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A Good Sleep Aid Combination
Clonazepam & Diphenhydramine
Citation:   Master Hacker. "A Good Sleep Aid Combination: An Experience with Clonazepam & Diphenhydramine (exp51219)". Jan 24, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00 50 mg oral Diphenhydramine  
  T+ 1:00 50 mg oral Diphenhydramine  
I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night, and really need to talk to my doctor about it. If I don't take something to help me sleep, it can take me at least 2 hours to fall asleep, and even then my sleep was broken.

Recently, I was prescribed .25mg of Klonopin every 12 hours as needed for stress and anxiety. I'm a big guy, and have a natural tolerance to benzos, so I need to take at least 1mg to relax (screw the doctor's orders). I also normally take between 50 to 100mg or either Benadryl or Vistaril to help me sleep. One night, I decided to see if combining Benadryl and Klonopin would help me get a good night sleep. Here's what happened:

T+ 0:00- I took 1mg of Klonopin and 50mg of Benadryl with a full glass of water. I chewed up the Klonopin well to help it digest.

T+ 0:15- I started to feel the Klonopin take effect. It's a very relaxing and chilled out feeling.

T+ 0:30- The Klonopin is at full effect, and now the Benadryl is starting to do its thing. I am feeling super relaxed, the Benadrly is defiantly increasing the effects of the Klonopin.

T+ 0:45- Every muscle in my body is relaxed. I'm surfing the net without a care in the world. My normally racing mind is void of thought.
My normally racing mind is void of thought.
I think I may go to bed soon.

T+ 1:00- I turned off my computer and got ready for bed. I am very slowed down at this point. I decide to take another 50mg of Benadryl just for good measure.

T+ 1:15- I lay down in bed with my wife. I feel more relaxed than I've been in months. It's almost as relaxing as a joint of good weed, except my mind is not racing.

T+ 1:30- I am out cold. This is the fastest I've ever fallen asleep without drinking or taking painkillers. I sleep 9 hours, only getting up once to use the bathroom. I wake up feeling refreshed and free of anxiety.

All in all I had a good experience, and will do this again until I can ask my doctor for a real sleep aid like Trazadone or Ambien. The Klonorin and Benadryl seemed to work great together and made me more relaxed than either would have done on their own. The only reason I felt comfortable combining these two substances was because I've been taking Klonopin for months now, and I know the dosage that is right for me.

Good luck, and be always be careful with any kind of Benzo.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51219
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 24, 2018Views: 8,027
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Diphenhydramine (109), Pharms - Clonazepam (125) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Medical Use (47), Combinations (3), General (1)

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