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The Wonder Stimulant (A Summary Of Effects)
by Cid
Citation:   Cid. "The Wonder Stimulant (A Summary Of Effects): An Experience with Methylphenidate (exp5227)". Jan 12, 2002.

    Pharms - Methylphenidate


I have a few reflections to make particularly on the drug methylphenidate (aka ritalin- its most commonly used trade name), commonly prescribed for ADD, depression, apathy, etc etc. 30 - 40 mg taken orally is recommended for a moderately strong dose in people(s) with no or little tolerance to the drug. 10 - 20 mg is good by means of insufflation, which may i add, is the better route of choice. Intravenous injection or mainlining is rare with this drug but possible. When mainlined, methylphenidate produces moderate to heavy effects in doses as low as 5 - 10 mg.

The methylphenidate experience for me is typically broken up into two stages. The first stage usually onsets immediately after snorting following a short, very euphoric rush or about 20 - 40 minutes after taken orally on an empty stomach. During this stage moderate euphoria is felt, increased motor capabilities, moderate to heavy reduction in appetite, increased heart rate and blood pressure, increased movement and restlessness in higher doses, the ability to focus and concentrate, intense thought trains (not as abstract or creative as those experienced under the influence of lsd, high doses of thc, psilocybin, or other tryptamines), CNS stimulation resulting in reduced fatigue, increased awareness, and temporary insomnia, increased motivation, mild but pleasant dizziness, minor tingling in nerve endings in testicles or vaginal area, back of the head, feet, and/or hands, and in general, a positive mood uplift.

About 30 minutes after the onsets of the drug (about 15 - 20 minutes when snorted), the second stage begins. During this stage, the euphoria begins to gradually subside, motor skills seem to be mildly depleted, apathetic feelings towards sleep are decreased but not abolished, making it possible but still difficult to fall asleep, a strong increase in sex drive and pleasant dizziness is felt, previous feelings of increased motivation, stimulation, and ability to focus subside somewhat but are still noticable, an intense feeling of relaxation is prominent, appetite is still fully repressed to the point where consuming more than 10 - 20 g of any food substance could cause mild nausea and possible vomiting, and tingling of nerve endings in the testicals or vaginal area, back of the head, hands, and/or feet is increased to the point that it somewhat resembles the same feeling achieved on lower doses of opiates and opoids.

Although the sex drive is significantly increased (sex drive referring to the mental motivation to engage in sexual relations and, chemically, the release of extra sex hormones in the blood, allowing the penis, vagina, or anus to withstand more sexual contact and stimulation without becoming irritated), ability to achieve orgasm and ability to achieve full erection or vaginal lubrication is decreased, but not significantly so. Overall, sex and/or masturbation is more pleasurable during this stage.

Unfortunately, this stage can produce negative feelings of over relaxation, increased irratibility, and moderately decreased motivation when very heavy doses or many doses over a short peroid of time are taken. The feeling to take more of the drug starts to enter one's mind during this stage, however, I have concluded that this isn't a blockage of the reuptake of the neurotransmittor it affects (dopamine i believe), but merely a psychosomatic effect--one knows he or she is high but also knows, by taking more, he or she can be significantly higher. Therefore, this being the only reason at the moment to affect his or her decision to take more, this yearning can be associated with any drug and not exclusively with the addiction potential and/or crash experienced with this drug.

The most dreaded aspect of any stimulant is the crash, methylphenidate being no exception. While the crash is, relative to the experience, undesirable and somewhat harsh, relative to other stimulants like cocaine and amphetamines, the crash is very mild. Unlike cocaine, the crash occurs gradually as the effects of the second stage gradually taper off. The exact point of the crash of this drug is hard to determine because some effects of the drug linger while others deplete fully. Generally, the euphoria subsides fully about 70 - 90 minutes after the first onsets of the drug when taken orally. When taken by means of insufflation, the crash is typically felt 50 - 70 minutes after the early effects are noticed. However, feelings of tingling in nerve endings in testicles or vaginal area can be felt hours after the experience, in some people, insomnia is felt up to 3 hours after dosing, increased sex drive is prominent for about 2 hours after the early stage of the drug is felt, and a signficant feeling of relaxation is usually felt until the user sleeps this feeling off.

Unlike most stimulants, mild depression does not usually occur in low to moderate doses. This is most likely due to the fact that methylphenidate was originally intended to aid in the progressive reuptake of dopamine in the brain. However, in higher doses or multiple doses spanned over a short period of time, mild depression can occur during a crash. These feelings are usually mild in people who are, for the most part, emotionally stable and can almost always be slept off. Unfortunetaly, a crash on a moderate to high methylphenidate dose does include a yearning to use more of the drug (substantially less than the yearning found on amphetamines and cocaine), proving to be potentially mentally addictive.

Methylphenidate, being a stimulant, does have addiction risks. Mentally, it proposes the same addiction potential as ANY psychoactive substance--the experience is enjoyed by the user and he or she wishes to again repeat this. Additionally, methylphenidate encorporates the traditional addiction potential associated with all stimulants, however methylphenidate being relatively milder than most. Stimulants provide a feeling of well being and euphoria, in emotionally unstable peoples this feeling is sought after and used as a remedy to cure certain mental and emotional problems. The person therefore gradually begins to be dependent upon the drug. Although this occurence is less common amongst those who are emotionally stable, the feeling of euphoria and well being can prove to be equally as addictive for these people.

I have no first hand experience on the physical addiction of this drug. However, I assume that, methylphenidate being similar, affects-wise, to amphetamine, physical addiction is possible and plausible with heavy use. Withdrawal symptoms of virtually any sitmulant include apathy, excessive sleep, depression, excessive eating, mild fever, and in worst case scenarios, involuntary muscle movements and possibly amphetamine disorder.

Negative long term effects of excessive methylphenidate abuse can cause insomnia, extreme weight loss, paranoia, apathetic feelings towards life, damage to the mucus membrane if the drug is usually snorted, manic depression, and, indirectly, nutrient, vitamin and/or mineral dificiencies.

Negative short term effects of methylphenidate can sometimes include insomnia, occasional jaw grinding, decreased intensity of orgasms, irritation of the mucus membrane including anything from burning to bleeding when snorted, and drips when snorted. The drips are particuarly disgusting and, generally and relative to other snortable drugs, extremely bitter and foul in taste. Drips usually occur after snorting a substance. The matter is absorbed rapidly in the mucus membrane, if its soluble there. Excess matter in turn drips from the mucus membrane into the back of the throat and into the stomach, allowing one to taste the substance he or she has snorted.

Relative to other stimulants, Methylphenidate is a safe compound. It produces milder negative side effects than most other stimulants, while keeping its euphoric properties intact. Methylphenidate also offers favorable feelings and effects not typically associated with stimulants and a significantly mild crash relative to cocaine and amphetamine. I do not condone the use of methylphenidate or any other controlled substance due to legalities and personal differences in body chemistry. However, I certainly do not have the nerve or even the right to condem the use of methylphenidate or any other psychoactive mainly due to the fact that the only person in charge of your life is YOU. Who am I to tell you what you should or should not do?

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5227
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 12, 2002Views: 281,984
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