Wild Eyed Patterns
Huasca Brew (B. caapi, Syrian Rue, & Datura)
by Wolfchilde
Citation:   Wolfchilde. "Wild Eyed Patterns: An Experience with Huasca Brew (B. caapi, Syrian Rue, & Datura) (exp51665)". Erowid.org. Mar 12, 2007. erowid.org/exp/51665

  oral Banisteriopsis caapi (tea)
  9.0 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
    oral Datura (tea)


The Banisteriopsis caapi was simmered in water with a small dash of lemon juice and fed with water for two hours. Towards the end of this time the Datura Black Metal leaves, seed pods and flowers were added at a temperature low enough to steep. A gram of Syrian rue was placed in the gums for 30 minutes whilst the brew was finalized. In the last ten minutes another 8 Grams of Syrian Rue was added to the brew.

The final drink was a coffee cup full of thick black liquid that tasted disgustingly bitter. The pan was re-fed to produce two further cups of brew the third the consistency of tea. No doubt it could have been used again. The Caapi used had been peeled and shattered to fin pieces.

About 40 minutes later the sensation of thinking that the brew was not -mood altering and that the rue had just made a mild euphoria was replaced by a very intense and sudden tracer vision where the hands appeared to cut through the air in an energy field of light extending out from the extremities. This was like the initial full on LSD peaking and lasted less than a couple of minutes of dancing around in fascinated elation.

The body suddenly lost all energy and I was forced to sit on the floor. A visual like lightning accompanied the desire to sit as if a petit mal seizure were in progress and may go grand mal (I have epilepsy which I refuse to treat with mood altering side effect meds). Auditory laughter was heard from the random light generator computer program fed on screen of TV, the sound was quite high pitched and the eyes seemed to vibrate as the sound of rustling was heard from dried plants decorating a corner of the room. These literally appeared to be moving quite fast but I was conscious of it was caused by some palpitation in the body. The random visuals on the TV went to a 'face' in three lines and then went white. The digital clock went backwards then lit up all it's diodes. I was acutely anxious to turn off all electrical equipment in the room and crawled around on all fours unplugging things as the 'tittering high pitched laughter' faded as if banished by the switching off of electrical appliances. I sat back down in a ball.

The loss of energy and 'sinking' sensation was now turned to acute consciousness of breathing, which felt slowed. This was a few minutes into the flash. Thoughts became 'auditory' and a fear set in similar to asphyxiation hallucination from heavy and dangerous solvent abuse. The mind was obsessed with the auditory 'thought feed' that death may occur through failure to breath. Total consciousness was on breathing and the belief it was necessary to consciously breath. The panic was accompanied by a sudden purge. I have read NOT to eat prior to Ayahuasca and think from this experience that is good advice. I had only eaten noodles that day and quite 'drunk' in movement was suddenly filled with the desire to find water to drink. I purged a second time on the way to the tap. The 'thought feed' perception of auditory hallucination became obsessed with the desire to drink water in the same way that breathing had seemed a conscious need for survival. I drank a couple of pints of water and staggered up stairs to the toilet.

I purged twice more from a now empty stomach. I assume I had exceeded toxicity levels and the water purging flushed out my stomach. No hallucinations were present at this point and I staggered to fall atop the bed. Wallpaper patterns began to undulate quite dramatically as in an LSD experience. No fear was present following the water purges. I then sank in to a narcotic like stupor similar to heavy opium use.

When I woke it was to swimming visions of colour as the wallpaper continued to appear to undulate. Conscious 'thought feed' detachment continued in the auditory sense. I was in a narcotic stupor for several hours sometimes suddenly waking to full consciousness of intense visual distortion. A couple of hours into this I awoke suddenly energized and leapt to my feet grabbing a sword (an ornament in the room). I could hear 'intruders' breaking into the house. I stormed the stair case with thoughts fed for fight and a small soft toy at the end of the stair case on top a coat for a few seconds looked like a tentacled alien species... this is the only time I have ever experienced full actual hallucination of something that just plain couldn't be real or just a distorted view of ordinary perceptions. There was some auditory rubbish about 'we've come for you' as I hit it with the sword. I can not stress heavily enough that if someone was in the house, even a known parted the hallucinations and hypnotic intensity of the 'thought feed' could have resulted in death for other party.

When I say could, the experience would have had other characteristics with another person present, I generally dislike social activity on most hallucinogens and have ample LSD and Psilocybin experience. Cannabis and Ecstasy generally make me sociable. This full on belief that a pile of clothes was a demon from some alien dimension needed the reality check of the sword hitting it at which point all visuals ceased immediately. I now felt very lethargic and euphoric. I went back to sleep after exploring the house for intrusion. The back yard light was switched on meaning either I'd been up earlier in a black out or someone has been in the building and left in a hurry as I raced down stairs. The door was unlocked the following morning. I know I didn't go out in blackout.

I slept deep then awoke with very bright vision due to pupil size. The auditory conscious feeling of 'thought feed' was dampened but still present. I tried to switch on the PC to surf for porn compulsively in the same way that the water and breathing had been compulsive earlier. I couldn't switch the PC on. It was fine the next day. I had a visual memory of a Jenna Jameson porn movie with her on her knees but believe I did not switch on the PC. Conscious periods were broken with total blackouts. Repeatedly waking in bed as if the last action I was doing was only a moment ago. Similar to heavy alcohol use but without feeling drunk. My body felt lethargic and I could not co-ordinate some simple activities.

Eventually I went down stairs and needed a distraction from what by now was the irritation of being intoxicated so fully. The experience had one on long enough and it would have been nic to sleep it off or if I could just alter states back to normal perceptions. No fear was present about this and the intensity of the desire to stop tripping was not as acute as LSD. I felt relaxed but board of it. I played the Playstation and found a 'secret level' in the Discworld adventure game. The machine elves seemed to speak from the elfish queens court in the game... I never found the level unlock again, almost as if my thoughts wren fed to find the level. There was some auditory rubbish about ‘I must stay here in the court and I will love you from the Elvin queen until you are switched off’ which didn't convince me of anything just spoiled playing the game so I switched it off. I then sat through till daylight awake but somewhat dazed as if eating a high dose of Nutmeg or a little cannabis resin. I went out and had a walk once my eyes were 'less bright'.

The experience was recallable in full as a continuous stream of consciousness but with massive gaps from periods of sleep. Consciousness that I had passed out at all was not present as would be normal with alcohol, and even extreme alcohol abuse blackouts are nothing in intensity to the sudden loss of consciousness and then sudden hyper alertness in visual distorted wakefulness experienced from the datura. I was filled with a desire to throw the remaining herbs in the sea ate a very light meal without nausea and was in good spirits apart from am absolute desire not to repeat the experience. I never have.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 51665
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 12, 2007Views: 20,068
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Huasca Brew (268), Banisteriopsis caapi (169), Syrian Rue (45), Datura (15) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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