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Robotic Concentration
Citation:   Johnny Yen. "Robotic Concentration: An Experience with Methcathinone (exp50221)". Mar 21, 2006.

  repeated insufflated Methcathinone (powder / crystals)
General Background: 21 year old male, once an extremely heavy user of psychedelics, particularly research chemicals. Stopped using drugs for a couple of years, after recovering from an opiate/benzodiazepine addiction catalyzed by HPPD/Psychosis (the result of reckless hallucinogen abuse). Recently resumed taking opiates and stimulants extremely sporadically.

I had been feeling antsy all week, and decided that I would indulge in a methamphetamine binge over the weekend. my contact kept delaying, and I was eager to obtain drugs before friday morning (I work strange hours) in order to ensure I was well stocked by friday night. on thursday morning I serendipitously awoke with the telephone number of an old drug dealer in my head. this was curious as I had not called him in about six months and have a bad memory for telephone

I met up with him and bought a gram of methcathinone (I emigrated to south Africa a few years ago, and in contrast to the US/UK, methcathinone is a relatively common substance here, as are methaqualone and 2C-B). I have never previously ingested this substance. I started working (I work from home) soon after buying the drugs, and couldn't help but snort a thin rail of the methcathinone (hereafter referred to as 'cat') - perhaps 20mg in total. I spent the next few minutes sitting at my desk and working - the onset was fairly gradual. I noticed my typing was increasing in speed and I was concentrating with pinpoint accuracy and had a very clear mind. there was not a feeling of euphoria, and no marked libidinal increase (if anything, there was impairment) which are effects that most characterize the mostly-stimulant phenethylamines for me. (note: I write this later that evening and am still very much feeling the effects)

I snorted two more lines, and went out to buy some cold drinks, cigarettes and chewing gum. my teeth were grinding, I was licking my lips, I had a slight temperature - I was high. something unusual I noticed was that I was not smoking very many cigarettes. I usually smokeforty a day, and much more when I am speeding. I would light a cigarette, take a few puffs,place it in an ashtray and then forget about it while immersed in my work (computer programming).I also noticed that I would be sitting in traditionally uncomfortable positions, though I could ignorethe irritating build up of lactic acid in my thighs caused by such postures. intermittently I would notice my shoulder muscles were raised and tense and would consciously relax them, though this is not unheard of when I am sober. another physiological effect I consistently noticed was a greatly amplified sense of smell.

My thought patterns were not significantly affected - I experienced extremely mild paranoia when walking to the 7-11, but I suffer from social anxiety so it is to be expected. when speaking to colleagues on the telephone, I did not emit the hyperactive, prodigiously energetic monologue that I expect from amphetamines. on the contrary, I believe I spoke less than usual, and my comments sometime struck me as sounding stilted, repetitious and perhaps shallowly affected (though that may be attributable to background-paranoia).

After doing another larger line (~40mg), I spent the last few hours of the work day in an intense, zen-like state of robotic concentration, and I accomplished roughly three man-days of work within that time period. I was quite impressed with myself throughout. I felt subsumed by a ruthlessly mechanical systematism, periodically gathering my thoughts and then flawlessly implementing them with faultless short term memory. the lack of both uncharacteristic euphoria or a heightened sense of empathy directly contributed to my unbroken focus. all of the characteristics of the mental-state commonly called 'flow'.

As I finished up with work, I noticed I was mildly dehydrated and my leg muscles were fairly tense, which is to be expected. I was also getting hungry, which indicated that the effects were subsiding. after talking a short walk to the 24-hour store, I returned home and took stock. I decided I would make a night of it, and I divided the remaining 800mg into several massive lines and insufflated them at fifteeen minute intervals.

The burn was significant, and I experienced considerable nausea once or twice as large amounts of the cat slid down my throat, though this was mitigated by chewing flavoured gum and drinking water. what I can garner from the literature indicates that 800mg is a non-inconsiderable amount of this material to snort, though I did not experience a 'rush', but the familiar amphetamine body load was very much present, much more so than previously (wildly tingling scalp, hot/cold flushes, absolutely dripping with sweat.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50221
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 21, 2006Views: 22,379
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