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Chaotic Serenity Amongst Beautiful Journeys
Salvia divinorum (various extracts)
by Dave!
Citation:   Dave!. "Chaotic Serenity Amongst Beautiful Journeys: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (various extracts) (exp52164)". Sep 22, 2007.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


This is a long report but very informative. I have done many psychedelics i.e. mushrooms, dxm, dmt, lsd, high doses of marijuana and OTC drugs that contain alkaloids found in belladonna and datura inoxia and low doses of Datura. However, I have never expierenced anything at all similar to Salvia. It can honestly turn your world upside down before you even know what hit you. Hopefully this report will help people make a decision about this extremely potent chemical. This substance can truly change your life.

The first time I smoked Salvia was about 10 months ago while I was in Vermont with some of my friends. We had rented a house in the mountains and I was having a great time. We bought some 10X from a Headshop in Burlington. I was the first person in the household to smoke the extract and honestly the only one who understood what Salvia was. I was more prepared than any other person in the house. I took a large hit of the extract. Maybe .25 gram, possibly a little less. I held the hit in for as long as possible and before I even blew the smoke out, I felt effects. Overwhelming laughter was the initial feeling. What was so funny? I have no clue. I stood up and immediately it felt as though I had been pushed and pulled. I had no control over this and I ended up in a bathtub laughing hysterically and not understand why. This lasted for several more minutes and I returned to baseline.

I smoked Salvia again the following afternoon with one other person. My first experience wasn't what I expected because there were about 7 or 8 other people in the room and the setting wasn't right. The other person put on some soothing music and we filled a water pipe with again about .25 gram. Once again I took the first hit. I held the hit in as long as I could and before I knew it I was staring bunkbed above me. Every time I smoke Salvia the first thing that happens to me is a massive smile from ear to ear and I am at loss for words.

A beautiful river formed right before my eyes. This was unique and outstanding. The water was coming towards me and the river was getting larger. I heard a woman's voice. At the time I had been somewhat upset with the girl I love and I believe that the voice was in a sense hers. The voice was letting me know not to fear what happening to me, but to embrace it, learn to love it and to keep her in my heart. At this point in time, this was by far the most psychedelic moment I have ever had, even more so than Dimethyltryptamine. This went on for a moment and all I could say was 'Beautiful river. Beautiful voice'.

Unfortunately after about 4 or 5 minutes of this some of the other people in the house came downstairs and totally ruined what I was embarking on. They barged in the room and were loud and talking to me. This was very upsetting due to the fact that I was really enjoying my time.

Me and my friends left Vermont and I had the remaining half gram of Salvia. I was very excited because I knew that my experiences were not as strong as they could be. The night after I got home from Vermont, I decided to once again smoke Salvia. I went into my room and locked my door. I turned off all of the lights but one very dim light. I smoked the largest portion I had tried at this time and once again I held the smoke in for as long as possible. What happened after this I cant recall or begin to explain. I left my body and was sent to another universe. Another place and time. I remember hearing voices, and it was like I lived another life in another time.

I remember trying so desperately to open my eyes but it was so hard. Every time I seemed to open my lids I visualized a huge black room and at the end I saw a door opening. The more I opened my eyes the more the door would open, until eventually both of my eyes were open. This was the end of the most intense journey of my life. About 15 or 20 minutes of pure catatonic exstacy. I woke up in my room with my door wide open and the pipe still sitting on my nightstand. I was very confused because I knew I locked my door and I was sure of it. I went to ask my brother what had happened to me and he told me I had gone downstairs and talked to my parents and had a full conversation (the voices I heard during the journey). Every time I smoke Salvia the effects seem to be much more intense. I returned to baseline about an hour after I smoked the Salvia.

My last two Salvia experiences were about a month ago. I was in Chicago, Illinois visiting the girl that I love. Some friends and I decided to buy some Salvia 20X and smoke it that night. I was so pumped. I had never smoked Salvia that strong and I knew that it was going to be quiet a night. My friend Dustin who is experienced with psychedelics was the first to try it. I gave him the first hit only because he had never done it prior and I wanted to see what kind of hits I should give out. He took his hit and he was totally inebriated. He was crawling on the floor and wouldn't respond back to simple questions like 'Are you okay?' and 'Your going to be fine'.

There was about 15 people in the house at this time so I decided to take my hit in a room where there wasn't anyone but about 3 people. We got into the room and while I was taking my hit about 6 or 7 other people ran into the room which was disappointing. The initial effect was a wormhole. These 'wormholes' are extremely unique and intriguing. I can recall saying something like 'You guys have to leave this room right now, please leave.' of course nobody did and after I came down I asked them if I said this. They said I said nothing. This is the 'trip' that I remember most.

After about a minute of laying on the bed, feeling as though I had died and passed on, I stood up (that's what my friends say). I remember walking for what seemed like hours on end around a beautiful lake holding hands with this beautiful woman. The lake was surrounded by very odd mountains. These mountains are the weirdest things I have ever seen. They are blue and purple and look like a bunch of triangles stacked on top of each other. They were very 2-D, as much of my visuals from Salvia A are. But they seemed so real and everything was perfect. I was with the girl again. At the time she wasn't there and I thought that she was upset with me so she was on my mind when I smoked the Salvia. We walked around this lake and the beautiful mountains and laughed. We cried and we shared our deepest secrets. My friends told me that all I was saying was 'blue mountains...beautiful blue mountains'.

After about 8 or 10 minutes of this alternative universe I snapped back into reality. I was standing in the middle of the hallway and trying to move. However, I couldn't and it seemed as though my legs were knee deep in cement. I couldn't move at all. The weird thing about this is that two friends tried to lift me up and couldn't even make me budge. They just stayed there and helped me remain stable. After about 2 minutes of this I started jumping in a very particular way to the bed I was trying to get too. I tend to jump sparatically when I'm on psychedelics, even dmx which is supposed to induce 'robowalk'.

I lie on this bed and me and two girls have very in depth conversations and I let them know that the feelings I have for this girl are unbearable. This girl has a boyfriend and at the time it hurts me so much just to even think about it. They said that I told them that I missed her about 15 times in a half hour talk. While we were talking I was lying down with an arm over my eyes. I was seeing kalediscopes and tunnels. They were amazing. I got down to baseline about an hour after smoking the Salvia.

About a week later (St. Pattys Day to be exact) I smoked some Salvia 5X in my backyard with some buddies around a campfire. I have read reports of what's to be known as 'reversed tolerence' with Salvia. This happened to me. Though this experience wasn't nearly as strong as my previous two, the Salvia 5X really was a much more intense experience than the first time with 10X. We packed a pipe and passed it around. I took a large hit and held it in. I was drunk at the time, which might have had something to do with the intensity. I remember taking a picture of everyone in my mind and closing my eyes and pointing to my friends and telling them their names. This was odd because there was about 10 - 12 people there and they had scattered around through the night. Shortly after this my friends left and I wrote the most beautiful poem I have ever written. I came back to baseline about 20 minutes after smoking the Salvia.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52164
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 22, 2007Views: 14,597
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