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Frisbee at the Park
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Tim
Citation:   Tim. "Frisbee at the Park: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp52068)". Jul 21, 2008.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
Mushies mushies mushies, where to begin with my first trip? It was towards the end of the summer after junior year of high school that I first experienced the drug that instantly became my favorite, and had an experience that would profoundly impact my life for the better. After having experimented with marijuana for a while and having taken around 10-15 DXM trips with doses ranging form a low 100mgs to as high as a third plateau 700mg trip, reading numerous trip reports online, and reading the works of Hunter S. Thompson and Carlos Castaneda, I had become very eager to try mushrooms or acid, so when my friend Mike mentioned that he could get us and an 8th of mushrooms for 30 bucks I was ecstatic.

We picked them up that night and decided to wait till the next day to take them and then walk to the park at around sunset. I had no clue then, but I know now, after having bought the same shrooms off the same kid many times that they were p. cubensis. That night I was supposed to trip on DXM with 2 of my friends at one of their houses but after getting mushrooms, and having had my DXM trips become less and less trips and more just unpleasant, harsh, stupefying highs, I was less then enthusiastic. I took a 200mgs, and, after beginning to feel sick and drained from the trip, decided to cut it with that and just chill with my friends as sort of a sober sitter.

The next day was all waiting. It was a warm sunny day, around 85 with not a cloud in the sky and a nice warm breeze. I slept most of the day, remembering to eat a big lunch for the trip ahead of me, and relaxed watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Finally at 5:30 the wait was over, Mike came over to my house where we would be sleeping and dropped off his car and then we walked the few blocks to his house to go eat the our 8ths. I was a bit nervous of a bad trip at first, but with the day so nice, and experiencing my first trip with a good friend who I had know since 3rd grade made me feel totally at ease by the time we were eating them.

After cheersing our caps to set off both our first ventures into the realm of psychedelic drugs we ate the contents of our bags straight with some water. They tasted better then I expected, like sun flower seeds a bit and a bit like dirt, nothing bad, although the after taste was kind of shitty. After finishing up we packed a bag with water bottles, some trail mix, a change of shorts in case we went swimming, and a Frisbee and set off for the park.

The mushrooms must have kicked in pretty quickly, because it was only a 10-15 minute walk to the park and by the time we got close I was already feeling the effects kicking in. At first we were both very giddy and giggly and I was full of energy, but Iím not sure if this was so much the mushrooms as it was the anticipation of the trip. By the time we were a block away from the park though I was definitely starting to trip. Things looked much the same, but it was as if my vision suddenly widened. It was like my whole life I had needed glasses and I was now finally seeing all the details of the world. Shadows became more sharply defined, everything looked more detailed, more vibrant and beautiful. Light coming through the trees looked very artistic and it was like the whole world had turned into a talented artistís study on light and color shading. It was then that I also began to experience a light buzz, much like that of the first time I tried drinking, a pleasant yet light drunkenness that seemed totally new to me.

As we got into the park I experienced a twinge of nausea, which scared me a bit. My stomach kept surging, a lot like the feeling of a drop down a roller coaster, but this soon passed. I told Mike we should head over to the grandstand at the park where the bathroom was because I had to take a piss pretty bad due to all the water I drank to get hydrated for the coming trip. It was then I started to get the body effects that would last the next few hours, a strange tingle in my skin, almost like someone was gently touching me all over. Air began to taste a bit strange, heavy almost, and sounds across the field from people playing basketball and running around in the field started to become a bit distorted, echoing a bit. This was around 30 minutes after we first dosed our mushrooms.

In the bathroom everything seemed extremely green tinted and my thoughts began to take on a weird flow, going in any direction, much like they did when I drank a lot of coffee or took amphetamines. This flowing of thought lasted the rest of the trip and a bit after, about 8 hours. My thoughts just jumped from one topic to another. One second they would be amazingly profound, next very artistic, and the next I'd be giggling about Jawas or getting naked and jumping into a game of basketball.

When I came out Mike was tripping out. ďHey man, donít leave my alone like that again haha, Iím tripping on shrooms real hard like now.Ē I didnít really know what to expect from shrooms, I knew you were supposed to see things, but after DXM I figured that drifting colors and patterns and some flanging would be the most of it, I would soon find out I was quite mistaken. Iíll never forget that moment, I looked up at a tree across the large open field and it slowly began to grow, twisting outward, spilling colors all around as the sky around it turned from blue to yellow to a brightest purpled.

We walked out into the field and decided to lay down for a while. The light buzz stayed pretty much the same, just a happy semi drunk feeling, same with the body feeling, but the visuals continued to increase in complexity. Looking at the sky I could almost see my reflection in it and feel the sky touching me. Trees grew out past their borders and seemed to have their trunks bent in odd squares and helixes. Faces seemed to appear in almost everything, and across the field the branches of some trees drifted and drifted until they turned into monkey like red blobs swinging around the trees. The odd thing is, things didnít change till I focused on them for a while, so people and cars would look totally normal, but the trees behind them would be swaying around with gigantic bearded faces in them, very cool. Mike explained similar stuff to me, and we talked really excitedly and laughed a lot. It was kind of hard talking to him because he seemed to have 4 eyes for a while and then his skin turned a deep orange and he looked a bit like a monkey and later a thunder cat. Staring at my hand it began to become serpent like, and then much like an old mans hand, very interesting stuff.

After a while we got up to go play some Frisbee, which was amazing. Weíd make long sweeping passes and it seemed like we could do no wrong. As he threw the bee to me he seemed to be miles away, like across the top of a far off mountain peak from another higher peak, but as the disc spun closer it seemed to stretch across the distance till finding itís place in my hand. We wanted to explore the deep woods, but then remembered we were supposed to meet our friend Dave on the other side of the park to pick up a gram of really heady super skunk to smoke later on in the trip. A mindset of total peace and euphoria set in as we discussed our futures and what we wanted out of life. Our energy seemed boundless and our minds seemed right inline with each other. For a while we decided to run around, and for a while the trip seemed to die down. On the one hand our thoughts turned quite profound, but at the same time I really wanted to swimming in a creek and we both found a strange desire to get totally naked, run around, and shit somewhere.

We met our friend and got a call from another friend who was chilling with his cousin in the park and decided to go meet him. We met him on a flag pole balcony that overlooked the highway and the city skyline, and our trip seemed to pick up again. I noticed then that Mikeís pupils were huge, filling up almost his entire eye, I figure my eyes must have been most the same. At some point around then I put my mouth around an especially lovely pink flower. My vision began to fill with stems and I felt the flower growing into my skin, which scared me a bit so I took my mouth off it and walked away, We had some pretty crazy conversations about cities and star wars and laughed a lot then went and played an amazing game of Frisbee out in another field near the highway.

Around the time the sun finally began to set the trip began to wear off so we left the park for a friendís house. From there we left for a house party with some friends of ours, which was pretty fun. Though no longer tripping, I had a great positive vibe and socializing was a blast as everything seemed so interesting and perfect. We both had our friend pick us up 40ís of Old English, which turned out to be a bit of a mistake because I found it very hard to get drunk post-mushrooms and just got a fairly bad headache. Finally after awhile there we went back to my house, smoked some of the weed we had bought and went to bed.

The next few days I felt amazingly positive, even work was fun. Ever since trees and light passing through them have looked amazingly artistic and trippy to me. That, and now, many times when I smoke good weed I find that things look very shroomy and remind my of that lovely mind set. Since then Iíve done shrooms a few times and every time has been unique and wonderful. Mushrooms are truly a powerful emotional tool along with a extremely fun and interesting experience.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 52068
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 21, 2008Views: 5,559
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