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My Finest Hour
2C-T-7, Alprazolam (Xanax) & Ketamine
Citation:   Anonymous. "My Finest Hour: An Experience with 2C-T-7, Alprazolam (Xanax) & Ketamine (exp5133)". Jan 11, 2002.

T+ 0:00
32 mg oral 2C-T-7 (liquid)
  T+ 5:15 0.5 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 6:30 65 mg IM Ketamine (liquid)
I do not feel that it would be fair to the world not to sit down and do my best to try and try to convey to you all the impact my chemical experimentation had on me this past Saturday evening. I am not big on misusing superlatives, so take my word when I tell you that this was my greatest trip of all time – my zenith, my rebirth, my apex… the literal pinnacle of all my drug experiences. I don’t say all this because I felt that I was “Mind fucked”, or somehow disoriented beyond control – but because of the revelations and utter harmonic beauty the combo allowed me to experience.

10:00 pm – I decide to ingest 32 mg of 2ct7 dissolved in 32ml of distilled H2O. I have tripped off of 2ct7 before in the past and have been somewhat disappointed that I didn’t trip very hard off of lower doses. If you know me at all, then you know how patient I am in titrating up my doses with a new drug. I have spent many months now gradually increasing my Ketamine dose to fully experience its spectrum of effect. So in true form, I have been doing the same with 2ct7. The liquid goes down my throat by means of a giant 200ml syringe (no needle attached, of course!) yum… Chemicaliscious!!!

11:00 pm – ooh… feeling a bit of a tingle! Not anywheres near tripping but that uncanny feeling that something is happening.

11:45 pm – MY concentration and manual dexterity is phenomenal. I can see better and clearer than ever. I can hear things clearer, and farther away then ever! I walk into my room and can distinctly hear the sound of my speakers “Humming” in their off state. I never hear this normally. I also hear the people in the floor above and below us... WOW. I feel superhuman.

12:30 – I am starting to trip. Wow, the 2ct7 is really taking a long time to come up! I feel light on my feet, slightly woozy. My pool game is no longer dominating! We are watching Saturday Night Live and I am laughing my ass off. Although I am very into the humor, I find some things to be very profound and start to think deep thoughts – this causes my housemates (and myself) to laugh at me!

1:00 am – Whoa… Visuals! The carpet is moving! It is doing a combination of things – I first notice it is swaying like a pool of water might if you jiggled the walls of the pool. A very typical psychedelic movement. I also start seeing wonderfully ornate and complex patterns arising out of the carpet… much like quilting is raised in a blanket.

2:00 am – Ok… I am now thoroughly entertained by the carpet! I am amazed at the absolutely gorgeous and complex patterns that my mind is creating before me. I stare at it for a half an hour at least – I see vine patterns growing across my carpet, changing into geometrical patterns, sometimes leaves. I look up at my wall and see my framed movie poster of “Leon”, the French version of “The Professional” starting to melt and sway within itself – very similar to the way gasoline looks as it moves on the surface of water. I am sooo happy with myself!!! I am certainly euphoric, and feel supremely powerful – I can “Control” my visuals – they now manifest on my command!

3:00 am – Fuck! I am still climbing!!! I am now almost overly euphoric! Colors are now more profound and intense then I have ever experienced in my life!!! The deep blues, magenta, orange-ish reds, purple, greens… absolutely wonderful. I am super energetic and my foot is tapping away on the ground. I start listening to some live Paul Van Dyk sets on my Winamp player and realize that music is now 100X better then it ever is! I hear every little sound in its full clarity!!! The trance is moving my spirit profoundly, much like it did last night at [a live music event]! I start to feel a bit anxious… I pull out a 2mg Zanax pill and break it into 4ths just in case. I have no nausea… this is an awesome trip!!

3:15 am – Ok, very anxious! I decide that the Xanax is needed as my trip is STILL climbing! Down the hatch with .5 mg.

