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Initial Trial - Empathy and Pleasure
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Initial Trial - Empathy and Pleasure: An Experience with 2C-B-Fly (exp53472)". Jun 5, 2006.

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T+ 0:00
14.4 mg oral 2C-B-Fly (liquid)
  T+ 2:57 5 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
12:45am - Ingested 14.4mg of 2CB-fly in liquid suspension. Turning on some Pink Floyd and browsing online now. I'm going to attempt to listen to some good music while laying in bed with eyes closed as I enter the full effects, and then I'll get back on the computer later after I've explored my consciousness a bit.

1:25 - Possibly some alerts.

1:47 - Some stomach weirdness. Nothing mental yet, or really trippy at all.

2:06 - Very slow build, but I finally feel something in my head. My stomach feels like indigestion is occurring.

2:17 - I feel like something's changing with the energy, like it's leveling out. But nothing's really happened yet. My stomach appears to be settling somewhat.

2:30 - Palms and feet sweat, but STILL not much has developed. My body feels light and pleasant though. I'm enjoying some light IM conversation and reading Datura trip reports.

2:43 - It feels like it's really slowly getting more intense. I'm sweating considerably, but I also have been all day because it's hot. I also feel very communicative. This is rare for me on psychedelics. But I still feel unaltered mentally except for a very slight euphoria.

2:57 - Just vaporized a good 4 or 5 hits of good cannabis. While I was down there, my little kitty Stripey got extremely attached to me and I told him he should come up with me when I left. The moment I got up, he followed me up the stairs so closely I kept almost tripping over him. This is great because the past few days he's been aloof and distant, which is extremely unlike him. It feels good to have him nuzzling my face again. Sometimes while tripping my vibe scares him, but now, he loves it. I noticed that my balance is ever so slightly off. The cannabis kicked the body buzz in for sure, and made it almost ridiculously pleasurable at times, but the mental aspect is as of yet undeveloped. I think I may go lay down and listen to music for a bit. I can't tell if this would be best for that or for writing, but there's only one way to find out.

3:06 - I realized that I often have difficult come-up periods. I wonder what causes this? I mean, I know very well that my physical condition does not need to correspond with my mental condition, and yet, at least 50% of the time I'm unable to separate the two, for some reason. This is something I must work on. I think some of it also stems from society-induced 'drug guilt', a deeply-rooted feeling which I have consciously abandoned long ago. A feeling that I've done something stupid and fucked myself up, and I've fucked my life up. This cause has been happening less and less, but it's still sometimes there. Strange how deeply-rooted, lifelong issues have such a profound effect on so much that we do.

I've also realized that I have no one that I know personally in the physical world that I really feel totally comfortable tripping with. My girlfriend doesn't do it although she expresses more and more interest. My friends from back home are too neurotic for it. My best friend has had a few good experiences but even more bad ones and says it isn't for him. I have two new friends where I live now who would be good for it but they're not even aware of the RC scene, and would be very leery of it. They only very rarely trip on mushrooms. One day we'll trip together but I don't know when. I really need to find someone to be a trip partner. It's been useful to trip alone but it's starting to get lonely sometimes.

After some conversation with a friend on Instant Messenger, I've re-realized how awesome DOC is. And how glad I am that I managed to secure a large enough to supply to probably never run out. Yay!

Suffice to say for now that I feel DAMN good! I'm finding it extremely easy to communicate, but it's actually easier and more rewarding to do with another person. This buzz feels very like MDMA, except... I like this one better because it's not so rushed or something.

3:13 - I'm about to drift with music on my bed, because this body buzz is so fucking awesome.

3:30 - That actually wasn't terribly exciting. Despite some reports to the contrary, I'm finding this drug to be best suited to communication and interaction. My kitty followed me from the bed and jumped into my lap and is now purring loudly. The body buzz feels slightly more 'drug-like' now. I feel flushed. I was listening to some Shpongle, but I think Pink Floyd's 'The Animals' will be better.

