Introduction to *FUN*
by EntropyRising
Citation:   EntropyRising. "Introduction to *FUN*: An Experience with LSD (exp50818)". Dec 17, 2018.

4 hits sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


Introduction to LSD *FUN*

I found it easier to list all I did, then sum up with my mindset etc at the end.

I had gone out to the bar with some friends and upon returning grew rather bored. I had been wanting to try LSD for some time now and a friend had gifted me with about 16 hits of blotter a few days before. Now I didn't know what a standard dose of blotter looked like *it was all in one strip* and I figured I might be alone for my trip so I asked a pal to deal me out what he thought would be a very light dose. He cut roughly four hits off of the strip and I placed them under my tongue at about 2:45am. I then started playing Madden 2k5 with a friend.

The drug took maybe 45 minutes before I noticed an effect after which I swallowed the blotter. I felt a mild euphoria and grinned alot. Madden became more and more difficult to play. I began experiencing interesting visuals, but nothing overpowering (objects shifting very slightly, things taking on a 'glow'). AFter what seemed like a very long time *but in retrospect was likely only 15 minutes or so* I became convinced that because of the low dose this would be the extent of my trip. *The day before one of my friends who'd never tripped before took 8 squares with the guy that gave them to me and thought this was a good beginning dose. I am now glad I started with 4!* I wasn't dissapointed and resolved to try a higher dose the next time I was with my friends.

This feeling went on for probably another 15 minutes before I began to experience more powerful hallucinations. I could no longer play madden as the floor kept distracting me with it's movement, patterns, etc. At this point I bid the only guy still awake goodnight and went back to my apartment. Upon entering the hall I saw an array of rainbows being cast from the hall lights and clearly remembering saying to myself, 'This fucking rocks!'. I believe I may have stayed in the hall staring at the pretties for quite awhile though I'm not sure. I went into my apartment feeling just a little bit nervous about tripping for my first time alone. However I felt confident in my ability to keep myself level and began to play guitar. Or attempt to play guitar. I found my fingers reacted very sluggishly and could play nothing even remotely complex. After giving this up with some reluctance *I REALLY wanted to play, had some great ideas just couldn't get 'em out* I caught sight of myself in the mirror. Things were a little bit wierd here as I was able to change the way my face looked by consentrating on it. I made the images of an old man, satan and an alien appear. I noticed also a hypersensitivity to my appearence. I noticed every pore, every whisker, every fault with my face. I remember thinking to myself that I should never break up w/my girl because I'm an ugly fuck and how the hell could she stand sleeping with me? This caused me to want to shave. >8D I found this difficult because I kept getting distracted by shit. I then took a shower and the tactile sensations of the water hitting me became very unbearable. I also spooked myself a bit when I caught my reflection in the faucet.

After this is when the trip starting going...not bad per se, but not totally enjoyable. I attribute this to my being alone, bored and tired. Wasn't panicky or scared or anything, I'd just run out of ideas and was kinda lonely. I began to think that this was, while an interesting drug, a sterile one. I felt 2-dimensional and like I'd lost my connection with earth/life/nature/etc. Really all those things wrapped into a word I don't think exists. I believed this to be the case because it is a man made chemical and thus unnatural. Music was going through my head and for a split second I saw in the swinging blinds a pendulum composed of spinning sawblades mowing through a field of corpses. I thought this was really cool, logged it in my thoughts and then continued my introspection. Time stretched and I wallowed in bed for awhile. I kept seeing in my head a really cool purple cloud that said LSD. I tasted purple. I STILL can taste purple though it is like the memory of a dream. Again this wasn't so much enjoyable as it was interesting. I wanted my trip to end, wanted to go to sleep. I stopped hallucinating to any strong degree at about 7:30-8am. I watched the news and felt an intense loathing at the fakeness of the program. They would giggle and fake laughter about a parade of santa's, then turn somber and dark to talk about a soldiers death, then happy again as a kitten got adopted. At 9am my trip had stopped completely though I still felt a bit...funny. Went next door to my friends and banged on the door yelling 'Dude! I need to talk to a human, man! A HUMAN!' For the next several hours I was a bit overheated and felt a kind of sizzling/popping sensation. Felt good though. I forced down some chinese food later though I wasn't at all hungry and felt totally normal at around 4pm.

I would like to note that though I had caught a buzz at the bar I was totally sober by the time I dosed. I went into this with physical and mental acceptance and eagerness. I was very confident and in positive state of mind. I did not go into this expecting spiritual revelation and I think because of this, recieved none. I looked at it more like a science experiment. And one I will try again. I was never really scared, though sometimes I would spook myself with my reflection and wander off to do something else before coming back to play in the mirror. I never once during my trip regretting taking acid and look forward to doing it again soon. I've also found that while writing this account I have been able to better understand some of the things I was feeling/thinking at the time of my trip. Also, I THOROUGHLY researched the physical and mental effects of LSD. I read trip reports, both good and bad. I read about how people coped with a bad trip and how they, with positive thinking, were still able to turn their trip into a positive experience. Simply put I was well prepared. With that in mind, I hope this account has been useful to anyone considering tripping for the first time. The next time I trip I will be with friends and hopefully do it during the day. Yup, can't wait!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 50818
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 17, 2018Views: 728
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