A New Consciousness
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
Citation:   ateFromtotse. "A New Consciousness: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp53467)". Erowid.org. Sep 8, 2008. erowid.org/exp/53467

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
I love it when I'm on here and people keep reminding me of long forgotten instances.

First thing. I don't 'trip' like most people. I am special, retarded, a genius, or autistic, whatever I am, it's more of like me being introduced to a new way of thinking, not like I go inside my head and dance around in hallinatory dreams where the people around me turn into building and I can see people then walking into the buildings (the real people), like a friend once explain a trip of his to be like. Right before he passed into a laughing fit and didn't stop until he stopped breathing which was funny yet scary at the same time.

This is going to be long.

Well. I took the hit.

I sat down.
The bed was horizontally in front of me, as high as my eyes were.

The one-hitter was on the floor with the lighter, my tv. was on to a news channel and my small size mp3 player was playing 50 cent.

I get that painful feeling that time is stopping, that this moment of discomfort, itchyness and feeling like my eyes suddenly became phsyically attched to whatever I was looking at, was going to last forever and never change or feel better.

Then I saw the bed cover handing down the sideo of the bed.

There was crinkles and creases.

Then a three by three grid appeared in the bed and I heard a voice in my head

'THE UNIVERSE' in a deep trembling voice (my own)

The grid appeared and all other pieces of the bed seemed to fade out and sink in, then the light changed I looked down at my floor where I was sitting cross legged.

I had the strangest impression that the position of the way everything was layed out on the floor (the headphones, the lighter, etc) was some type of hieroglyphic.

Now, I'm serious, not like it looked like letters or something. But like it held some kind of information, at the time I thought it was about the past. That it was a direct conncetion to the past and in fact the exact moment that I dropped all the stuff down there. then I thought that it represented the normal me off salvia.

I giggled. I laughed outloud, I couldn't contain myself. I held caught the truth.

I wasn't percieving something higher about the information in the way I dropped them down, like what I was doing at the time and how my body was positioned and other physical, scientific, measurable 'dogma' like that.

I was (yes fucking is a good word here) FUCKING COMMUNITCATING WITH THEM.

Everything that was on the floor at the time, that was inanimate, was speaking to me. About all it had just witnessed me do. It was alive and conscious and it had seen me for a good amount of time now.

At this point I was literally choking on my breath laughing so hard (most people don't ever remember why the hell they would laugh like that, but I remembered this, I was alone and I made sure to do it all right).

The thought of telepathically relaying information from my collection of particularly inanimate yet relative object lying on the ground was making the sane, grounded ego-part of me lose control of my ability to remain serious and I was laughing like a madman.

Then I'm out. Boom. The lights go out. I'm gone. I don't feel anything, yet there was distinct notion of a GAP inbetween when I wen't out and when I woke up.

Now this is the part that people remember. Blacking and waking up. While they don't remember what happened or why they were laughing in between or why they were drooling and couldn't talk right.

Well, I wake up and my back is slouched against the wall and my chest is kind of caved in like I can't breathe for some reason, and I'm giving out this most retarded and alien sounding laugh I've ever heard. I could barely get enough air in to breath, let alone laugh correctly, or what I thought was corret. I didn't care though, any thought about that was distracted by what I experienced next.

I'm sitting there laughing like shit, and I snap out of the laughing fit. I still had the biggest cheesiest grin no my face, and I was in no way feeling like anything but a clown in a big circus show, but I managed to keep my laughter down so that I could breathe and then turn my attention outwards once more for the trip.

Well. I look down again after remembering about the stuff.

I find it looking back at me. I began another laughing fit. I told it.

Or it saw what it was doing to me. The consciousness that occupied the objects at the time. So it stopped. And it was gone.

Or rather, it transfered itself to another form.

Suddenly I could hear differently. An also, when I 'woke' up, I don't know how to explain it.

The lighting was different. Like the room became a different color. And a different depth, it was altered in some way that made it look, and FEEL different.

Ok, so the objects weren't talking to me any more, about their 'lives' and all that they had witnessed (mostly me and some other things)

Then. In this new light it felt like things were traveling through the air, like thoughts were what made up the space and me and the thought could see each other and speak. While the rest of the room, was alive and awake, yet in a state of unactivity of dormant sleep.

So I'm thinking.

'I'm so high'.

Then the music comes into sound view.

'He's so high' it said over and over gain alternating 'he' with my actual name, over and over again in beat to the music.

Only the music wasn't 50 cent.

It was like techno. From another planet.

Only FASTER. So fast that it just sounded like it wasn't real. And for some reason this made it work. I said to myself 'this isn't happening, this isn't real'

And then THEY GOT LOUDER, they were talking about me, they wondered whether I could handle the trip and what I was being shown.

I began another laughing fit with this. My little ego-mind couldn't take it, I had fucking lost it, gone to deep in the ocean with no air left to breathe. Only I could breathe. And I knew it, so with that thought that this was at the same time TOO MUCH, yet hilariously in a way EXACTLY what I had been hoping for and wanted.

So at this time. Get this.

Just like the music. The TV began doing the same.

I'm not going to bore you with the strange, alien-like, alternate dimensional universe details of the world I had entered and the telepathic communicae's but the reporters were all looking straight ahead, yet were telling me that they wanted me to believe otherwise and that they knew, that I knew, that they were looking straight at me.

With this they joined the music.

I had a symphony in my room.

Now imagine this.

It's orange inside the room, right? Remember the light changed, I entered some other world of sight.

My body sensations were virtually non-existent, I didn't care about food, sex, drugs, or anything my mind was FREE and above all that.

And now. The mp3 player that was playing rap when I began this experience was now calling my name out in fast, alien/mars planet type techno, along with news reporters who were aliens in disguise commanding me to report to them, telling me to know that they were watching me and they said my name over and over and asked me if I could handle it.

So everything in the room was calling my name or telepathically communicating with me in some way.

I couldn't imagine if another person or another living being was there, (I want to see what my dog thinks about).

So I got up. A little wobly.

And turned the T.V. off.

Boom I'm back sitting of the floor. I hadn't even gotten up.

I couldn't handle the music because it was on the floor right next to me so it was like eyes were placed right up to mine, so I shut that off.

Then the t.v. was fine because I was coming down and I could ignore it if I needed to.

So I'm just sitting their.

The baby next room to me was woking up from my /retard/devilish laughing fits, and I slowly went over what had happend.

I looked on the t.v. and it felt as if the telepathic communications from them went from:

Quick he's looking, everybody, in positions! LIGHTS CAMERAS ACTION!


Shhhhshhh, shhh, don't let him know we're here, he's coming down, he won't be able to see us anymore. Quick back to normal...

I was fucking amazed. I had fallen in love with salvia. Yet I still can't get over that initial feeling of ETERNITY and HELL that itchy uncomfortableness like my skin is crawling.

But hell, if you take a good hit, you can't feel your body or much of anything after that.

So will be another report soon as all this remembering has sparked another flame of interest in me with the telepathic alien realm of the salvia induced consciousness.

There's nothing to fear but fear itself, and self-transforming energetic consciousness that can appear in anything that has sound, a beat, a voice, or something that changes and can show signs of anything existing there or in some cases a simple arrangement in a random order (the stuff on the ground).

Consciousness is everywhere and salvia let's me run around the room and talk to everything and everyone that is consciousness and sometimes things that aren't conscious at the time but simply dream dreams that are in fact the view of reality that they have been silently witnessing this whole time while we dance and play in the wakefullness of human life.

Crazy thing that Miss Salvia. Sure is.. : ()

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53467
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 8, 2008Views: 4,336
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