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A Cool New Way
LSD & Opium
Citation:   Axegrinder#9. "A Cool New Way: An Experience with LSD & Opium (exp51629)". Jun 24, 2008.

2 drops oral LSD (liquid)
    smoked Opium (tar / resin)
I'm writing this to tell you about one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, which took place yesterday when I tripped for the first time on LSD. It was a very memorable evening, and one that I will never forget, it was like a series of moments, thoughts, free of our human constructs and prior experiences. It was a series of streams of consciousness, elevating themselves onto a plane far higher than our normal mind or ego would allow.

It's difficult where to begin, so I'll start off with the routine details. I have been interested in doing LSD ever since I really got into the whole philosophy of psychedelic music, of the marriage of art, poetry and cinema, of experimenting with truth, perception, and reality, pushing it's boundaries. However the opportunity had never presented itself before I got into college. I haven't really done any 'dangerous drugs' before, I smoke my quota of weed and every so often, throw in some good hashish. Yesterday was the first time that I actually tried LSD, it was my first trip, without any prior experience with hallucinogens.

I dropped 2 drops of LSD at around 4:30 PM after classes got over if I remember correctly. I was tripping alone, since I felt comfortable about handling myself through the trip and had implicit faith in the drug. I got back to my room and jammed with my roommate on a track we were recording and around an hour later or such, I started feeling the onset of the trip. Everything was by the book, the feeling of suppressed energy rising up my spine and spreading throughout my body, the first rising waves of an acid frenzy. I decided to abandon playing guitar, told my roommate my trip was coming on, and proceeded to chill out on my bed. My roommate and acting attorney (hint, hint) decided to set things up as the drug took over me. He made the standard textbook playlist to trip to, the whole 'Dark Side of the Moon' album, followed by some real spaced out guitar tracks (the title refers to the song that I actually tripped hardest to, it's by Joe Satriani, one of my favorite guitar players, off his new album 'Super Colossal'), and gradually moving onto some psychedelic trance and electronica tracks.

I was lying eagerly and anxiously in wait for the drug to hit, half afraid yet ready to completely give myself up to it. And then suddenly it came - hit. Waves of sound started crashing down upon me one after the other. Suffice it to say that it was ineffable, and nothing can replace the feeling of being there cocooned in a slow forming bubble which I perceived forming around me. I have heard 'Breathe' a thousand times before, but this time was completely alien and I was completely unprepared for it, the song seemed to be reverberating off the walls, off my head, coming in waves and washing over me and completely swallowing me. Every glissando of Gilmour's slide playing physically swirled around me, and the keyboard sounds, every note seemed to split up into a million channels and come to me, fragmented and unified at the same time. I could almost taste the sound, caress it with my fingertips, and so it went on like that. And then as I looked at my watch to check the time, I briefly figured out it was around 6:45 PM before I completely lost track of time. Time and space seemed unimportant physical entities, I had no use for them.

By the time Satch's 'A Cool New Way' came on, I was well into my trip. Now my whole room is paradise for a trip. It is lit up by a powerful blacklight, and is decorated with trippy posters and designs, artwork and such. Perhaps this was an integral part of my trip being this good. The first 'visuals' that I perceived was the glow from the blacklight enveloping everything, fluorescent lights, and everything started changing their hues and colors. And soon enough, every object in the room seemed to start pulsing, attuned to the music playing, and the rhythm of my heart, all of which exhibited this wonderful rhythmic continuity. And with every pulse the glow and colors would brighten up and tone down alternating. Right across my bed is a poster of John Lennon. It's a big b&w poster with his side profile and the words of 'Imagine' at the side.

At first I became increasingly obsessed with the hair, as it seemed to be floating in a breeze, and soon it seemed to me that the mouth was moving, as if in silent speech, and the words of on the poster almost started floating away from the poster itself and coming closer to me. How long I stared in rapt fascination like a child at the poster I don't know, but it was beautiful. There was this sense that I was safely cocooned in an island, on the beach, with blue jeweled waters, and an everlasting setting sun. No I didn't see this per se, but the feeling that everything conveyed was strong enough for me to actually perceive it as such. Soon enough I was fascinated by a tie-dyed cloth poster of Jim Morrison above my desk, which was positively swirling with colors, and I almost felt that I could sink into it.

I stayed on my bed all the time, but I felt that I was floating around the room sinking in into everything as everything, the colors, the sounds, my thoughts and everything else sank into me. On a part of the wall, my roommate had pasted these roughly circular bits of white paper which generally glow real cool under the black-light. When I looked at them then, they seemed to be swimming like a school of fished in random patterns first and then in unified fractal forms, changing hues & glows. Soon enough the funniest thing happened. Those circular bits of paper appeared to become like circular fat lil' figures with the goofiest grins on their faces dancing around, with 2 strands of electric orange hair coming out of their bald heads! I had to contain myself from laughing hysterically at that. At this point in time things started to distort significantly, and I encountered the sense that things were 'melting' all around me, it was scary at first, but soon after, I found that I could almost control it, and thus was presented with this lovely opportunity of actually bringing my 'island' to life. Soon enough I was completely enveloped in a riot of color and sounds, surrounded by this delicious blue jeweled water. I spent a long part of the trip cocooned in this pearly bubble.

One of my friends came into check on me, and he had a bit of opium along with him. So we walked outside in the cold night, and went in a wooded area to smoke. Outside in the streetlight, everything seemed like a golden yellow haze, peripheral images reflecting off the surface off a mirror. When I looked up I had the sense that I was in a planetarium where I was the center, and the whole sky full of stars seemed to revolve around me. The stars looked fantastic, and were all weirdly connected with each other to form fractal designs and geometrical patterns. After smoking up, I came back into my room to enjoy the remainder of the trip, whereupon I locked into my lil' bubble again, though I was coming down now. One of my friends came to drag me to another party, and I felt the briefly that I was being asked to walk across the water all around the room.

By the time I had reached the party, I had come down substantially and looking at the watch I was amazed to see it was 10PM - it had felt like an age had passes me by, and was actually disappointed, because it then turned out to be a very short trip by usual standards. After the party when I came back into my room, I could still at times perceive faint visuals and traces going off as people moved, but that were the effects fading off. I had a lot of trouble getting sleep however, and couldn't help staring at everything even though my eyes burned at times.

I'd like to end this lengthy dialogue by telling you how it felt when I was locked deep into my trip. Remember your first kiss? Well right after it, comes this moment when you are thoroughly enveloped by this delicious sense of love for yourself, and everyone around you. Everything seems changed, so much more beautiful and pure, and you wanna spread that feeling to everyone and everything around you, it is almost tangible, you can taste it. It's like those lazy autumn afternoons, when you just wanna sit down in the golden dusk and let the sunlight run through your fingers, thinking if you tried hard enough, you could touch it. It was like when you were a year old and everything around you was new and beautiful and lovely, and you wanted to take it all in at the same time. Rebirth, renaissance, recovery. It was the holiest of all ceremonies.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51629
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 24, 2008Views: 11,104
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LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Various (28)

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