I decided to investigate for myself. I googled Salvia and absorbed as much knowledge as I could manage to learn how I could safely try it for the first time.

I ended it up purchasing some online a few months after looking into it. I purchased some leaves and a gram of 5x extract for a reasonable price and decided to smoke it earlier this night. I tried to prepare for the experience, but I decided to try it alone so I could be free to react to it uninhibited. I made sure I had water, put on some pleasant music at a low level, and dimmed the lights in my room. I made a home-made pipe out of a juicy pear and I opened up the window wide, so I could blow the smoke out. My room mate is okay with me smoking, and he wasn't even there, but I felt it polite to try to not stink up the place. I packed the bowl with fairly dry but fresh leaves to what could be called a medium/large bowl I suppose. I do not have a scale and I didn't feel it too vital to measure out exact leaves or 5x extract. I decided I'd use my judgement. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to relax so my mind would be blank upon smoking.

I lit up and smoked the salvia leaves, keeping the flame of my butane lighter directly on the salvia for the majority of the time I inhaled. The entire bowl burned out on the first hit, very quickly, and as I inhaled I prepared to cough out plumes of smoke as I would've with a cannibas hit that big. I felt my lungs sending warning signals, as if any moment I was about to choke and cough, and burning sensations would come soon. However, I was completely surprised as I kept waiting for the burning only to realize I held a full breath of salvia smoke, and I felt as though I didn't even need to breath. I exhaled after holding my breath for what seemed like about 20 seconds. This was the smoothest thing I've ever smoked. However, I only have cannibas to compare it to. The aroma was actually very pleasant to me and filled my sinuses with almsot a tingling sensation of quiet pleasure.

This was not very unnatural feeling, however, it did seem to be a more rich sense of smell than usual. My vision seemed mostly normal, although there was a certain hint of a fog in the room now, and it was not smoke. I could hear music playing and fairly distant cars driving by in a fairly quiet night, and the room was almost a jazz blue color. I didn't linger long in this experiance, since I still had a bowl ahead of me.

Since I set forth to take a hit of leaves, and extract, I packed a bowl of 5x extract about 30 seconds after the first. This bowl was slightly smaller than I packed of leaves, but still a large/medium bowl. I lit this bowl in a similar fashion, inhaling it all in 1 fairly brisk breath. I was overwhelmed momentarily because of the actual heat, I felt I slightly burned my tongue, but I was fine. Once again the hit went smooth and right into my lungs, without feeling as though it were being rejected. I sat up straight and held it in for a slow count of 30, keeping my eyes open, I momentarily forgot I had to breath. I honestly felt as though I had breathed in air after the slight burning in my lungs went away. I exhaled at last and began to breath slowly. I looked around the room patiently with out any real expectations, I just immediately felt as though I were searching. I decided there was nothing to find and decided I should close my eyes.

I rested my forehead on the windowsill and bent over to do so. I was sitting on an old computer tower that was just less than half the height of the windowsill, I'd say just over a foot tall. I closed my eyes and observed. My other senses were utterly ignored this whole time, and I suddenly realized how fluid and natural all of my actions had been since I exhaled. It was almost a feeling of instincual behavior, there was no concious or even unconcious decisions or ideas I had to consider in my mind. Things just occured. As I closed my eyes, I saw nothing special. Some two dimensional patterns that I could imagine sober. I found nothing there and so I proceeded to open my eyes.

What happened as I opened my eyes, was nothing like I ever experienced in my life, and I shall never forget it. It made me realize how powerful of a substance, and affirmed my belief that this is not something for recreational use. My reality, and everything as I knew it to be, was completely and utterly altered. My senses, however, were all the exact same. Sight, smell, hearing, touch, and I'm sure taste though it was not involved. My situation, however, defied all logic and invalidated existance. It was absurd, and here is how it seemed to me:

I opened my eyes expecting to see the wall below the windowsill, a dull cream colored stucco with some random bumps and such. Not only this, but I expected to feel all the natural feelings of touch associated with existance. However, I no long felt my bathroom against my skin, I felt something completely different, yet I did not know what that was yet. I could see as soon as I opened my eyes, but the image was so foreign that it was too complex for me to comprehend right away and I was perplexed for an infinite moment. I finally noticed in a blured rush very many things, and a great deal occured. This felt like the time span of maybe 4 seconds.

