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First Time Trip for a Couple
Salvia divinorum (6x extract)
by Quiet Mind
Citation:   Quiet Mind. "First Time Trip for a Couple: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (6x extract) (exp53066)". Jun 23, 2007.

1 shot oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 6x)


Partner and I meditate frequently, and are on a spiritual type adventure as of late. Salvia has been brought to our attention at several different times in the last few weeks, so we begin to wonder if this is some sort of quest we need to experience to help us understand how to go deeper into our meditations, and become closer with 'Source'. Maybe this information comes to us because we need to know. We begin our research, and being regular pot smokers, feel this is something we can handle and would like to try. We don't engage in chemical drug use, but do consume alcohol. We are both female, ealry 40's, and live a modest lifestyle in the country. No big stress going on, we are good with nature, good space in our lives, etc ect. We are well prepared. So we think.


We are excited, and agree that we will not drink or smoke pot the day we will journey so we can fully experience Sally. We have a mediation set up and have planned out our Salvia evening for an experience at full moon, in our bedroom, with french doors open to the water, with the moon directly across as our view. We will take turns and sit for each other. We'll finish all the days activities, retire to the house, shower, sage cleanse the house, and begin meditation to Shamanic Dream II, then she will embark and I will sit, and then vice versa.

The Day:

All day we are preparing for the evening. We want to smoke pot bad all day, but don't. We have engaged in reading some spiritual material, and have been dialoging about some Salvia experiences we have read online. We talk about having fear that we will have fear, that there is nothing to fear, etc. Evening is finally falling, and we begin to prepare for the adventure.

The Savlvia Experience:

My Partner:

We both feel some anxiety, and we agree that we might want to take the edge off, and we have one shot of vodka just to calm us.

Everything goes as planned and we have wonderful mediation, the moon is in prefect view, the house is calm and quiet. We turn off the mediation music and get on the bed. She takes a slow toke of Salvia, and holds it, then another. She then says Oh, yeah, here comes the pressure' and shows me where it is coming from above her right temple. She begins laughing hysterically, which makes me laugh, and I get off the bed not wanting to screw with her trip. I try hard not to laugh, and then she falls silent. She is tripping hard, and begins to say 'Nope... No way... not good' Then she starts mumbling and moving her body in strange ways, lying on her back, but like doing Ti-chi with her legs in all directions. 'Not ready... the skirt.....hammer' She is moving off the bed. I am a little concerned, as I don't want to alarm her, but feel I need to move her as she tries to get into a small basket near our bed. I sit her down, and reassure her that she is OK, and she is on Salvia. She only has a few more minutes to go. She isn't happy. She says, 'Well shit... if I'd known it would be this, I'd have worn better shoes'... She isn't happy, but I think that is funny. I chuckle, and she looks at me and pulls her shirt out and say's, 'You don't want to do this... Oh geeze... Nope.. Nope', then she rolls to the floor. 'Are you real? or are you...' I assure her I am real, and that she must be coming down, that it will be over in a few minutes, to try an enjoy it.

She is hanging on to the bed post under the end of the bed on the floor. 'I'm not going... I'm pissed... no I won't... God dammit!... I can't... shit...' She calls my name, and I respond... 'Are you real?' 'The real (my name)?' Yes. Again I reassure her. She says ' Well.. I guess I have no choice then..' she takes a deep breath and the trip is over. She is coming out.

She is irritated, and tries to describe her trip. She speaks of multiple dimensions, layer of reality, and being pissed that she was fooled into believing that our world was real, and that she had been tricked. She found herself behind a staircase, and they were all saying 'Come On! Let's go' and she was afraid. The layers scared her, and they made her feel as if she were under water watching several layers or realities, and they wanted her to come, and she needed to breathe in to go, but she was afraid. She fought the entire trip, but in the end when she said, 'Well I guess I have to' she gave in and took in the breath, and the trip ended.

I was floored, and had wished for a pen and paper the entire time. I had no idea she would move and talk, and express so many strange things. It hit her so fast. But the whole trip lasted only about 15 minutes. She came down for another 15 minutes, and we talked about 30 minutes more before I would take my trip.

My trip:

I must admit, I was hesitant. She didn't really dig it, and didn't want me to do it. I thought she must not have taken a big enough hit, and I decided I would take in more so that I would go deeper.

I asked if she was ready to be my sitter. She was ready at about 35 minutes post trip. We got her a pen and paper, as I had wished for. I wish we had had a small recorder, or even video.

I took my position on the bed, and took in a large hit and held it, exhaled and took another, but I was already going. I reportedly spoke out, 'here come the purple, everything is outlined in purple' and fell into an hysterical laughter (her reports, I have no memory of the beginning of the trip).

I felt myself being stretched, and I was very uncomfortable with the feeling and she reported at the early stage of my trip I yelled out ' It's getting me!'. Everything was so familiar. I knew where I was somehow... but not sure what was happening. Then I went... fast!! She reports I began hysterically laughing and yelling. What I was feeling was my person being stretched into a large zipper.

My arm went up to the right, and the pull/stretch was very powerful and unnerving. No time to panic. My arm became the top of the zipper, and the interlocking teeth were all outlined in purple. I then was the zipper, and began the fastest, most intense ride of my life! It was amazing!! As I unzipped, the purple filled in reality behind and above where it opened up. I was reported to be laughing and screaming, like on a roller coaster ride, and yelled out ' this is awesome!!! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!' with more hysterical laughter. I was unaware that she was trying to calm me, telling me to lay back, as I was doing repeated sit ups, and laughing and yelling with tears coming down my cheeks.

She told me to take a deep breath, and I did, though I do not remember her instructing me to do so. After that, I caught a glimpse of her briefly, and the look on her face made me worry. I must need to get out, and she reported I called to her 'Get me out!' and I grabbed her hand. I then went back in, and continued laughing and yelling and enjoying the ride, and then sat up and reportedly said, 'I know all of you!' as I pointed to the left with a smile on my face. And then it finally ended. No fog, nothing. Over, but with so much to tell!

I was exhilarated to say the least! I couldn't even comprehend that the time elapsed had only been six minutes! 6 minutes! No way! It felt like forever! I have never in my life felt such speed and such a rush. I couldn't stop talking about how I was the zipper! I was unzipping reality at a rate that I could not describe. I am not a screamer or yeller, and the only time I have ever yelled like that was on rides at amusement parks. I have never experienced speed like I traveled down the tunnel that I was unzipping. I have not yet been able to put all the insight into words. I can only thank Salvia, for her kind nature and generosity at allowing me a fun and exciting ride, when I had previously been having all sorts of expectations, and even fear.

After Glow:
Hers lasted about an hour, and I swear I am still on the glow today. I burst out in laughter at strange times, and recall everything about the experience and more. We are having exciting and deep conversations today about everything. Life, Source, reality, everything. The experience was incredible.

After Shocks:
No hang over, no ill effects, other than my body is sore from all the sit ups. What and experience.

Future Salvia use?

We plan to experiment with Salvia a couple of times a month, and see all that she has to teach us. My partner now feels that she can enjoy her trips, now that she knows they will end. Watching me, let her know that being that out of control, I still come back.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53066
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 23, 2007Views: 17,030
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