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Testing Kit Mishap
Ecstasy (DXM ?)
by ZvEEk
Citation:   ZvEEk. "Testing Kit Mishap: An Experience with Ecstasy (DXM ?) (exp5153)". Dec 16, 2001.

T+ 0:00
  oral Vitamins / Supplements (liquid)
  T+ 1:30 1 tablet oral MDMA  


As a regular user of E I have become fairly scientific about the expirience. On this particular occasion, I had preloaded with 200mg of 5-htp, 1000 mg of vitamin C, 500 mg of Magnesium, 400 mg of L-Tyrosine, and 2 g of L-Glutamine. The first three I take to help protect the brain from permanant damage. The L-T and L-G are to enhance the trip. I mixed the preload into 8 oz of water, taken on a fairly empty stomach. (Be careful, this can really upset the stomach). I began preloading after being yelled at by a friend that I was going to damage my brain. I had also read that L-T and L-G could enhance the high. L-T tends to make it speedier, and L-G enhances the dissaciociativeness. I drank the concoction over a period of an hour, aproximately 1.5 hours before taking the pill.

As a fairly responsible user, I usually only buy from people I trust, but on this occasion had not been able to get anything. So, not wanting to get a bad pill, I brought an Ecstasy testing kit with me to the rave I was heading to. When I arrived at the rave, I spent a while looking around at the venue, which was really well decorated and perfectly laid out. It had maze-like hallways leading to 4 different rooms, each with its own lineup. In addition there were 3 or 4 chill rooms with big comfy cushions, couches, and glowing decorations. I broke open my glowsticks, and joined the dancing. After dancing for half an hour or so, I decided to find a pill. I soon found a seller. I bought a pill, asking if I could test it first. No problem. I, rather stupidly, balanced a plastic lid on my knee, scraped the pill, and dropped a few drops of the testing liquid (mostly Hcl) onto the scraping. Someone chose that moment to walk by and stumble into my arm... bumping the lid off my knee (where it should never have been!) The acid spilled on my hand and leg. Instantly it began burning my skin, and melted off my fingernail polish. I huridly threw a $20 at the dealer, pocketed the pill, and ran for the bathroom. I held my hand under the water for a good 5 minutes, hoping to wash off all the acid. My finger was bright red and stinging like a bee had stung a fresh burn. Someone asked if I was alright and suggested putting lavender oil on the burn (which she had with her) I soaked a kleenex in the oil and held it on my finger.

Remembering what I was in the process of doing, I took out the lid, and noticed that the substance was completely black. This was a good indication... the color it was supposed to turn. However, not really thinking, as I had been distracted by the burn, I overlooked the fact that if the scraping doesn't change color in the first 10 seconds, but does change black, it can indicate DXM, not Ecstacy. I was soon to find out all too well my mistake. (I also later found out from others, that it indeed had been laced with DXM).

I took the pill and went to dance. At about T +30 min I began to feel slightly off-kilter... as if I were dancing in a thick fog. The lazers captured my eyes, and I couldn't take my gaze away. I was surrounded by the magic of the light and how it seemed to encapsulate my body and lift it slightly off the floor. I was just beginning to feel a little stirring of nausea. As the effects grew more intense, the music suddenly stopped. Cries of 'hey, what the hell?' and a miriad of negative response arose from the crowd. The lights came up. And as I blinked rapidy, my eyes stung by the light, I saw a line of dark forms come across the stage and surround the room. COPS. Not what I wanted to see. The threw us all out, being very rude. I saw one officer push a girl through the doorway. They herded us out like a bunch of animals. The person I was with was frying on 3 good quality hits of LSD, and was getting rather paranoid about the cops. I lost most of the feeling I had had, and it was replaced by an ominous cloud. I was slightly paranoid, but I guess the pill had enough ecstasy in it, that i was still feeling happy, upbeat, despite the situation. I found myslef speaking to the cops, telling them to chill out, that we were moving as fast as we could through the tight corridors.

