Finding The Future
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
Citation:   Aaron. "Finding The Future: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp51608)". Oct 6, 2007.

250 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)
I've been familiar with psychoactive drugs since the age of thirteen; when I tried Mushrooms for the first time. A couple weeks ago I decided to give marijuana a break and look into experimenting with a substance I haven't yet approached. After a lot of research via local library and various websites, I decided that both DMT and Morning Glory would be perfect candidates. Further research into synthesis and extraction methods settled my choice for Morning Glory, mainly due to a lack of funding, plus a friend swayed me to wait until the summer to engage in a DMT experience with him and a couple of other friends.

So now I had to try and find the flower’s seed, which I hadn’t expected to be as easy as going to the grocery store five minutes from my apartment and picking it from the rack, it was. There wasn’t any labeling on the pack to inform of the package’s content (approximate weight or amount of seeds) so to be safe I bought five small pouches. I went home and counted out two packages to find out each contained exactly fifty seeds. Most of the experiences I had read dealt with 200 seeds or less, so I figured I’d play it safe and stick with what the good books said.

I put the seeds in my “coffee”-grinder and grounded it till it was a fine powder and small remnants of the seeds. I then followed this method of extraction:

-Place 200 ground seeds at bottom of glass

-Add 8oz (a bit less than 240mg) of COLD water

-Stir well and let it settle for 45-60minutes

-Drink the water (I suggest you do it slowly – I didn’t)

-Take the remainder of mush from the bottom of the glass and eat it. On the internet it suggested to mix it with something like yoghurt to make it easier, but I also read that you need to chew the seeds for a while before swallowing, so I figured to not waste time with that junk and just eat it mouthful at a time, chewing the seeds for just over a minute each time.

In all my research I had forgotten to look into how long it takes to activate, I usually don’t forget such a thing, and figured I’d be fine for an hour. A friend stopped by just as I had finished the last mouthful, I explained to him what I had done and with excitement he suggested going to the mall (I hate malls) for a short bit with him to pick something up and then go smoke a joint. I agreed to go with him and figured I might want some weed once it kicked in, or to aide it in beginning. After an hour or so I began to feel quite nauseous and went to the bathroom several times to see if I had to vomit or not; I didn’t.

After a few hours from originally taking it we were driving towards his house when it started to take more effect than just being sick. The sunset wasn’t an actual sunset, no, the sun was exploding in the horizon and the trees were catching the flames in shades of red and pink. It wasn’t so much a visual effect as it was just my mind telling me what it wanted to see. The euphoria I usually experienced as the first plateau from other psychedelics, mushrooms mainly, was full-onset. I was more excited at this point and looking forward for it to take more effect. After another hour of this feeling I stopped by my house, ground up the remaining pack of seeds and poured it into my mouth and chewed for the entire ride to my friend’s house.

I had to ask him to pull over at one point, the nausea again, and I went to a side road to vomit. Though I didn’t realize I was vomiting, I was told it looked pretty gruesome and painful. I got back in the car and drank a bit of doctor pepper, to let the carbon help settle my stomach. We carried on to his house and the MG began to progressively take on more and more effect.

I hung out at my friend’s house for a bit and watched a hockey game (I usually hate hockey, but the violence made me appreciate my friendship’s even more; plus one of my friends gave me a dinky keyboard to mess with (my career is based on piano). Eventually I had to throw up again, and this time while throwing up it felt as though a huge entity embraced me and whispered into my head “this is it, don’t fall into the toilet and I’ll show you something cool”. Other than my one friend, no one knew I was under the influence of MG. I was embarrassed when I got out of the bathroom, after being in so long the others thought I had come over and stunk up their bathroom with something nasty (I explained that I didn’t and was just throwing up from probably being dehydrated), I asked for a ride home and decided to spend the rest of my trip meditating with some Do Make Say Think and Autechre to back me up.

I talked to a couple of friends trying to explain the experience as of yet (via MSN) to no justice, as my typing skills had disappeared and were replaced with random gibberish (i.e. “Bondable flee collars at half price – wouldn’t you?” and “I need to go sit under my desk, I think there’s a chord (*not cord) under there.

At this point it was a full-on acid-resembling trip, the swirls of paint on my ceiling began to splash and the sound of my teeth clacking made me laugh (window was open). I went to my room with headphones and sat in the dark to begin meditating. Upon closing my eyes and beginning to calm myself and control my breath I was suddenly approached by myself. I thought my eyes were open, but they were closed. I didn’t like it at first, seeing myself, so I tried to close my eyes, which led to me opening them instead. I had feared for a moment that I killed myself so “opened” my eyes again to, low-and-behold, see myself standing there waiting patiently for me to acknowledge myself.

From this point on I’ll refer to the hallucination of myself as “Everything”, being myself I saw – an embodiment of all that I was – it only seems logical.

Everything looked me in the eye and said something similar to (I can’t remember the exact way he phrased it, but same words): “Without the past, now wouldn’t be; accept who are and you’ll free”. Yes, it did rhyme.

I meditated on that notion for a while and dissected it. Everything patiently waited until I had accepted what was said, and went on to say: “You have found yourself, and look, it is me. I’ve been here all along; I don’t know who you were trying to find.” With that he sat in the same way I was sitting and we listened to the music together.

Eventually Everything was replaced by spirals and jagged spheres/prisms that funneled away from me. I knew at this point anything meaningful from the experience had been gained and I could now relax and feel good with myself. The effect was similar to when I had once snorted three pills of ecstasy (red with a cherry); I was exhilarated and burrowed into my blankets. That night I was overwhelmed by the longest and most profound lucid dream I had yet experienced. I’m thinking it might have been from the excess Serotonin that was still in my brain upon falling asleep. I was at a gig with one of my bands drinking rye from a methadone bottle (like a small plastic flask, for those who don’t know) and began playing. I woke up at 3am (had went to bed around 11:30pm, having taken the first batch at 7pm) still in a comforted haze. I went on to try and write down what music ideas I had played at the gig, with partial success. I’ve since recorded the song (just today actually) and it’s nothing like the previous 274 songs I had recorded in the past years.

Overall I’d say that this experience was similar to DXM mixed with the comfort of ecstasy and LSD – I guess that’s why they call it liquid LSD? I’d only recommend this drug to people who have had past experience with psychoactive drugs and know what to expect; it’s most definitely NOT a first-time psychedelic trip choice.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51608
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 6, 2007Views: 12,490
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