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Long Term Usage
Citation:   Psykopath. "Long Term Usage: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp52026)". Aug 4, 2007.

  oral Brugmansia (tea)
In the past two months I have taken varying amounts of brugmansia tea of different strengths several times. I have no plans to take it again, but I might some day. I have an Angels Trumpet growing in my backyard so it is easy enough for me to get some whenever I want.

My first experience I took two flowers and two leaves, placed them in about 700mL of water and boiled it for 25 minutes down to 400-420 mL. I strained the plant material out, squished it to squeeze all the liquid out, then placed the liquid in the freezer to cool down. In twenty minutes it was luke warm, so I added ice cubes to it, and drank 380mL of it, and threw the rest of it out.

I drank this over 10 minutes while on the phone to my (at the time) girlfriend. While on the phone we had a small fight and this put me in a bad mood, and I was worried it would ruin my trip. After about 30 minutes my body felt strange. My arms were heavy and walking became difficult. I managed to do everything normal for the next few hours, then went to bed.

Laying in bed I felt nothing while I was still and after a while I fell asleep. After this first lot of sleep I kept 'waking up' (I'm not sure if i woke up because I dont know if i was asleep, more like regained focus) and I saw people. Seeing as it was so long ago I can't remember who I saw first, but I know somewhere in there I saw my girlfriend two or three times, and she would be sitting on the end of my bed, and I'd reach out to touch her and she would disappear.

I sat up and had a smoke a few times, each time I would drop it then jump out of bed so it wouldn't burn me, then realise I never had a smoke, or even a lighter.
This first night was by far the strongest experience I've had on brugmansia tea, because at around four in the morning the TV was still on, and I 'woke up' and there was one of those TV Evangelists on, and she was talking to ME. I thought she was having a conversation just with me, and I talked to her for a full hour. She even said 'come over to the prayer chair' and I walked over to the TV and stood there waiting for her to give me a seat. Through the whole thing I just wanted to roll over and ignore her, but I couldn't cos I thought she would get angry and I had no idea she was just the TV.

In the morning I woke up and walked to the shower, wondered where my girlfriend had gone, walked back to my room, then remember I was in my house and she wasn't here.
My second experience went pretty much the same, same dosage as well. Drinking the tea went down pretty easy. Again three hours for the full hallucinatory effects to kick in. This time I drank it before going to my aunties for dinner. Nothing too bad happened, and I didn't really notice the drymouth and smooth hands, but the worst thing I did was ask my nan where my bag was. I said this in front of everybody, and my nan wasn't even there, she was at home. Then I asked my aunty where nan went and she gave me a strange look so I didn't say anything for the rest of the night.

After these two first tries, the plant had stopped flowering and I had to make my brew out of the leaves instead. This is now my preferred way to do it, because even though it tastes worse, you have to drink less. When making it from the leaves I use 8 leaves in 2 1/2 cups of water, boil it for about half hour, until there is less than 1 cup of water left, then use that however I am taking it. I had only ever drank it straight after letting it cool down, but one of my friends was the first to try his in normal tea. Since then I've tried mine in coffee, but it doesn't mask the taste.

I never once had a 'bad trip', but I've always (except that time at my aunty's house) done it at home, and tripped while laying in bed. I always get a smooth experience of drifting in and out of 'sleep' while focusing on objects and people. The only bad trip I've ever seen is my friend that tried it in his tea. He ended up laying on the ground, unable to move, yelling at all the spiders. And looking for band aids for no reason. He had never done any drug before and this experience scared him off alcohol for like a month.

The most common effects/experiences during my trips are:

-Worst dry mouth ever (my body stops excreting liquid so that means no saliva and no sweat)
-Smooth hands (from no sweat)
-Bodily discomfort (only while moving, it feels strange. Sitting still it will go unnoticed)
-Inability to read (very very blurry, can't focus)
-Seeing people
-Seeing objects
-Not being able to find things (because i 'saw' it somewhere when it was really somewhere else)

All these effects only last me the night, but my friend that had the bad trip, he couldn't read for two days.

I think seeing somebody has a lot to do with my knowledge of them, who they are and how they react to certain things. The first time I used the tea, I only saw people for a little bit then they would disappear, but the TV had the most effect on me because it had a voice, so I didn't have to create the conversation in my head. Later after I had gotten used to the effects of the tea the people became a lot more interactive, and they would be just like they really were because I was creating them in my head. I actually had to tell a few people that they weren't real and I didn't care, I would talk to them just for the fun of it.

I grew used to whispering to communicate with these people, because talking out loud would wake me up more and I'd realise what I was doing, so i had to whisper to stop them from disappearing. One night when I was seeing people, they couldn't talk (every other time they had so far). So I'd be there reading there lips, telling them I'd gone deaf for some reason, then when they wouldn't respond, I'd speak out loud and my voice would sound really weird. For the few days after this experience I didn't like talking because my voice sounded unfamiliar and I didn't like it.

Long term effects:

While these may not be actual 'effects', they are something that has occured from using the tea for a long time.

-Occasionally once or twice a week I'll say something after not talking for a while, and my voice will be unfamiliar again.

-I also have a bottle that I just drink water out of, so I've always got cold water. After using this during so many of my trips, I can't drink out of it anymore because whenever I do I imagine the taste of the tea. This has stopped me from drinking all cold water. I took a big gulp, and it almost made me throw up (this was while i was sober)

-Last week was the last time I had my tea, and all week I felt sick. This was also when the 'not drinking cold water' kicked in, so doing that made it a lot worse. I'm guessing this was from the build up of doing the tea for so long, because I never felt sick any other time.

-I can't stand the smell of anything boiling because I associate it with the smell of the tea boiling.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52026
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 4, 2007Views: 15,040
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