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Multiple Realities
by josh
Citation:   josh. "Multiple Realities: An Experience with Ketamine (exp52775)". Feb 27, 2018.

  insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
    insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


multiple realities. a glowing expeirience

Me and a good friend recently obtained a little under a gram of pure ketamine powder. Having dabbled with the drug once before in mexico I was very eager to try it and see its full effects. We started at a local Internet gameshack where 100s of computers are linked together to play LAN games such as counter strike and battlefield. We both started Doing bumps off keys in the bathroom. We walked out chatted with some friends, then continued to playing battlefield.

After about 5-10 minutes the first effects kicked in. As Placebo says in a song 'No warning, no delay. You come on just liek special K" I think this is extremely correct and probably the reason that some peopel are somewhat intimadated by the drug. It tends to sneak up on me when I stop thinking about it.

I didnt mind I sat back and admired the comfortable leather chairs and looked at my friend who was doing the same. We continued to play the game. My friend told me that by your face close to the screen he felt obsorbed into the game. I tried this and was blown away. Somehow my eyes adjusted and the battle front became 3 dimensional. We waited until I was sober enough to drive and went home.

Having about .6 of K left we went home and hung out for awhile. Then I decided to do some more. We went into my room put on some mellow trance and racked out a few lines. What happened next is basically IMPOSSIBLE to explain, but ill give it my best effort. To me there is only 3 levels to K the first is a stony, intoxicated feeling, this is what bumps do to me. The second level is a somewhat immobilized but blissful feeling where your body feels more fucked up then your head. The third Level often refered to as a K whole is when it feels as if all the k one had done through out the day suddenly catches up to you and your almost comptely lost of motor skills.

This is where I had my most intense and amazing psychoactive trip to this day. My body began to flow with the beat of the music almost effortlessly. I found myself expressing my feelings in ways I had never been able to. I had rarely even attempted to dance and had certainly never succeeded before. It was as if I had unlocked a door to a sense of creative expression I had lost long ago.
I had rarely even attempted to dance and had certainly never succeeded before. It was as if I had unlocked a door to a sense of creative expression I had lost long ago.
I found myself flawlessly executing complex breakdance steps in no time and I couldn't help but move with the beat. My friend joined me shortly. Having never practiced or even talked about it, we were able to coordinate dance moves with each other all the while moving fluidly and flawlessly. It was as if the drug itself had linked us physically. I would throw slow motion fake blows his direction and he would add sound effects and choreograph the hit in slow motion. At the time it seemed like the most amazing connection to anyone I had ever experienced. I was in my room thinking, thinking about all my problems moving around and dwelling on my problems when suddenly I realized! I was actually on my bed? It was amazing. My first out of body expeirience. Thats when it hit me! All my problems, were in my body and reality that didnt even exist, therefore all my problems were erradicated. Now I know the thought process seems errational as you read this. But at the time it seemed completely logical and gave me the most serenifieng and mind settling feeling anyone could ever feel. I layed on my bed just thinking. 'I fucken Love this stuff I said to my friend.' he said 'Ditto' and we both called it a night.

The only slightly disturbing part of the experience happened near the beginning. As the music pounded in my chest, seeming to become a part of me while expressing myself in ways I never have, I suddenly felt what I can only describe as 'something not being quite right.' I wandered through my apartment almost drawn by an unknown force to my roommate's bedroom and then slowly into the corner where her stereo sat. I walked closer to the stereo, not quite understanding why, still able to hear the music booming from the living room loud and clear. When I was about two feet away from it, I could suddenly make out a little static and the faint voice of some country music station DJ. My roommate had left her stereo on. I turned it off, felt better, and returned to my partying. Either it's a hell of a coincidence or I could actually feel the disturbance from two rooms away, over my pounding techno. I cannot explain this.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52775
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 27, 2018Views: 1,184
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Ketamine (31) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Performance Enhancement (50), Relationships (44), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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