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20 Hour Trip
Salvia Divinorum (20x extract), H.B. Woodrose Seeds & Cannabis
Citation:   HCTSun. "20 Hour Trip: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (20x extract), H.B. Woodrose Seeds & Cannabis (exp52183)". Aug 24, 2008.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  7 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
  1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I have tripped before with mushrooms, LSD, and weed and have had good experiences except for one bad trip with ingested weed. I was very excited to have my first salvia trip.

Early in the morning around 10am I sat down on a dark room and smoke it, nothing, smoke it again and then the room started to tilt towards the right and I felt very uncomfortable, the salvia made me very hungry and dizzy and since I was looking forward for extreme hallucinations I was disappointed. I also felt very hungry so I walked very heavily to the kitchen, my legs felt very heavy and I couldn't believe that I failed at the salvia experience. I had cereal but couldn't even find milk so I had to eat it with yogurt.

I went back to the room to give this another try so I filled the pipe once more and inhaled and held the smoke for as long as I could and then I coughed and as I laid down I kept coughing, or so I though because I think that I was only dreaming that I was coughing, and coughing and then I started to hear voices and felt how cold the room was and it was then that the experience became terrifying. I was looking at some strange honeybee nest patterns that extended from the wall all the way close to my eyes. I kept coughing and then I realized that I was holding the lighter and slowly leaning down. I felt very empty. I felt that I was in hell because I couldn't feel my body. I felt dead.

I was heartbroken with the experience since I didn't go to a wonderful world. I was expecting to explore my dreams with full consciousness but it didn't happen. Instead I was simply terrified and very uneasy and since I felt empty and dead I just wanted to eat or do something that would make me feel alive. Shortly afterwards I joined my sister and her friend while they were smoking weed and tell them about the experience and how it sucked and how I missed the ganja and the pleasant feeling of joy and happiness that I just didn't have then. This is when the Woodrose seeds come in: Since I was disappointed with the salvia trip and seriously thought it was a bad idea to keep smoking salvia I decided I should try these seeds I just got and had never tried. So I start eating them while we are talking and eating MORE SUGAR, that is, chocolate cake. I gave them three seeds but I ate seven! I didn't clean them or anything I just chewed them.

20 minutes later I felt very drugged, but not trippy drugged rather I felt sedated and very nauseous so I just laid down and moaned. They just stared at me and went outside to smoke some more weed. I kept moaning and told them kidding that I felt that I was going to die. My sister scolded me for trying to trip just after the bad trip I had with salvia. I was so uneasy and felt so dirty so I took a bath and while I was taking the bath I remembered I was still high with salvia and started to puke. I felt very good afterwards. I join them once again and after they woke up from their naps at around 11:30 am we talk about how the seeds are kicking in and how we all feel extremely high and even drunk. We had a great time and it was then that I joined them and smoked marijuana.

I felt a rush. I had not smoked in more than two months and I felt so high. In fact, I don't remember even feeling this type of high. The trip had fractal visuals included. We stared at the clouds for about 6 hours that day and concrete was our comfortable bed on three different locations. Its all blurry but I remember we just changed location once in a while and ended up laying on the floor while looking either at the floor itself, snails that we caught, or the clouds and their movements. The trip was so intense that right now I have hyperopia and can barely type and its 7:33 am.

One can only imagine the feelings of emptiness that these drugs made me feel and it is only now that I feel that I am coming down from the trip. I felt highly tempted to try salvia once more but rejected the idea and instead logged on to the internet to read more experiences.

Summary of the HBWS + weed after salvia with some caffeine and lots of sugar:

Lots of energy yet no muscle strength to use it.
Body doesn't feel pain yet strong feelings of nausea.
Strong visuals but no enlightenment associated with them.
Visuals can be controlled to a certain extent yet not the mood or thought itself, as was possible with mushrooms.
Feelings of a nightmarish world with salvia.
Almost impossible to talk to friends who were not themselves drugged with the seeds.
No spirals as with LSD.
No colors as with LSD.
Music had a stronger emotional effect but no visuals associated with it.
Dried mucosa and no saliva. (it was very, very, very hard to eat)
Steppenwolf type of introspection confusion feelings. (Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse)

It is important to mention that even while parts of this trip were very scary because of the thoughts of conflict that attacked me from within they were not as near horrifying as a ganja overdose. I highly recommend the woodrose seeds because they have extreme potential for visuals. I do not recommend salvia. At least not 20x. Specially if you are hoping for a joyful happy experience. Salvia just brought out the worse in me as opposed to LSD which brought intense happiness and pleasure.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52183
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 24, 2008Views: 7,075
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Salvia divinorum (44), H.B. Woodrose (26) : Combinations (3), Various (28)

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