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Caf-fiendish Experience
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "Caf-fiendish Experience: An Experience with Caffeine (exp52965)". Apr 17, 2010.

2800 mg oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)
I always drank a lot of pop when I was a kid and loved staying up late. Then, one day (I think I was 14), I was at the grocery store, and walking through an aisle of the pharmacy, noticed a package of caffeine pills. I always knew of them, but never until that moment considered taking any myself. I thought, 'That would be nice. As much caffeine as I need/want, whenever I need/want it. Quicker than drinking a bunch of Mountain Dews.' So I bought a pack of, I think sixteen 200 mg pills.

I took them one or two a day, and thought it kept me up well; I thought it was pretty cool. So later, I bought a bottle (the first was in a foil-backed package) of forty 200 mg No-Doz. I usually took two, on days that I took any; but sometimes upped to dose to three or four pills. With four pills, I would get quite a buzz. If I had been sitting down for a while, and then stood up, I felt really weird and dizzy--but in a good way. I would have a ton of energy--physical energy, mental energy, creative energy, everything.

As my caffeine tolerance built up, three or four became the norm for a day, and every once in a while five or even six on rare occasions. With that much, I kind of got a nauseated feeling, and a chalky taste in my mouth, and when I would breathe in through my nose, there would be a really strange kind of chalky smell. It was really strange; it was not anything outside my body I was smelling. But even with the weird sick feelings and smells and stuff, it gave me an even better buzz to take five or six, so I began to do this more often. I also would kind of hallucinate, always thinking I was seeing things move really fast out of the corner of my eye, when nothing was moving at all. Once, I was looking out the window at night, and stared at this big, motionless rock, and could not figure out whether it was a rock, or a cat moving around.

Then, early one day--sometime around getting home from school--I resolved that I was going to take a lot of caffeine that day. I took four right off. I sat around a while, not doing much, but buzzed. Within a couple of hours, I took three more pills. Started to feel pretty nauseated, but still not satisfied that I had taken enough pills to have a real good time. So I took four more. Not long after, three more. Within fifteen minutes of taking that fourteenth pill, I really started to feel sick. I lay down on the couch, hoping to start feeling better. But it only got worse. The weird smell from before was stronger than ever, and I was constantly smelling it. It was so weird; just that smell pretty much gave me a bad headache. I soon had to go into the bathroom and puke up some bright-yellow crap. Felt a little better. I lay back down on the couch. But then I felt really bad again. Puked up more yellow stuff. Back to the couch. Back to the toilet to puke. I think I had to puke violently five or six times before I felt well enough to fall asleep.

The next morning, I go to school feeling terrible. It helped a lot to put my head down, so every chance I had, I just kept my head down on my desk. That day was some achievement testing thing so I had to stay to do that. Taking that was no fun at all. But as soon as it was done, I called my mom, and had her pick me up and take me home. When I got home, I puked a bunch of yellow stuff one more time. I lay on the couch and went to sleep. For some reason, I don't recall whether I woke up later that day, or whether I slept till school the next day; but all I remember is that the next day I pretty much felt better.

I continue to take caffeine pills, but I don't plan on ever taking more than four in a day again.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 52965
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 14
Published: Apr 17, 2010Views: 11,577
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