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Triggering My Psychotic Attack
Citation:   Michael. "Triggering My Psychotic Attack: An Experience with Piracetam (exp52356)". Mar 23, 2012.

5 g oral Piracetam (capsule)
  500 mg oral Piracetam (capsule)
  500 mg oral Piracetam (capsule)
After graduating high school I spent my summer vacation tripping mushrooms, smoking weed and rolling on E very frequently. My mom drug tests me and I fail miserably. She decides that I need to get out of my environment. I have lots of family in South America so I get sent there for five months.

I was reading about piracetam and it really sparked my interest. When I learned that I could buy it over the counter in south america I immediately ran out and bought it. I took an attack dose and waited for heightened awareness and I somewhat expected to feel like I was tripping. Instead I felt down and depressed. I decided to lie down. Wondering why I felt this way I started to have thoughts flood my head. Thoughts about my past. My thoughts were beginning to become audible and I proceeded to have 2 different personalities arguing with each other. One voice wanted to know why I felt bad and the other voice wanted to leave it alone. After opening some doors in my head I felt a little sick, because I remember being sexually abused.

The next day I had a meeting with a shrink. (my mom had hired him before I left to South America) I told my shrink what had happened to me, and talking about it made it more vivid. On my way back home I was experiencing a very intense rage. I wanted to kill the people who walked past me, but I realized that I didnt really want to kill anyone so I thought about walking in front of a speeding car. But then I came to my senses and finished my walk home.

In the next week I took 2 500 mg pills of piracetam. In that week I had a breakdown where I cried laughed screamed growled and sobbed all at once. Then my hands went numb and my fingers started looking very twisted and my arms started to pull up towards my chest. This freaked me out alot and also my aunt who watched it all happen. Her presence is what I think kept me from totally losing it. After that I cried a little bit. After that I felt a burden lifted off my chest, I normally walk with a hunch but I started walking really straight, and then I started to think I was the anti christ. I always wore my sun glasses, because I thought they were the windows to my soul, and I didnt want any one to see my soul. I thought the government was reading my emails, watching me, planning to kill me. I freaked all my friends out.

Then they put me on zyprexa. I got fat and depressed. But I stopped being crazy.

[Reported Dose: '12 500 mg capsules']

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 52356
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 23, 2012Views: 12,128
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Piracetam (95) : Not Applicable (38), Post Trip Problems (8), Health Problems (27)

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