Waking From a Dream
Citation:   Raybeez. "Waking From a Dream: An Experience with DPT (exp51756)". Erowid.org. Apr 18, 2006. erowid.org/exp/51756

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7.5 mg oral Pharms - Amitriptyline (daily)
  1 line insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
T = -6hrs: I weigh out 90.66mg of DPT HCl on an analytical scale accurate to +/- 10 micrograms. I plan on dosing 40-45mg of DPT, and sadly, will have to split up the powder by eye once at home. If only this scale was sitting in my living room, and not here at work.

T = -30min: Sitting in my apartment, preparing to dose DPT. Some pre-trip information follows:
- Healthy 23 year old male; vegetarian; 6'0, 170 lbs
- Prescribed medication: Amitriptyline 7.5mg/day (migraine prophylaxis)

Mindset: It’s been five years since I’ve had a positive hallucinogenic experience. Usually once every year or two I’ve again tested the waters with psychedelic tryptamine/phenethylamines, but these experiences have been characterized by either ‘bad trips’ flirting with psychosis, or post-trip HPPD type effects.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve forgotten or de-integrated many of the life-changing insights and reflections I had attained via psychedelic use. It was time to re-immerse myself in the experience, and I chose DPT, a compound I had never tried, to be the vehicle.

T = 0: Previously measured DPT powder divided into two even-lines. One line snorted (~40-45mg).

T = 1min: Sweaty palms and runny nose.

T = 4min: Without meaning to, I fall into a deep-meditation style breathing pattern. I can feel myself progressing 'upwards', but the pace feels relaxed. I don't feel like I'm 'rocketing' into the trip at any type of uncomfortable pace. Slight vibrations begin to take hold in my mind and body, but I feel very relaxed and cozy. I have a noticeable ‘drip’, but I’ve had much worse of many other drugs.

T = 9min: Intensity continues to build. I start feeling somewhat chilled, put on a hoodie, and grab a blanket. My cat crawls into my lab, and begins to purr affectionately. I appreciate his attention and pet him lovingly. I'm suddenly struck with an odd, surreal feeling -- like I've just woken up from a lovely dream. A natural sort of waking up; not the sudden 'start' of a beeping alarm clock, but the soft gentle feeling of waking up on a weekend from the warmth of a summer sun against my skin, feeling fully rested and at peace.

T = 11min: Enter the DPT peak. Time slowed down, and from here until when I felt as though I was coming down felt like it lasted many hours longer than it actually did. Things were intense to the point that I wanted to close my eyes and just 'be'; warm and safe under the blanket with my cat sitting on me. I felt cold, but not uncomfortable. Body load was noticeable; my stomach felt strange and warm, almost queasy but the rest of me was cold. I felt very detached from these physical feelings, and if I had to go throw up, I might not have even realized it was me being sick.

I remember remarking to myself that the high was like a ‘soft’ LSD. The mindstate was very similar in depth and perspective, but it lacked any sort of ‘raw’ feeling to it. I felt like some ‘cloud force’ was protecting my psyche from total negative and destructive feelings that often arise in me when I approach or arrive at ego loss. It was a very comforting sensation, and I greatly appreciated the ‘insulated’ feeling – I was floating down the psychedelic tryptamine river with a life preserver on.

I began to dwell further on this particular river analogy. With my eyes closed, I could feel my consciousness drifting along with the trip; no longer vertical rising, but being carried along horizontally like a passenger in a boat on a river. Suddenly, I was the water currents themselves, and the path that I was flowing down was not the straight-and-narrow. I flowed like water eddies around a rock – curling back on myself in spirals. I opened my eyes and this spiral image was superimposed everywhere: My cats face; A painting on my wall of a psychedelic 60’s flower girl. I recognized the spiral – it was the golden spiral, derived from the golden ratio (Fibonacci sequence).

T = 37min: I looked at the time, and closed my eyes again. My thoughts continued to gyrate in a spiraling motion. With my eyes closed, I began typing my thoughts blindly into a .txt notepad file. My writing flowed stream-of-consciousness style from my finger tips, and I dwelled on the relationship between spirals and language. Language is something that I had studied in the past before switching my academic interests to the sciences. I ‘tripped’ on the inefficiencies of language in properly communicating thoughts and ideas, and the sadness at requiring convention in ideas. The image of boat or a chair in one’s mind, versus the real object. Language at best is able to ‘spiral’ around the ideas that it tries to communicate, infinitively approaching a true or accurate description, but never quite being able to reach it.

I took pause here to reflect on my current mental and physical state. I was shivering now, and felt bone chillingly cold. Here’s a passage from my raw .txt notes that I typed around this time:

“Swimming in dpt space still very cold but shivers are just energy that can be translated into warm energy and warm my body I just can't put the mentality into it right now as the heat in my stomach/solarplexus spikes up the bodyload nausea rather be cold and have less body load strange that I feel like I can control trip aspects like how I'm feeling physically via a mental interface. This is just thoughttalk though.”

What was essentially happening was that I was ‘flipping’ between two states of body load – a cold state where energy/vibrations were manifesting as shivers, and a warm state where I felt incredible energy surges (almost amphetamine like) but a burning nausea in my stomach. I was able to flip between these two types of body load feelings just by focusing my mind on it, and came to the realization that both were just mental responses to the drug rather than any type true type of physiological response. I decided to take my body temperature (digital thermometer, under the tongue) while in both ‘body load states’ just to confirm this – in both cases my body temperature was perfectly normal (36.5 degC). Again, neither was truly uncomfortable or detracting from the trip, and mentally I still felt very safe, relaxed, and comfortable.

T = 42min : I examine my current tripping mindset again. I’m bouncing back and forth between +2 and +3, and loving every minute of it. I’m very happy I chose DPT as the drug to return to this type of headspace. Here’s what I wrote in my notepad log:

“it seems to come in waves but why would I be surprised everything seems to come that way in this world but this world is THE world I have to keep that in mind.. its just so hard to tune in to this frequency.. at this dose I still feel like a tourist here“

I was reflecting on the psychedelic experience again, and lamenting about my inabilities to integrate this type of thought pattern into my routine life. I think I made an important realization here – the psychedelic mindspace and the normal mindspace are NOT different; rather, they’re one in the same. It’s just a matter of tuning into the correct frequency.

What did I mean by being a tourist? I realized that I was still going to come away from this trip unable to make the experience any more real to my every day life than I would as a tourist visiting another culture. For example, visiting and living with people of another culture versus actually growing up, being raised, and living the ways of that culture. I think that more insight might have been gained with a higher dose, which will certainly be tried in the future.

T = 60min : The peak has passed, and I can open my eyes, walk around, and interact with my surroundings without much more than a +1 high. I get up to pee, and suddenly realize that twice during the peak of the high I had gotten up and peed as well… strange.

T = 85min : I smoke a few hits of weed, and the pot overpowers what’s left of the DPT high. Within the next 20 minutes I’m pretty much baseline except for the cannabis effects.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 18, 2006Views: 23,427
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DPT (21) : Alone (16), General (1)

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