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Very Intense
Morning Glory Seeds & LSD
Citation:   living in utah. "Very Intense: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds & LSD (exp5316)". Jan 13, 2002.

T+ 0:00
30 g oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 2:00 2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
This is an account of my experience with LSA (extracted from Pearly Gates) and LSD. In about 1990, a friend of mine located a recipe for 'LSD' from the Anarchist's Cookbook. It is important to point out that this recipe *does not* make LSD and is incorrect. The original recipe follows:

LSD courtesy of the Jolly Roger (from the Anarchist's Cookbook)
1) Grind up 150 grams of Morning Glory seeds or baby Hawaiian wood rose seeds.
2) In 130 cc. of petroleum ether, soak the seeds for two days.
3) Filter the solution through a tight screen.
4) Throw away the liquid, and allow the seed mush to dry.
5) For two days allow the mush to soak in 110 cc. of wood alcohol.
6) Filter the solution again, saving the liquid and labeling it '1.'
7) Resoak the mush in 110 cc. of wood alcohol for two days.
8) Filter and throw away the mush.
9) Add the liquid from the second soak to the solution labeled '1.'
10) Pour the liquid into a cookie tray and allow it to evaporate.
11) When all of the liquid has evaporated, a yellow gum remains.
This should be scraped up and put into capsules.
30 grams of Morning Glory seeds = 1 trip
15 Hawaiian wood rose seeds = 1 trip

My friend also read in the AC that Morning Glory seeds are often treated with pesticides that destroy the naturally occurring Ergot alkaloids. My friend purchased Pearly Gate Morning Glory seeds and planted them in his garden. When the plants began to produce seeds my friend began gathering them and removing the loose outer shell. He eventually gathered *30 grams* of shelled seeds according to the directions contained in the AC.

At the time, I worked for an environmental waste laboratory and had access to laboratory grade chemicals. I began by mixing the seeds with a small quantity of water and crushing the seeds to a pulp. I then used a Sonicator (Ultrasound) for about 2 hours to completely pulverize the seeds. I allowed the powder to dry completely (1 day). I added 130 ml of petroleum ether and allowed to pulp to soak for 1 day. I re-Sonicated the pulp w/ petroleum ether and allowed it to soak for another 1 day. I filtered the mixture and discarded the liquid. I allowed the pulp to dry completely (1 day).
I then added 110 ml of methanol, Sonicated the mixture and allowed the mixture to soak for two days. I repeated this extraction (2 days). I then collected the solvent and discarded the pulp. I added 1ml of distilled water and allowed the mixture to evaporate over a slightly warm water bath with an evaporation column. I continued evaporation and rinsed residue from the sides of the condenser flask w/ water until I had 3 ml of brightly colored orange liquid (12 hours).

In retrospect, the AC number indicating 30g of Morning Glory seeds=1 trip is wrong. I also believe that I got a very good extraction of LSA from the seeds.

The Trip

I consumed the entire concoction at about 4:00 pm. I had taken LSD often and felt comfortable taking up to 3 hits of strong acid at a time. I assumed that this would be a relatively week trip so I went to a party. By nearly 5:30 I felt no effects other than slight nervousness and some stomach discomfort. My friend was with me at the party and told the party host about my exploits. I explained that the experiment had failed and I was depressed that such hard-work had been for nothing. The host offered me some high quality blotter to cheer me up. I asked for 2 hits even though the host assured me that this was strong blotter.

Less than 10 minutes after consuming the two hits I began to feel a sensation unlike any other LSD experience that I had ever had. Within 60 seconds the room became *very* intensely visual. I have heard experienced psychonauts talk about a 'carrier-wave' with high dose mushroom trips. This seemed to have felt very much like that. I felt as if I was nudged slightly from my body. I immediately had a feeling of separation as if standing beside myself. My shoes began to melt into the carpet and form intricate, swirling patterns on the floor. I began to think that the experiment was not wasted after all and was elated. I excused my self to use the restroom. The walls had begun to breathe, particularly the levelors in the bathroom. Each time that I breathed in the walls breathed in; to the point that they were touching my body. The toilet bowl seemed to be several miles below. The bowl was small and moved back and forth. The back of the toilet was stretched so that the bowl was miles below, but the top of the back was at a normal height. I had a hard time determining if I was pissing on the floor or seat or even walls. At this point a stuffed Opus penguin on the top of the toilet began to talk and wink at me. All of this happened within 20 minutes of dropping the acid.

I returned to the living room and tried to talk to my friend and maintain. I was ashing a cigarette on my beer can when the can became very, very tall and the top of the can became huge. Much like the toilet experience, the can seemed tall and distorted or bent in a Dr. Suess like way. The ashes on the top of the can began to form into little lines of ants that marched across the top and over the edge. The host had one of those plasma-ball decorations on the coffee table- the ones that make blue and red sparks arc to your fingers when you touch it. I had been touching it earlier, but now the red and blue sparks began to arc across the room. All activity in the room became reduced to a crawl and slow motion arcs of red and blue cascaded across every one in the room. When people talked to me (or each other) the sounds came out so slowed down that they sounded like roars or growls. Arcs of colored light emanated from their mouths when the opened them and came flowing out to the intended listener. I also noticed that people speaking in what seemed to be a friendly way had cool blue energy emanating form their mouths and people who were excited or aggressive had red energy emanating from their mouths. I then noticed that my friend had gone. My watch said that it was 8:00 pm! Two hours had pasted in an instant.

