Deep Inside Myself
Cacti - T. peruvianus & Cannabis
by Tim
Citation:   Tim. "Deep Inside Myself: An Experience with Cacti - T. peruvianus & Cannabis (exp52202)". Nov 29, 2006.

5.5 Tbsp oral Cacti - T. peruvianus (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I ordered 125 grams of Peruvian Torch powder from an online retailer. As soon as the powder touched hot water, it expanded into this green slime. About 6 large tablespoons mixed with water made a full bowl of of this slimy, awfully bitter stuff.

I've tripped before, only having sucess with Dxm and Salvia Divinorum. Tried shrooms twice, no effects. Tried san pedro twice, no effects, even tried a rare supposively high potent cactus concuzonsis... no effects either. I'm young, good lookin', and psychedelics have intrested me since I've started smoking pot 2 years ago. I train in the martial arts, majorly devoted to art, and philosophy. Surfing, writing, and meditation are some of my other favorites. Now to the journey.

After downing the gross cactus, which took about 30 minutes to get all the way down. I looked at the clock-it was 7:45. I started feeling a very weird feverish intoxication-very simliar to Dxm, but different. I also got some naseau, but it wasn't bad. After a couple hours, I knew that I was going to trip... I could feel it still building and I was starting to get waves and tracers. I took a walk around the Ocean Lakes area, walking towards the old High school I graduated years ago from. I felt warm, soft, and empathetic.

I called a friend while walking, and talked about life. The conversation got so deep that I was in tears. I then told her It was comming on strong and I would call her later to tell her what was happening. I approached the school, and saw how it had changed. I walked around the back, and saw new portables and fence blocking off the area that had once been a large field.

'You fuckers' I said outloud.

The school had been so beautiful, now it looked like a big construction site. I layed in a few areas and right on the 50 yard line-hoping that this was not the peak I was gonna get. It had been 3 hours, and I still was not getting anything profound. I decided to head home.

The walk home was very strange. Everything was slowing down, and I became aware, of EVERYTHING. I could see insects floating past, birds flying, and cawing. I walked along this lake, and became aware of how high the waters were. Finally I made it home and my cat-which normally is too timid to come near me, approached me and asked me to feed her. I felt extreme empathy and spoiled her, even giving her ice cream. I looked into her eyes and felt the deepest connection. Like I was actually understanding her. I think she knew, she purred and rubbed against me when I came near-normally she just runs away.

I walked upstairs and layed there, listening to various songs on my Ipod before slowly drifting away. As a first time tripper(on mescaline) I would like to comment on what to expect. Hallucinations aren't what you think they are, they're not just a lightshow or just visual hallucinations, what is more profound is the noise and alienness that is going on in your brain.

The first hallucination I got, was when I was laying on my side, with no headphones on-and I started picturing an orchestra of weird intstruments-each playing awful-off key notes. It came in waves, slowly taking me, then wavering off, then commming again. It was like a dance of thoughts... a dance of intresting, playful thoughts. I was listening to a song by Peyote healing song, and I finally understood the whole concept of the song. The whole thing is a joke, and thats what the trip was teaching me. The indians chanting on there, sounded like a bunch of weird caveman talking, and I saw visions of a bunch of cavemen trying to hide this weird rock, and the lyrics were almost as if it was a game, to find that big rock, but in the end, there was no rock, and it was a big joke again, and I was the fool.

I would have thoughts that my brain was fried, and I would never come back. Then I would remind myself, 'Your on drugs, this is what drugs do.' I never freaked out or wanted the experiance to stop-but I did feel some slight anxiety. I figured taking a couple bullhits would be intresting. I did, and the high really kinda took over the slightly uncomfortable mescaline body feeling. Now I felt really good. I layed on my bed again, and the experiance intesified large. My thoughts became waves of random memories, sounds, and intresting phenomenom. At this point I started having powerful visual hallucinations.

I remember listening to Deftones-Pins and Needles-and feeling like I was watching a weird music video. I don't remember too much, except that at one point, there were a bunch of eyes staring down at me from the ceiling. I tried looking at the clock, but it was hard to see the bright red letters, I had to focus and unfocus my eyes several times before I realized that it was about 2 O clock, and that the peak, hadn't hit me until about 5 hours or so later. Bigtime comeup.

Slowly, the profound effects started to taper off. I was still hallucinating very heavily... but I was basically back to reality. I put in the movie, 'Renegade', which is basically about tripping on Peyote and discovered little details that you normally can't see. The whole movie was made to watch while your tripping, I don't know if it was me or the movie, but I saw hallucinations in the movie, even when the hallucination scenes werent present. At one point, I felt caught in a loop, like I had just watched the movie and seen the same scene over and over again.

Uh oh, it was 4 O clock, and I was still tripping. I had to be to work at 7 and I couldn't call in. I just don't do those kind of things. I figured maybe I could hide it. So I took a shower (very nice experiance)-a lot of colors and nice feelings from the hot water. Got dressed and made my way to work. Along the way there, I noticed how bright everythign was in the morning. Trees and plants gained powerful signifigance. I knew they lived and respected them as they were. I could still see little insects everywhere, flying past me. Mescaline really gives you the oppertunity to become one with nature.

At work, no one noticed my intoxication. Conversating with normal people on mescaline is a very weird experiance. I was much more social, and much much more of an aphrodiasiac to women. I noticed body language like I would never before. I looked at people, and I could feel thier thoughts and understood all thier behavior. I told my manager that it looks like he had not had fun in a long time, and that the resturaunt was getting to him, and he needed to take a vacation. Suprisingly, he opened up to me and talked about how he felt the same way. He never talks to anyone.

I noticed girls, more than anying, and became aware that a lot of girls have a crush on me. Not to sound arrogant, but I just became so aware of how attractive I was to women. In a way, I feel like this will forever change my self confidence. Working wasn't too difficult, provided that I didn't try to perform any tasks that involved too much thinking. I came home later, it was aprox 4 pm, I still felt minor effects, but for the most part, everything was down. I went to sleep and awoke at around 8, with no effects or hangover.

In retrospect, mescaline is one of the best drugs I've ever tried. I learned so much from JUST one trip. Marijuana is nice, but its not powerful or concious expanding enough to get too much. I notice that while on mescaline, and looking at a few potheads at work-and noticed how dull pot had made thier spirit. I saw them as useless drones that cared about nothing, not even themselves. Pity, I thought. DXM is cold and unforgiving. Salvia is visually simliar to mescaline, but not as powerful as far as actually 'tripping'. I will repeat the experiance again, but next time not with a partner, and more prepared with no work ahead.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52202
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 29, 2006Views: 8,253
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