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Now I Get It
Tobacco (dip)
Citation:   LSA underground. "Now I Get It: An Experience with Tobacco (dip) (exp52796)". Mar 25, 2008.

1 sublingual Tobacco (plant material)
  1 sublingual Tobacco (plant material)
I'm no heavy smoker of tobacco by any means; I smoke with friends at parties, but only then. In fact, I find most tobacco coming out of the U.S. to be somewhat unpleasant. However, I do enjoy tobacco snuff, which is hard to come by in my area, particularly if you are a minor with not a lot of money for gas to get to a smoke shop.

My friend mentioned that at the gas station he works they carry snuff. I paid him 5 dollars for what he and I thought was snuff, but it turned out to be dip or chewing tobacco (the container has the word snuff on it for some reason.) I gave most of it away to kids who do chew, but kept a small pile for myself. I had chewed once or twice before, but threw up after loading my mouth with some foul vanilla flavored dip. I decided to give it another shot, this time using much less.

The usual head rush commenced, followed by the 'ick' feeling people who hate tobacco say they despise. This only lasted a minute. Next came an overwhelming calm which was border line euphoric. I ate lunch with no problems. In fact, the stuff wore off just in time, allowing me to have a pretty hearty appetite.

I did another pinch and enjoyed it even more. I suppose the dose and variety is important. I have enjoyed this experience, and would like to partake of the gold leaf in this manner occasionally. I don't need to stain my teeth with shredded tobacco: for that I have coca-cola, which I have developed a minor addiction to (yes, the soft drink).

I prefer snuff overall, but this type of dip is pretty damn pleasant.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52796
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 25, 2008Views: 14,795
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Tobacco (47) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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