I went outside to find my friend and became transfixed with a VW van parked across the street. It was breathing in a friendly way, so I sat on the curb next to it and watched the houses in the neighborhood. The trees and shrubs had become black colored elves and dwarves and they were having sex with each other in a frantic slow-motion orgy. There also seemed to be plant-people on the roofs of nearby houses. The air was alive with the sounds of sex. Literally everything was now moving and alive and I could not be sure which of the creatures were actual objects and which where simply pure hallucinations. Also the creatures near me seemed to be talking to me. Always in shallow whispers and mumbles. Oddly enough, I was not scared or in the least bit surprised by the state of the world. The sky above had become a wash of pure light and color; everything seem pervaded by a low humming sound. I began to focus on the house that I had just left. The structure had became very distorted in a cartoonish fashion with bright red and blue lighting. Cartoon looking characters seemed to be partying behind the curtains. I could only see the strange shadows, but they seemed to be jumping and throwing things and it was very loud. I eventually tried to go back across the street. The road, however, appeared to have *collapsed*. The black asphalt portion had fallen and now appeared to be completely gone; only the rocks on the road remained. They were attached to the top of long strings of color and were blowing in the wind. Eventually I convinced myself to walk across the street to the house with the party, but the door was locked. Perhaps they could not hear me over the wild party? I knocked loudly and waited for what seemed like an eternity. The host opened the door and the house was silent. He was wearing a bathrobe and appeared to be getting ready for bed. Two people that I knew were sitting in the living room and everyone else had gone. I looked at my watch and it was 11:00 pm.

My friends in the living room offered to walk home with me (I lived about 1 mile from this house). We began to walk and I immediately began to feel better. One of my friends was on coke and was talking so quickly that her voice became a gentle hum. I marveled at the beauty of the stars and followed my friends. Eventually I began to expect that we were lost. I took note on the corner that we were on 'C Street'. I loudly proclaimed that we had 6 more blocks to go. We then walked past the hospital. At the next street I looked at the street sign- 'C Street'. I asked my friend if we had just past 'C Street' and they told me no. We then walked past the hospital again. The next street sign said 'C Street'. This time I said nothing and continued walking. Soon we were on '2nd Avenue'. A very busy street that we had to cross to get to my house. The cars were whizzing by so quickly that they only looked like one long, continuous streak of light. I began to walk across the street and my friend (the coke fiend) screamed. I turned to see blood streaming down her face from her nose. I ran to her side and she turned to me, only to reveal no blood. My friends told me that I had nearly been hit by a car and each grasped one of my arms and lead me across the street. I was very skeptical about stepping in front of the car-light-streaks. They seemed very loud and very close. I simply began to move across and had the sensation that I was floating over the car-streaks while being held-up by my elbows.

At my home, my friends tucked me in, put on some music, poured me a beer and then told me that they needed to be somewhere and would return soon. I assured them that I would be fine. After all it was now 12:00 pm; a full 8 hours since I took the LSA and 6 hours since I took the acid. I should be down anytime. They left and I poured myself a bubble bath; I had been shivering violently since we left the house. I tried to use the toilet but found that I had no idea how to operate myself. My body seemed disconnected and I could not feel my bladder or bowels. As I got in the tub I realized that I also could not determine what temperature the water was. I assumed that it was not too hot because I felt no pain. To test this theory I turned the water to straight hot and put my hand under the faucet. The water felt cold, although I could see steam rising from my hand. The skin even appeared to be getting red. I changed the temperature to straight cold and felt the water. It felt very hot. I then selected about half of each, assuming that to be not cold or scalding. I began to relax until I realized that the bubbles were all over me. I'm not sure why this bothered me, but it did. I waited, telling myself that this was preposterous, but my anxiety grew. After only a few minutes I leaped from the tub and ran to my bed.

I hid under the covers for a while and then decided to listen to some music and reduce the amount of visual input. I turned off the lights and put on a piano concerto. When I closed my eyes I saw much more than the standard CEVs. I saw fully formed images of piano keys in flowing waves rushing by me, colored musical notes and penguins. I opened my eyes and discovered that I could see the same things on the blank, black wall in front of me. This was probably the most intense part of the trip. I felt as if I was rushing forward into blackness. Soon the entire room had become black and all that I could see were musical notes. I began to get worried. I sat up and put my hand in front of my face. I could not see my hand. I began to tell myself that this was ok. It was just a trip, but I keep wondering if my extraction had somehow left methanol residue in the product. Was I going blind? I tried to relax and listen to the music. Soon the song stopped and the next one did not start. I sat in complete darkness. No visuals, no sounds. I tried talking and could not hear myself. Suddenly the frond door opened and the lights came on. One of my friends had returned. She had a bottle of wine.

After some coercing, she agreed to lay with me. I was nude and we shared a glass of wine and lay together. We tried to have sex at one point but my attention span was too short. She went to sleep and I got up and went into the other room. It was now 3:11 am. I began to draw in a legal pad. At the top of each page I wrote the time. At the end of about 20 pages I went back and looked at my previous pages only to discover that the time had not changed. It was still 3:11. I sat and patiently watched for the time to change, but it did not. After some time doing this I returned to bed and waited for sleep. At 5:00 am I got up again. I now felt very much like I was coming down from a standard LSD trip. I had some stomach cramps and felt cold and somewhat disoriented. The visuals that I had now were only tracers and occasional distortions. I made coffee and watched the sun come up. I was still tripping too hard to sleep, but I felt fairly marvelous. But 11:00 am I could sleep and I slept for about 3 hours waking happy and refreshed.


Although this was a great experience, I would not recommend that anyone consume the quantities on Morning Glory described in the Anarchist's Cookbook. 30g is *way* too much. I peaked for approximately 9 hours and the entire trip lasted for over 14 hours! I do recommend the extraction however, I had no serious nausea or other side-effects. I am not entirely sure how much of the effect was from the LSA and how much was from the LSD, however, I have never had an LSD experience before or since like that one.

Exp Year: 1990ExpID: 5316
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 13, 2002Views: 122,240
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