The night air hit my like a brick. It was about 40-45 degrees outside. I was sweaty from dancing, so I wasn't very cold, but the air seemed to suck the breath out of me. As we neared the car, we saw that it was blocked in by several fire trucks and we couldn't move anywhere. My friend went up to one of trucks asking if they could move. He gave a suggetion, and my friend, trying to be rational and think clearly, tried to execute the plan. However, he missed the crucial step, that he had to wait untill the car behind us was gone. I kept having to remind him. While waiting we vented our frustrations to others who were standing nearby. At this point, I was really beginning to feel strange. I had the ecstasy-like heightened senses, but I had this deep-seated feeling that I can only describe as a feeling that something wasn't right. Givin the circumstances it wasn't surprising. My stomach was in knots. We heard talk of meeting up at a McDonalds that was nearby, and decided to do so. When we finally were able to leave, we drove away. I was extremely angry at the police for breaking up the party. But it was not simply because they ruined the good vibes. They intentionally and knowingly placed about 2500 people, most of which were on one drug or another, into their cars and forced them to drive away. I will never forgive them for sending so many young people out on the streets in a state that is NOT conducive to driving.

We quickly found the McDonalds and parked in the last space available in the large lot. Several people had stereos on and were blasting some good trance. I began to dance with my glowsticks, enjoying the continuation of the party. I then ranted about the fact the police had put us on the streets. I began to realize that there were ambulances everywhere. I thought i was tripping, so I asked someone else, have there been a lot of ambulances going by? It was not me tripping. In the half an hour to 45 min. we were in the lot, I saw more than 10 ambulances go screaming past. I can only assume some of these were my fellow ravers. It made me angry, upset, and overly empathetic. I realized about this same time (T +1) that all the lights around me were swirling around. I couldn't keep my gaze steady. I was leaning on someone's shoulder, who i thought was the friend i had come with, my gaze focused on a street light that was jumping up and down. I glanced up, about to say something, when i realized it was not my friend. It was one of the guys we had just met in the parking lot. He made some comment about me being really really warm as I walked away. Indeed, i realized, I was really really hot. Which seemed strange considering I was sparsely dressed and it was cold outside... I could see my breath.

About then, we all noticed (how could we not) a helicopter circling the lot, soon followed by the order to disperse. We hurridly gave directions to the guys we had met in the lot, inviting them over to my friend's house, and drove away. The drive was extremely scary. I knew my friend was frying his ass off, though he assured me he had drivin in worse states. He told me later that the cars were moving all over the place. The windshield was dirty, it was foggy, and there were a lot of other messed up people on the road. One, who couldn't seem to stay in a straight line, almost merged on top of us. I felt as if I were rolling hard. But something else was there too. My visuals were intense... the reflectors that marked the lanes on the road were sending beams of light through the air. Every neon sign i saw, came off its pole and entered the car, impaling my dilated pupils. In order to try to ignore my fear of the drive, which was quite intense, I began to wave my glowsticks in front of my face. I was captivated by their light. The colors swirled together and formed a tunnel of light in which I felt I was swimming. Suddenly I looked up and we were almost home. Twenty minutes had passed in seconds, as I was so enraptured with the light.

I stumbled akwordly, leaning heavily on my friend as we walked to his door. We were elated, amazed that we had made it home safely, and hoped that our new friends would do the same. I was still feeling slightly off, but had the usual touchy feely desires of E. My friend and laid together exchanging backrubs while we waited for our guests. As it turned out, about an hour went by. One guy finally showed up, the other having decided to call it a night. We threw on some dark trance and began to dance, glowsticking like crazy, having a great time. Our new friend decided to give me a light show. The lights once again enraptured me. I was wrapped in light. I was consumed by the light... the light began to fill my world and take it over. I began to feel nauseated and chilled and the light was pounding into my eyes. He brought the lights very quickly in towards my face, and i felt them peirce my eyeballs. I fell over onto the couch. The chills got worse and worse... and I was shaking and couldn't stop. My friend came over to warm me up and was surpised by my heat. I was burning up. I don't know what my tempeture was but he guessed it was around 104. I was baked in sweat... but all I felt was cold.

