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Really Good times
Methamphetamine & Ketamine
by Alex
Citation:   Alex. "Really Good times: An Experience with Methamphetamine & Ketamine (exp50440)". May 18, 2010.

T+ 0:00
10 hits smoked Methamphetamine
  T+ 2:00 1 line insufflated Ketamine


Stats: 5'11', 180lbs, healthy body as far as heart and liver goes.

I noticed after my night with K and Meth that there were no entries on it so i decided to change that. I've previously used Coke, oxy, MDMA, and Zolpidem (ambien.) This was my first night trying either K or meth so here we go.

I arrived at my friends place for the evening of dosing. We started smoking some meth around 12AM, was going very well. I found it to be quite like cocaine, but thats me. After it was said and done for the first part of the evening prob took like 10ish hits on it. The effects set in in about 8 minutes slowly peaking around the 2 hour mark id say. At this point we were having a good time. It was kind of like having a lot of energy but not wanting to waste it running a marathon. Wanting to just let it be as it is. Make sense? As far as the complete rush it didnt have the 'ton of bricks' high that MDMA has (which i would rate a 10 on high factor). Meth would be about a 6-7. As with cocaine and other euphoricesque speed rush chems, i was a chatter box. Inhibitions were down and I was telling stuff I have really only told one person before. Still though, it was great, i felt liberated.

So then came the ketamine (K).

About 2 hours into it, now 2AM, we snorted up a dose of K. Im not sure of the dose, didnt ask, they thought they knew whatd be right and i trusted them. Im pretty sure it was a standard dose around 30mg maybe? So the K set in within 5 minutes. Basically, I can describe it as being led up a wonderfull hill by meth, then the scene miraculously changing to a roller coaster and K taking me down the first hill though not a super coaster, more like a top notch middle-school coaster. Its not really a rush like a coaster, just an analogy for pushing me over the top.

More inhibitions flew out the window and to come out and say it, there was sex involved. Please Please PLEASE, just as precaution, even if you arent planning on sexxing it up, take condoms just incase because it did make me not care about that kind of stuff. I did take one so I was okay, however even if i wouldnt have brought one, I wouldnt of stopped the sex. So, probably with either drug, dose prepared for the what-ifs.

I started to come down around 4:30AMish so thats a good 4 hour high, which is pretty much what I expected. Took a shower, felt great. Not as good as an MDMA shower. I think you are seeing a pattern here, its not awesome as MDMA but still damn good.

Another suggestion, I didnt sweat near as much as on MDMA (well i wasnt dancing at a club, so id prob sweat the same had i been dancing) but still sipped a glass of water an hour. As a footnote to that, I found that K or meth or both inhibited my bladder warnings of fullness a little. So Id try peeing every 1hr or so even if I didn't have to. I didnt feel like i had to just now, but i did. a lot.

It is now 6AM as I type this experience up and im still tingly and coming down. It seems to have a similar after glow to MDMA so i also expect a crash tomorrow afternoon. Im not going to sleep because I have work early, so another addition, doesnt make sleeping the easiest thing to do. I do also notice a bit of light-headed spinning/slight loss of balance when i close my eyes. No visuals or anything from the K, maybe in higher dose though.

[edit after proofread] Also, now around 6:10AM...wait thats not much time passage from 6AM. Ok, another addition is id say during the peaking, time goes by faster, afterwards time seems to slow down. Anyway what the edit was originally about, im starting to get some mild to moderate face tingling. Very pleasant though, nothing irritating.[end edit]

More suggestions, take gum to keep you from clinching or chewing on your tongue. Although not as prominent during the peaking, as the clenching is with MDMA, while i am coming down right now, im chewing up a storm.

I cant think of much else. Oh yeah, if you're planning on having sex during, it does, for us guys, give some erection problems. I took half a viagra and had it up for about 45min but it did go away and I didnt reach my 'happy ending.' No regrets though. The high was worth it.

Just a wrap up:

1-CONDOMS even if I dont plan on having sex.
2-Drink water/Pee regularly
3-This combination really worked well for me and would make a great club drug combo.

Play safe everyone! See ya next time

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50440
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 18, 2010Views: 22,267
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Methamphetamine (37), Ketamine (31) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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