Atypical Psychedelic
by John
Citation:   John. "Atypical Psychedelic: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp50273)". Apr 27, 2008.

T+ 0:00
250 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:30 300 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
I am the type of person that will try just about anything that's new and interesting to me. I asked a friend of mine if he knew of anything that fit the category. He named a few substances, most of which I've had plenty of experience with, but when he said Dramamine I inquired further. The only thing he really said about it was that it gets you messed up. In my opinion that's not the reason to do drugs in the first place. Being that was all that he said, and with my fancy tickled, I asked a few other people if they knew anything about it. Nobody had apparently. I went home and sought information on the web and my questions finally had answers.

I picked up the twelve pack of Dramamine for a few bucks, and later that night I popped one pill just to see if I was allergic. Lucky me, I wasn't! I was in a good mood the whole week for the most part, but I wanted to make sure things didn't go sour beforehand. So I watched some stand-up comics to keep my mind off things. The time now was 11:00PM and I took five pills with some water. I went on the computer for a half hour and at 11:30PM took the rest of the tube (6 pills).

After twenty or so minutes I would look at the carpeting in the other room to see if anything was changing. I didn't know *exactly* what to look for though. Nothing was happening, so I went back to my game. Then, a dim white flash started flashing every few seconds. I thought that was neat and hoped this wouldn't be it. And, it sure wasn't. I looked at a few pictures hanging on the wall (bust shots) and it looked like the face would emerge from the frame itself. Maybe the person will get up and walk right out of the picture? That didn't happen, but it did stay three dimensional the whole experience.

I got very paranoid at this point and turned on a few lights in the adjoining rooms. I sat back down at my computer and stared at the pictures once more. When nothing more happened, I looked down the hallway my computer sits at and looked at a bulletin board with many papers hanging loosely from it. The papers were waving back and forth, as if there were a fan blowing it. I was wondering if I should get up and check to see if the doors were closed but convinced myself everything was fine. It was thirty degrees outside, there was no way they were open with a draft blowing in. I looked into a different room this time and looked at a six foot tree. It was waving violently back and forth like jello, but four feet each way. I was fascinated by this and looked at the bulletin board again. It wasn't moving as fast as the tree so I turned to the tree and then the branches grew *very* long and looked like arms reaching toward me. I didn't want fake long arms grabbing at me so I went back to my computer game for a few minutes.

With the delayed strobing still going on in my vision I was curious to see if anything was still psychedelic. With the bulletin board my focus of attention again, the papers did something weird. They formed themselves into a person, and the person looked like they walked right out of the wall itself, leaving no papers attached to the board. It went behind a corner and vanished. After that the papers returned to waving in the imaginary wind on the bulletin board. Curious to see what the picture frames were up to, the faces were protruding far from the glass which keeps it in place, and then the guy's mouth starts moving! He was trying to tell me something (I think) but I guess I wasn't tripping hard enough to pick up his voice frequency. Seeing a picture moving it's mouth made me paranoid again so I went back to playing my game.

It was 1:00AM at this time. This is when the auditory hallucinations made their mark. People kept calling my name over and over. Scratching noises and mumbling came from closed doors and behind corners. I checked the pictures but they were staying quiet. Looking back at the bulletin board a huge shadow turned into a giant that was hunched over walking toward me through the hall. Since the far part of the hall was dark and the close part was light, when the giant hit the light it disappeared.

At the same time those dreaded bugs crawled under my palms. Since I've only heard about these little buggers (hee hee) and never experienced them myself (not on mushrooms or lsd) I was interested in their appearance. The anti-drug promoters say (and they are always 100% correct, them being the sober ones and never talking on their own experience) that everyone freaks out and rips their skin open to get them out. Not me though. I was glad to have made their aquaintence. Little bubbles of something moving around under my skin is the best description. I could feel that my skin was being pushed up but it really didn't bother me. I've always wanted this to happen for some odd reason, maybe all the talk about it, I'm not sure, and I couldn't have been happier.

2:00PM now and things started toning down. The arms of the tree shrunk and the tree laid still, the windy papers were hushed, the pictures still 3D, I was getting bothered still by the voices. I decided to get off the computer, which I only played for about five minutes, and head up to bed. It seems as if the fake people stayed downstairs because everything was quiet. The flashes of light still lingered though. It was very uncomfortable laying in bed. It took at least an hour of tossing and turning to get to rest.

I would have to say that this experience was all that it should have been for a first timer. I walked to the bathroom during the trip. Walking is weird. It's not a sensation like Salvia Divinorum of forcefully being pulled one way, but it's not a total loss of motor control like on DXM. I would have to say it's like the earth's axis was tilted slightly, and all I had to do to walk along is lean a little the opposite way. My eyes weren't dilated, my face wasn't melting, and I didn't have an aura around me. To other people it would have looked completely normal. After I woke up the next day my eyes were a little glazed/glossy. No headache, no hangover, no adverse reaction at all. I plan on doing it again soon and do a few hundred more milligrams, but I would like to be around people this time.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50273
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 27, 2008Views: 61,528
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : First Times (2), General (1), Alone (16)

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