This is what I experienced in those '4 seconds'. I noticed I was seeing, but had no eyes. I had a global view of all that was around me, as if I were out of my body, it was then I realized I no longer had a body. I did, however, have a physical manifestation. I was a piece, a slice, of my existance. Now, this is literal. My existance that I percieved, was a universe of fleshy mass and membranes, actual human flesh. They were almost finger, or french fry shaped and would wave about in a harmonious way, vibrating gently as well. This background was orange/bronze tanned flesh, nothing like mine. Though I was not touching most of these masses, I could feel all that they felt as though we shared a hive mind, and when they rubbed past each other I could understand it from all of their perspectives. They communicated with their minds that stemmed from their psychies. They were, however, all saying the same thing, as if they were one entity.

This was not a quiet sideline observation by myself. I was a part of this reality, and I was immediately in a certain fear and uncertainty. It had dawned upon me that my entire life as I thought it, was nothing but a dream. I tried to search for reality as I knew it, but this existance in this odd flesh world was all I was aware of. My reality was utterly replaced and I could not accept this so easily. As soon as the rest of the existance realized what I was thinking and feeling, they reverberated in a harmonious and almost ghostly but commanding voice that dominated my reality something that meant:'You thought that was real?' and 'I'll show you what real means'. It proceeded to giggle sendng ripples through my world.

I couldn't believe it and tried to turn around so I could see the rest of my room and reality. I began peeling away almsot violently, but not painfully from the rest of the universe. I was literally, a chunk/slice/piece of a giant existance that was LITERALLY, my head. It was if my head were cut into head fries like a potatoe is cut into french fries, and I was one of those fries. We were all, however, still attached. So I tried to get out, and was motivated with a mysterious force I suppose must be willpower.

I was the section of my face just off center from my nose, with the majority of my right eye down to my chin, and I was peeling away from my face, vividly feeling every gentle tear as my flesh detached from the rest of the universe like a slice of an orange coming apart from the whole. My world spun and was consistant, and it seemed to me that this was going to be my life from now on. I went on a quantum tunnel of thought imagining what my purpose would be in such a state and what my thoughts and dreams were. They were too complex and surreal to even comprehend, as if in a language I couldn't understand, but I feel my unconcious took and locked that knowledge away to be later accessed.

As I turned my head further, I looked down at my feet, and I saw the rest of my face as I was coming apart with it. There was a bubble of reality where my face was looking into my room, and it was large enought to fill it height wise. I tried to turn away, at this point there were signs of reality, since I saw my feet and legs, but they were still part of this new existance, and I had to tear away completely. I could see the line where I detached from reality and it made the entire situation crystal clear and amazingly well understood in my head. Until the last moment when I finally turned around 180 degrees and snapped back to reality.

I was so overwhelmed by my experience that all I could say for 5 minutes straight was:'OH MY GOD'. I then realized that I had been screaming at the other fleshy membranes, as if it were one of those locked away memories that I hadn't immediately registered. I was screaming out loud in real life and I thought people might have heard me outside. I briefly heard voices and thought I had disturbed someone. This lasted for maybe 10 seconds and very quickly died down. I collected myself and said oh my god a few more times.

The entire experience, from smoking the second bowl to reverting to relative normalcy, lasted 28 minutes. It was simply as though another reality took place. It was nothing like a lucid dream state. No fog, very clear, very vivid, amazingly complex and almost frightening. I do have to say I did enjoy the experience. Though it was difficult for me to deal with the situation because I felt as though a blind man seeing for the first time or a baby seeing the world for the firs time. I was not really terrified at the idea though, because my reality seemed like a nice one that might've been better than the odd reality we deal with every day. Hehe, no politics when you're a face fry you know :-).

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50202
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 17, 2007Views: 11,784
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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