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Ketamine Virgin
by q-tip
Citation:   q-tip. "Ketamine Virgin: An Experience with Ketamine (exp5177)". Feb 27, 2001.

  insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


October 27, 2000

Hey, I can make time stop even if I am Jell-O!

I was at the Muni (a small underground party place in Hartford) with a good friend Kat and my two cousins E and D. E and D had both dropped some bomb ass Sunbursts that I had and E planned on flipping it with 10mg. of 5-MeO-DiPT (foxy). So all is well, except I knew tonight I was going to have Kat pop my K cherry. So she goes on a hunt and finds us a 20 bag. I take two small bumps and move on to the main floor to check out some breakdancers. Within about 15 minutes I get a big fat grin on my face, its working. Hehehe, I begin to giggle like a little child and wander around the club to find Kat so I can get a couple more bumps. I find her and take a big ass bump and then an extra small one for good cause.

By this time I just feel like I am drunk, but in a clean manner, I don't have that nasty beer taste in my mouth no bloating, and girls that's are supposed to look good look good, and girls that aren't supposed to look good still don't look good. So I knew I was in good shape. I was wandering around the club bumping into people along the way just smiling and saying hello, it was such a peaceful and calm atmosphere for me, even thought the party was wild! I continue to bounce around the club in a very liquidy way, my liquid dancing skills just improved minute by minute, I was so happy. I was able to dance a little with my cousins but I just felt like I was a blob of Jell-O, so I finally decide to sit down and let the K sink in. By this time I have convinced Kat that we need yet another bag of K, because I told her that my goal was to get my ass into a K hole! So I crouch into a booth and start taking bump after bump, I think I did about 1 and a quarter 20 bags on my own.

At this point I just sat back and slipped into a different time dimension. I looked around and noticed if I wanted everything to stop moving it would, I could hear the music going, but no one would move, then I said ok, you guys can go back to moving again! Then I wanted to get up and move around, but my inner being stopped time on me with out my permission, and I couldn't move, no matter how hard I tried I couldn?t move a muscle, it felt awesome, but scary. But at that point I didn?t give a flying fuck, I was in my little K hole and no one could do anything about it. After sitting there for about 30 minutes I was able to let time continue again, so I hopped up and began talking to two girls sitting near me, and I told them how good I felt! Hehe, I was just giggling away. I got up and started dancing again, I was out of the K-hole and was back to my liquid self again.

All in my entire first K experience was an awesome one, I got into the K-hole I wanted to be in, and it was a fantastic feeling. Just be careful how much you do on your first time, I had an experienced user watching over me the whole time. Thank-you and drive through.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5177
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 27, 2001Views: 13,304
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Ketamine (31) : Club / Bar (25), First Times (2)

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