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Only the Striped Ones
Citation:   Yossarian. "Only the Striped Ones: An Experience with 2C-I (exp50550)". Apr 11, 2008.

18 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
  5 shots oral Alcohol  
+0 (12:00 AM)

I visited a hopping studio party, buzzed off some lovely liquid liquor, and was already enjoying the dark dance floor punctuated by the swirling multicolored house lights which cast trippy patterns across the slightly decrepid brick walls. My far more social friend started to work the crowd, figure out what was going around. Using his fingers to gesture the word '2-ci', it took me a moment to realize that he had found this magical substance. The cute girl who plied me with this substance was already tripping at this point, so I was quite excited to get my mitts on some.

+2 :(2:00 AM)

I washed the dose down with a bit of vodka and went to go play street fighter on the upper level.

+3 (3:00 AM)

Definatly feeling an exctasy sort of a buzz at this moment, although it is drowned out slightly by the liqour and the fact that I am on paxil and zyprexa. A strange physical excitment, which wells up from the bottom of my stomach and is projected on the area around me. Random conversations with the surrounding locals comes easily to me, and me being in the jolly mood I was, shared over half my bottle with some random mooching girl celebrating her birthday. Silly me ...

+4 (4:00 AM)

Woah. The exctasy buzz is really starting to kick in now. I've had bad experiences with amphetamines in the past, this is somewhat familiar to me and I am starting to experience a panick attack. Immediate evacuation was called for, and my buddy grudgingly agrees. At this point the lights seem to be part of the floor, leaving trails behind as they coast along the wood below me. The fisheye effect is making itself visible at this point, the floor bends slightly in the middle of the room, and the patterns created by the brick walls are fascinating. On the car ride back to my friends parent's house, I have a great conversation with my buddy, or at least it seemed so to me for I was tripping balls at this point.

+5 (5:00)

Having arrived safely at my buddy's house, the visuals began to peak. I attempted to play Team Fortress Classic, but ended up hopping around the game world, admiring the backgrounds, the water, and the general experience of playing an online game with a multitiude of random people. The floor was definatly bending and twisting slightly at this point, the angles of picture frames coming off the wall seemed distorted. Angles in general were off, objects appeared to be smaller and larger than they actually were, and my line of sight to these objects kept changing. I ended up staring at curtains I was sure were moving, but as there was no air flow, it was definatly the 2-ci. At one point patterns began to show up on objects, stripes, which I conveyed to my buddy with much hilarity, propting a comment about 'Only the striped ones' as a smartass comeback to something or another I said. I settled in to watch some adult swim, but kept getting distracted by pictures on the wall which kept enlarging and bending, and by the TV which was doing the same. The walls took on a definate pastel color scheme, which I realized post-trip, believeing them to be the natural colours of the walls. Home Movies was quite possibly the most hilarious show I had ever experienced. Visuals are still going strong, I find myself fixating on various patterns around the room, settling on the curtains as they twisted and rippled in the abscence of wind. I began to sort through some very personal issues which were and still are dogging me, but was able to view them through an unshrouded state of mind, which helped immensely.

+6(6:00 AM)

I'm still getting strong visuals, although they are beginning to taper off at this point. I was able to nap for an hour, then woke up feeling like shit which persisted throughout the next day, mainly from the lack of sleep. The drug tapered off after this point.


2-ci was definatly a good experience all in all, although I have yet to try it without being on paxil. I believe the effects will be stronger and more obvious if I lay off the Republican drugs for a few days, which perhaps will result in another vastly different trip report. The visuals can be compared to those of mushrooms, especially when it comes to spacial relationships. Colors and patterns however, are emphasized much moreso than while tripping on mushrooms.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50550
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 11, 2008Views: 4,708
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2C-I (172) : Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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