3:45 am – good call with the Xanax! Anxiety is dramatically reduced and now I am seriously enjoying all of what 2ct7 is offering me. My monitor is moving like water, and now even my keyboard is getting “Wavy”. I am still able to type fairly well, and I am actually surprisingly eloquent! I am sooo happy with myself at this point!!! I think about my life and how fortunate I am with my career, friends, family, etc. I see little random sparks of light in my peripheral vision, and my walls have taken on many a different wonderful colors from moment to moment. I even go into the bathroom and am captivated by my own reflection – my face distorts ever so slightly, and I make a mental note that I am particularly handsome when I trip! The world is a great place! I want so badly to go outside and experience nature, but it is colder than a witch’s tit, and I am still very entertained in my room on

4:15 am - Still good and high!!! I wash my hands in warm water in the sink, and the sensation is like heaven. I decide to watch one of my Winamp visualizations called “Gforce'...this blew me away. The movements, the colors – it is an amazing program alone, and I consider it essential to my Ketamine trips, but now it is being augmented by the 2ct7 in a purely divine fashion! Hmmm…. I think I have an idea!

4:30 am – I retrieve a 1cc syringe, alcohol pad, and my vial of Ketamine. I ask myself one last time if I am sure I want to do this, and I think it through carefully. Yes! I want to so badly… to go to that place, “K-land” in this state…. I MUST!!! I draw up 65mg worth of the 100mg/ml solution and inject intramuscularly into my right tricep. I normally top out at 95mg, but felt that for right now this is more than an adequate dose… and I am correct! I quickly scramble to put on my headphones, turn off all lights, and wrap myself in a warm blanket before the Ketamine starts to kick in. I sit comfortably about 2 feet from my big ass monitor and maximize the visualization so that it is the only thing on my screen.

4:36 am – Aaaaaaah… K waves pulse through my body! The feelings I know so well and love so dearly are coming on…. I see nothing but the screen in the darkness, and hear nothing but this beautiful melodic trance!

4:45 am (I guess) - The screen grows bigger, bigger, and bigger in front of me as it always does and I begin to leave my body. The sensation is so real, so genuine! I am no longer in my room and am sincerely in some sort of auditorium now where my monitor is a giant movie screen. I am aware of people sitting around me, but am not bothered. The Ketamine takes me deeper, still! The visualization has captivated every ounce of my being… I am one with the swirling designs; I am truly flying in space with these colors!!! I have entered the visualization as legitimately as my mind can fathom. I am no longer on earth, I no longer remember what earth is. My name is nothing, my life is nothing, my previous world… NOTHING! All that is, is this K world. The Ketamine and 2ct7 are passionately in love with each other and are cradling me in their arms like 2 parents holding their newborn child. I am part of their world as much as it is humanly possibly – no, MORE so!!! I am 100% unaware of my human body. The colors are like nothing I have ever seen, or can ever explain… I am truly flying with them…. I am, in truth, sailing through space.

Again, the colors and the music have profoundly moved me beyond anything I have ever experienced. I am filled with the greatest sense of joy… I have never experienced anything like this before, ever… EVER!

My heart is absolutely beaming, overflowing… emotional wounds and scars are healing.

I suddenly realize that I have had tears streaming down my face for some time now. I have been crying profusely out of pure joy like a child. I have been reborn into “Our” world in every sense of the phrase. To say that I am emotionally overwhelmed is the greatest understatement of all time. I am humbled, beyond description.

5:30 am – the Ketamine has worn off and all that is left is the residual numbness in my limbs and fuzziness in my mind. Crossing over from one universe to another does a job on you! I am still tripping, actually. I am now trying to disseminate, interpret, and come to grips with my experience. I have so, so much to contemplate!

Sometime after 6am. - I have the peace that only comes from a good long cry, I remember this feeling from when I was a child. I feel so wonderful, so healthy, so cleansed. I retire to my bed and sleep like a baby – I don’t wake up until 3 pm the next day.

So that is it. For those of you who know me, the above experience is augmented when you understand my personality. I am not a sappy, PLURY person - nor have I cried anytime that I can remember since childhood. This was such a unique experience for me in ways words just cannot express. Will I do this again? Yes, but not anytime soon. I will hold this experience as close and dear to my heart as any other truly wonderful one. I refuse to cheapen it by trying to reproduce it in the near future for “Shits and giggles”.

I am moving on to other forms of chemical experimentation after this: (i.e. LSD, possibly DMT) but will always know that if I need this experience again someday, it will be there waiting for me again.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5133
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 11, 2002Views: 4,161
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2C-T-7 (54), Ketamine (31) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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