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Perfect Sleepy State...
by el
Citation:   el. "Perfect Sleepy State...: An Experience with Tramadol (exp52421)". Oct 31, 2019.

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300 mg oral Pharms - Tramadol (pill / tablet)
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I felt tempted to try heroin at least once in my life, but was scared to inject some powder from the street into my body. You never know what's in there, right? Somewhere I read that the biggest health problem with heroin were the impurities.

A friend of mine told me about some pills (ďTramalĒ) that he and his friends took when heroin was unavailable. He said the experience was very pleasant and that some people might even prefer Tamadol over heroin.

I made some research and got a 100 pills (each 50mg) supply from Thailand where they can be obtained without any difficulties.

I had the pills in my room for quite a while without using them. My plan was to take them once I graduate from uni. About one week before my last exam, I decided to try a small dose before the big hit, just to see whether something might be wrong with them. So I took two tabs (100mg) and went for a walk to the city. During the first one or two hours nothing happened. The onset is very slow and there are no surprises at any stage. Then, for the next 6 or 8 hours I felt very relaxed. I got an idea of what the Tramadol experience is like.

I would compare it to a nice state of sleep, while being awake nevertheless. I had no wishes, no special thoughts, everything seemed pleasant. It was like the never-ending physical pleasure of a nice dream, without the mental side of the dream. Then I understood why morphine is called that way. Morpheus is the Greek God of dreams.

One week later, immediately after the last exam I went home and had lunch. It is advisable to take Tramadol after going to the toilet since it kind of stops the whole digestion system for a day or so. At around 6pm I took 6 tabs (300mg) and had a rest on my bed for at least an hour. Once I started to feel some difference, I got up and walked to the city centre again. At 8pm I decided to take 2 more pills to have a total dose of 400mg. Tramadol comes on so slowly that you are tempted to think for the first hours that the dose is too weak. The problem with taking further pills is that the stomach might already not digest anymore. So instead of making the experience more intense, it gets longer instead. The length of the Tramadol experience is one of the best things about it. Between 9pm and 2am I was sitting in a very comfortable lounge where people smoke waterpipes and listen to Arab music. I was sitting there, bursting of joy, and when I thought that the feeling will continue for many hours to come I was amazed and thankful for the privilege. I drank one cup of tea and sucked candies during the whole time. People realised that Iím not normal. Many of them were constantly looking at me. I was making strange movements to the music, kind of like dancing while sitting. I didnít feel embarrassed at all. My thought was: ďYou guys stare at me. Thatís normal, Iím on drugs. You donít seem to understand whatís up with me. Why donít you come and ask me?Ē I tried to chat with a guy sitting next to me, but I couldnít talk smoothly, so I stopped again, sucked my candies, closed my eyes, sit-danced and enjoyed the perfect state of Ďnothingí. Before leaving, I tried to pee, which was almost not possible. I shouldn't have drank much while on Tramadol. Then I ate a small burger which didnít cause any difficulties, walked home and went to bed.

About once per month I smoke pure joints alone in my room and get extremely stoned. These experiences are usually also extremely enjoyable, but they require more preparation (be alone, prepare good food, have the right music and paper for writing down thoughts) and occasionally they can be bad. Tramadol is probably less delicate in this respect. It is a purely physical drug, thereís no mental side to it. I donít think my Tramadol experiences taught me anything valuable, but they could easily be the moments I enjoyed most in my life, moments that lasted around 8 hours.

6 months later (two weeks ago) I took some Tramadol again, limiting myself to 6 tabs this time (300mg). I told a friend about my undertaking. I wanted to meet him so that he could tell me how he perceives me. We met at the train station, with Tramadol this busy place seemed very relaxing to me. We again ended up in a comfortable lounge. This time it was quite easy to chat, maybe because I know him quite well. 3 hours after taking the pills he left, saying that I appear completely normal to him. I could feel the Tramadol, but while chatting it was somehow in the background. Once he left, I put on my discman, closed my eyes. It was again the same enjoyable experience and people looked at me oddly. Around 4 hours after taking the pills until the very end, the body felt itchy. In the beginning it was only my nose and I was scratching my nose and face very often. At the very end, maybe 10 hours after intake, the whole body was itchy and I was scratching myself all over. Not painful, but a bit annoying.

The days after the experiences, I had a hangover, a bit like when I drank too much. I felt pretty weak and without motivation. The last time I took Tramadol I wasnít at the top of my feelings for quite a while. The drug blew away all my worries and made me stop thinking for a day. Perfect, like a sunny day during a rainy period, but very dangerous too! I think one should not take the drug during down moments. It is so good that you might feel very tempted to take it again the next day. Discipline is needed.

I have 84 pills left and I think I will finish them, always with a couple of months between the experiences. The next time I would like to take it with another person, to share the experience. Next time I will take only 5 pills, since I'm not really sure the experience with 8 tabs was better than with 6, but the hangover was a bit stronger.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 52421
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 31, 2019Views: 4,128
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