After drinking water, knowing I needed to, but feeling as though the water froze my insides, they helped me upstairs and into bed. I began to feel suddenly very very warm. I was burning up. My insides were on fire and my stomach was burning and churning around like a squirrel was doing jumping jacks inside of it. I knew something was wrong. I am usually sensitive to tempeture on E, but this was extreme. I couldn't take the heat, and then it once again turned to cold. I was shivering violently. They left me alone for awhile, hoping I would sleep it off. My mind was blank, but my eyes were still seeing lights. I kept seeing our car sliding around the roadway, the lights engulfing me, and suddenly we were on top of the light, and we were crashing... I was thinking of all the things that could have happened on the drive home. I was paranoid and scared. As I lay there, I began to realize that I wasn't breathing normally. I was only able to take a small, shallow, and raspy breath about once every 45 seconds or so. I began to see black dots dance accross my vision. But at the time I found this funny. I began to see the humor of the situation and almost giggled. I thought about how much easier it was to simply NOT breath... and it enhanced the pretty lights... After a few minutes, I realized that this was not such a good thing, and focused on breathing... I sat up, trying to open the passageways to my lungs.

My friend chose that moment to check on me, bringing more water. He was feeling fairly normal by this point, his peak quickly fading. I told him what I was feeling and he, with a great look of concern, handed me the water. Once again the liquid slid down my throat. It froze my mouth and felt like a cold snake sliding down down towards my stomach. But this time, instead of giving me chills, it woke up my mind like lightning. I was very suddenly aware of the lack of light. I was coming down hard. My stomach was now tied in steel knots. After lying there for several more hours, painfully aware of my stomach, my head feeling like it was floating above my body, I fell asleep. I awoke violently ill, feeling as though I needed to vomit. I could only dry heave and sit there on the toilet feeling as tho a freight train had derailed into my body. I was aching. I downed some pepto bismol, and that seemed to help, but I remained feeling sick for 3 days. I was unable to eat until 12 or 14 hours later, when i forced myslef to consume a small amount of pasta. My stomach remained unsettled every time I ate throughout those next three days.

I learned quite a lesson from the night. One, never balance something corrosive on your knee at a crowded event. Two, watch closely, and be aware that even using a testing kit is not infalliable. Having DanceSafe test your pill is highly preferable as they have a stable area and usually light of some sort to analyze the reaction. (I knew DanceSafe had not been invited to this particular rave, thus the reason I had risked it). Three, I was given a great appreciation of my life. Having made it home when my friend was not in any condition to drive, I realized how stupid I had been on occasions when I had chosen to drive while rolling. Being forced to drive is one thing, choosing to risk your own life and the lives of others on the streets is quite another.

Curiously, the overall event was fairly positive. I had a great time in the short amount of time before the rave was broken up, I met several very cool people, and I despite my fear on the drive home, the light show had been fantastic. The negative effects, though extremely unpleasant, and rather disturbing, especially in retrospect, have instilled in me a healthy dose of caution. I realize now that not breathing is not funny. And because of my situation I am now much more attuned to those around me who may be having a bad trip.

The next weekend, in order to overcome what i feared would be a lingering paranoia, I prearanged to buy a good quality dose. I preloaded as usual and enjoyed a very intense, very characteristic ecstasy filled roll. I postloaded with 5htp, a multi-vitamin, vit. C, and magnesium, and felt no lingering after effects, and had no stomach unease at all.

The moral of the story: always buy from someone you trust, and always have your pills tested (or safely test your own). Be aware though, that even testing cannot assure purity.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5153
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 16, 2001Views: 34,048
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