3:44 - This is a good way to describe this drug's buildup:

'This is not 2c-b,its a typical fly:I get considerable color enhancement,especially the blue's (unlike 2c-b).It feels like liquid honey where 2c-b is crytallised honey,flickering lights as in 50Hz screens/neon lights versus 100Hz silency,easily unrecognized,you can screen it out without problems,but in the underground it is still present.I can see others not finding effects at all.Very subtle'

Next time I take this I'd like it to be with another person. I also think that I should have smoked a good hour sooner. I think I may have missed a significant portion of the peak effects, as it seemed that I needed cannabis to propel me into it. Or to get me to notice it. I'm not sure which.

'Bleating and babbling we fell on his neck with a scream
Wave upon wave of demented avengers marched cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream'

I really, really love this line out of 'Sheep' on The Animals. That album doesn't get enough credit!

4:50 - Ketamine really is fundamentally different than other psychedelics. It's so real. It's real because its method of affect is to shut down your awareness of your body, and ideally, completely. As such, the ketamine experience is essentially what it is to experience being pure consciousness. I can't believe there exists a drug that can do that! And I'm so glad that I've experienced it. But it also makes me realize that I need to find some more and explore further. It seems that inevitably all of my trips are prompting me to go after ketamine. I mean, it just seems so much more direct and profound, and immediately useful than most anything else I can think of. I would say that mushrooms come close, but even they can't touch the directness and totality of the ketamine space.

I'm envisioning consciousness within our physical bodies as being stuck within tight loops that center it within that body and force it to remain. These loops include our neuroses and many other functions, some extremely basic and core and primal that we are entirely unaware of. But there is no real reason why we have to remain in these loops if we become aware of them. But then the only real fear I've experienced during ketamine was the thought that I had gone too far and no longer knew how to get back into my body/brain.


Well, 2C-B-fly both went both over and under my expectations for it. First, the positive. This chemical was really euphoric! It was exceptionally easy on my body. It had the property of feeling very transparent, especially before I vaporized. In fact, I couldn't even tell I was affected for a while. It felt like I was coming up for a really long time. Completely absent were any form of body malaise or anxiety or nausea. It felt like it was entirely present in my head, and not at all in my body. Of course, the body buzz was intense and awesome once I smoked, but it felt like it was caused by my mental state and not my physical state, if that makes sense. Also, I REALLY loved the communication and empathy that this chemical provided. Most psychedelics, even euphoric ones, leave my interpersonal communication skills quite lacking. But 2C-B-fly made me quite sure that I could communicate MORE effectively than without it. In this way it reminded me a LOT of MDMA. In fact, it was quite like MDMA only a bit longer-lasting and cleaner feeling by far, but also less emotionally intense, at this dosage. It feels not the slightest bit toxic, unlike MDMA and amphetamines and other euphoria-inducing phenethylamines.

Along with this, though, came some of the negatives. It was less psychedelic than several reports led me to believe. it was not visual at all, although I had some colorless swirling vortexes behind my closed eyes. But they were not particularly interesting. I tried to listen to music and drift, but I found myself getting bored and I really wanted some extra, external stimulation, like writing and talking. It was useful for self-analysis, but I felt mainly a push to just talk and bond with others. Also, the waves that it came in were at times a bit annoying, just because I'd be feeling awesome and euphoric and on top of the world, and then it would feel like I lost it, and I'd be disappointed, which made me scold myself for not just going with it. It kept coming back, of course, but still, that part was different and, in my opinion, inferior to the 'standard' 2Cs. Also, I noticed that I was unable to tell I was fully affected until I smoked. Once I smoked, it kicked it into high gear almost instantly. That's not really a downside, but I found it odd. My experience seemed to go against what others have said. I never was higher than a +2 at any point from 15mg, and it was not intense at ALL until almost T+3:00 when I smoked.

Anyway, I look forward to trying 2C-B-fly again. Next time, though, I want to take it with someone else, because it seems such a social chemical. I feel like I wasted the high a little bit by taking it alone at 1 in the morning. But at least now I know what it's capable of, and how to use it effectively. Overall, I give this chemical two thumbs up! It's very high in quality. I think next time I will try it at 20mg, and maybe during a nature bike ride with friends. And maybe by then I'll have some methylone or MDMA to try to combine with it in a small dosage as the trip wears down. I think they'd make a wonderful combination.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53472
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 5, 2006Views: 38,973
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2C-B-Fly (350) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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