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Experiencing Infinity
Morning Glory
by Quantum, The
Citation:   Quantum, The. "Experiencing Infinity: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp52242)". Mar 8, 2009.

200 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)


Let me first start off by telling a little background of myself. I am 16 and before this the only substances I have used are cannabis, alcohol, and a failed attempt at salvia divinorum. I have wanted to try different substances for a while, and after lots of research on morning glory, I felt as though I was ready.

So let's get started with the experience: I didn't bother with any polar/nonpolar extraction methods, although I wish I would have. I took exactly 200 seeds and put them in a container with water and a generous amount of dish soap. I shook this for a good 10 minutes and then filtered the seeds out with a strainer. I put the seeds under a light to dry, then when they were dry I grinded them up in a coffee grinder. I made 1 serving of chocolate hot wheat (malt-o-meal), put the grinded morning glory into this, and stirred it all up. It wasn't that hard to eat, but it didn't taste all that good either. This was a pretty good way to eat the seeds.

I took a walk around the block to ease off some anxiety and anticipation. At T+10 minutes I started to notice that everything was flashing, like in epileptic episode. I got back and went into by brother's room to talk to him, which helped because I was almost in fear of the upcoming experience. After I calmed down I came into my room and started reading a book. I became very tired. So tired that I couldn't even move my body or my eyes. I got up and put a paper baggy next to my bed, in case I was going to throw up later.

I layed down in my bed, and turned on the tv when I saw a nature show on African swamps, and the animals that inhabit them. At this point, I was feeling relieved that the morning glory seeds would not work. Then the flashing came back, except far more intense this time. On the tv, any time some natural phenomena would happen, such as a bird diving into a lake, or a crocodile pouncing on a gazelle, I would get a strange tingle all over my body. Like the shivers I get right after I am done taking a good piss. It was a bit overwhelming because it happened far too often. I proceeded to turn the tv off and lay in my bed, listening to some music on my iPod. The music sounded amazing, but often sounded too loud. It was disrupting my sense of thought so I turned it off and tried to fall asleep.

I turned over, and opened my eyes. This is when the open eye visuals came in. They were like flashing bright green lightning bolts that seemed to center themselves into the center of my vision. I closed my eyes, and proceeded to tell a story in my mind. My mind felt very clear, and I could think of anything I wanted. My story had much to do with the crocodile I saw on the tv before. I was examining the crocs inner bone structure, and it looked remarkably like a dinosaurs. I saw the connection.

After much intense thought and dreaming, I sat up. The room was intensely flashing, with colors everywhere. I layed down a began to think. The nausea had set in, and my stomach felt very queesy. For some reason, I could smell EVERY smell that usually makes me gag. I could smell alcohol distinctively, and I cringe at the smell of alcohol. I leaned over, and puked out some stomach acid into the baggy I put next to my bed. The puke was so acidic, it burned the inside of my mouth. The room started spinning out of control, so I layed back down.

I began to think of strange things. I realized that everything is something, yet at the same time, everything in nothing. The crocodile I was thinking of was something of significance to me, yet it was nothing compared to the universe around it. This may make no sense, but it does to me. I was experiencing infinity. Everything seemed to go more toward the everything is nothing side perspective, as I made the connection that the entropy of the universe is constantly increasing. Although, my mind puts all of this information of the universe into assortment, so the entropy of my mind is constantly decreasing. Everything seemed so close, but far away at the same time.

I awoke pretty late the next day. I felt fresh and revived in a way. It was a good experience that I would probably try again, but only if I extracted the LSA, without having to eat those devil seeds.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52242
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 8, 2009Views: 16,313
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Morning Glory (38) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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