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Beautiful, Absolutely Beautiful
by LSD
Citation:   LSD. "Beautiful, Absolutely Beautiful: An Experience with LSD (exp52711)". Jun 17, 2018.

2 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)


First of all I've been in love with this substance the first time I tried it about a year ago its absolutely incredible...

This was my second time to trip on lsd... I took two hits with a girl I dont kno and with sum friends that were rolling(x)...we were at my friend M's house which is where every1 usually goes to trip...

So my trip kicked in and I was lovin it of course and my friend M had one of those electric light things when you touch it the electricity moves with ur finger and is all in different colors and some go with the music ur listening to...well me and this girl became absolutely mesmerized in the beauty of this thing and played with it for around an hour or more and watched the lights dance and follow our fingers and we also saw dancing men dancing around the world in it...

After a while of playing with the light I thought of something to do which was start a bonfire outside in M's backyard, M was like hell yea lets do it but I dont have any wood. So we ended up using this wooden dresser that no one used and me and him had to carry it down the stairs outside and got the other girl that was trippin with me (I'll just call her shelly), we got outside and we were still mesmerized with the beauty of everything and we left mark to set up the bonfire while me and her stood and stared at the grass for about an hour and a half...the grass was like a whole new spiraling world of mysterious beauty it was wonderful...

About maybe 4 hours into the trip me and shelly walked back inside to see the 2 ppl rolling sittin in the kitchen me and shelly walked in there for sum reason which I cant recall and I'm sure we forgot anyway but we looked at each other in the eye and started talkin to each other through our MINDS! It was telepathy and we were like holy shit can u hear me and she was like yea I'm hearin u and I was like this is insane!! And she was like omg this is craaazy but this was all said in our heads and the two ppl rolling were looking at us like wut the fuck?! (me and shelly were talkin back and forth with our minds but also using lots of hand gestures and just looking at each other)

Me and shelly continued to stare each other in the eye and read each others minds, our eyes and minds were completely connected it was so weird I dont know how to explain it and when our eyes were connected all we saw were each others warped faces, our faces would stay where they were and I watched her body float up and dance in the air with her head still as it should kinda reminded me of one of those cat clocks, where the cats head stays still but its body ticks
I was sick of being inside I had such a yearning for the outdoors so everyone else stayed inside and I went outside and sat at a table by myself and watched a tree/bush across his yard for a while....the bush started swirling into infinityand it changed into a dragon swirling a few times it was wonderfully beautiful, but after about 1:30 or so I went back inside to socialize...

It was early in the morning and I was starting to come down now, but patterns and colors were still swirling and making their way in my field of vision.

All in all every trip I've had has been wonderful I dont think theres a better drug out there, LSD is magical and purely spiritual...I feel so at home and at place in the world and pretty much all knowing (or at least I do)... LSD is beautiful and should be treated with respect...theres nothing better or a more incredible feeling than being on it... Me and my friends have never had any bad trips by keeping open minds and stay happy, no worries, and wel have the most beautiful, amazing, enlightening experience ever!!!

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52711
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 17, 2018Views: 664
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LSD (2) : Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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