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Pulling Me Into a Void of Sensory Overload
Salvia divinorum (21X Extract)
by Dr. Stevensburg
Citation:   Dr. Stevensburg. "Pulling Me Into a Void of Sensory Overload: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (21X Extract) (exp50665)". Jun 18, 2021.

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Let me start by saying that just because somethings legal doesn't mean that it sucks. Saliva kicked the shit out of me. It's no joke. The place were I had my first experience was in my room. This was a bad place to do it because my family were all down stairs and I didn't wont them to know I was about to use a drug. But anyways, I packed a bowl of the 21x and stuck my head out of the window and take as large of a hit as I could, and held it in as long as possible. By the time I pulled my self back into the room and close the window, I was immediately thrown into the trip.

It's not so much that salvia makes fell like I'm seeing anything at all. It seems to do mostly with the sense of feeling. The best way I can describe it is making me think that something's there. Not think that I see something there there's a's like I'm seeing with feeling. Its so intense that it fully convinces me that its true. It also cuts down my rational thinking and quickly sends me into panic.

After the trip began my body had a feeling of an external wave of energy that snuck me and mixed and malformed with me. I could even hear it. It sounded like pilling a large amount of tape off a something flat. I could even fill it as if my body had a thick tape-like substance running all through it and around it pulling away from something else. Another thing I've noticed is something people refer to as the edging, Which is the felling off something scrapping against something else. And I can fill both of them. In my opinion, and this goes for a lot of other psychedelics, is that everything I think is happening is what I feel. I can't feel my arm or any other part of my body my brain tries to focus on the way I normally do. For example, if I think a dog is behind me, then I can fill the dog, but its more like I'm looking at it through my imagination rather then really seeing it as I stated earlier. Yet this filling with salvia is like this but warped. Its like their is no such thing as one object by its self like its usually seen. Every object is connected in some way to each other like its binded together.

Also I had no control over my body and I felt like I was floating along the ground slowly toward my door. I tried my best to pull away and just sit still but it was no use it was pulling me into the overwhelming and inescapable void. At the time of my irrational state I completely forgot that I had even smoked salvia, and I didn't know if I would ever come back to normal. This is what made me panic. I then managed to open my door. Right next to my door is the stair case and it has an assortment of bars going down the side of it like any other stair case. As I came out of my door it seemed exactly like I was turning into a gear and each grove of the gear would go into place in between each bar, and as I went down the stairs I would turn fitting into each space.

Now keep in mind all of my family was down stairs and if they had seen me in this condition I probably would have looked really psychotic. Luckily they were all in the back room and by this time I had started to come back to my senses (a little bit). It was really strange because I didn't know if it was all just an out of body experience, which is very much what it felt like, or if I was still upstairs laying by the door or something. I'd say I walked around for 10 minutes filling and looking closely at objects for recognition before I finally realized I was really there. I guess that was all part of the irrational thinking. Because I know if I had felt the way I felt then but was still able to think rationally I would have known that I was there for sure, and I think that is just another part of the hallucinatory episode produced by salvia, or any other psychedelic for that matter. I wish I had done it in abetter place and with a sitter, I think this would have improved many aspects of the experience.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 50665
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 18, 2021Views: 218
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