Vin Mariani
Coca & Alcohol
Citation:   Firedog. "Vin Mariani: An Experience with Coca & Alcohol (exp51792)". Jun 24, 2008.

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1 glass oral Coca (extract)
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I had my fun and my distress a while back with cocaine, and have come to respect both the fun and distress that inevitably accompanies it. After doing a bit of research on coca, and after finding that natural coca does not carry the same dangers as refined cocaine, I went on ebay and bought a box of 100g Windsor Mate de Coca for $20. In the two week wait that followed, I did a bit more research on cocaine pharmacology and found that cocaine, in the presence of alcohol, forms another psychoactive compound in the liver and kidneys: cocaethylene. More research on cocaethylene revealed that the effects are more profound per milligram dosage, and also much longer lasting, as well as producing a slightly different high. More research revealed that 2g of coca leaf per ounce of wine would yield 4-8 milligrams of cocaine per ounce of wine. It is important to note here that street cocaine is often very adulterated (cut), so while 250 to 300 milligrams does not sound like much, it is probably the equivalent of .5-1 gram of common street cocaine. Once I finally received the Windsor, I got a 1.5 liter bottle of Carlo Rossi and went to work!

My main interest in this experiment was to see if there was some way to avoid all the pain of “the day after”. I saved 25 of the 1-gram tea bags in case there was a bad come down, to see if drinking the tea would ease the pain of cocaine withdrawal. 75 1-gram tea bags were placed in a Tupperware pitcher, and immersed in wine, soaked for 2-3 hours, and then the fun began! Note that is a little less than 2g/ounce of wine as stated above; it converts to 1.5g/ounce.

1600- I drink the first glass wine. No detectable change.

1630- I drink the second glass of wine. No change.

1715- I drink a third glass. No change, I started thinking maybe the tea was de-cocainized, but also note that I would normally be feeling a buzz from three drinks, and I really felt sober like I hadn’t been drinking at all.

1800- I decided to grab a bunch of the soaked teabags, and squeeze the wine out of them and into my glass over the pitcher to avoid spilling. I drink the fourth glass.

1810- Bang-Zoom! Feeling Good! I got to thinking that I had always heard of coca leaves being chewed, and I believe part of the extraction process of cocaine uses a press. I have to say, there was a definite difference, and anyone who would attempt to make Vin Mariani, should definitely find a way to squeeze or press the leaves or teabags to get all the active ingredients out. There is a plethora of possible explanations for why this is, and I cannot definitively explain it at this time, but the squeezing or pressing of the soaked leaves or teabags is a definite must.

2030-the next morning: From here on out I sponged up the wine with the teabags and squeezed out glasses of Vin Mariani. Definitely a good high. Far more subtle than snorting cocaine, and at the same time still intense. A very smooth up, a very steady high and a very smooth comedown. The roller coaster of sniffing coke every 45 minutes or so was nonexistent. The sexual arousal that accompanies cocaine (“Woe to you my princess…”) was present, goose bumps, elevated body temperature and heart rate were also present. The subtlety of the Vin Mariani I would attribute to the route of ingestion as well as the presence of the other cocaine-related alkaloids that naturally occur in the coca leaf. Nature put together the coca leaf, and I have no doubt that by extracting and isolating only the cocaine, you are essentially removing many helpful and desirable compounds.

There was no dramatic crash or comedown, but sleep initially proved difficult. There was no intense Jones after awaking or in the days that followed, but there was a desire to do it again. Still a very successful experiment, and the teabags I saved to ease the Jones were unnecessary. The Vin Mariani is by far the best way I’ve found to enjoy cocaine, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to use cocaine but doesn’t want all negative side effects, high cost, or frequent administrations that accompany powdered cocaine use. I would still say that despite the fact that this is definitely a less addictive way to use cocaine, the potential is still there for abuse.

I have to add a warning of great importance: In my research leading up to this experience I found that in cocaine related deaths, high levels of cocaethylene often accompanied heart failure. I drank the bottle I made over the course of 14 hours, and it had the equivalent of half a gram of street cocaine.

To summarize, a Vin Mariani preparation of cocaine is far superior to any other way I’ve heard of or tried, because of the lack of the typical side effects and normal addictive properties associated with cocaine. The recipe I will stick with is 100g coca leaf to 1.5 liters of wine, soaked and pressed. A great advantage is the ol’ piggy-piggy-oink-oinks would have no way to distinguish Vin Mariani from regular wine without testing or drinking it. Also, coca leaf is relatively cheap compared to street cocaine, and will not be adulterated by any of the nasty stuff people put into coke to cut it (like meth, yuck!).

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51792
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 24, 2008Views: 41,204
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